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Doug Krieger And The Tribulation Network

This week’s episode of Another Gospel, the 30 minute radio program produced by the Christian Media Network, probes the work of False Prophet Douglas Krieger, another of the Jewish Supremacist post-tribulationists. Krieger is a prophecy author with several titles on the end times. He promotes his false doctrine through his ministry outreach, the Tribulation Network, and he is active in a group called the Prophecy Forum, and is a board member of the Urban Hope Alliance, an outreach of prominent Rapture Cultist Doug Shearer. Doug Krieger’s ministry associations include the TruNews group, headed by Rick Wiles.

Krieger is a key player in the Sacramento California prophecy contingent, a loose association of reprobates which is seeking to move the larger body of pre-tribulationist Jewish Supremacists to the post-tribulationist perspective, so the so called “Church” will grow increasingly comfortable with Jewish Supremacism, via the Messianic/Israel-First apostasy.

In this radio exposé, Krieger puts forth the emerging Judaeo-Christian heresy, that denies Jesus Christ confirmed the covenant of Daniel 9 with His sacrifice, and posits a variant of the Antichrist Two House Heresy, which claims physical Israel is the “wife of Jehovah,” co-existing with the Christian Bride of Christ.

Thoroughly apostate, Doug Krieger’s demonic theology is refuted in this broadcast.

The program on Doug Krieger will air the week of September 1st, on the Christian Media Network, and the GEO Media Network. The episode is also online at, for on-demand listening for a period of one week.

Another Gospel is the radio series characterized by edited excerpts from the False Prophets of our time, in their own words. The provocative program also includes closing commentary, analyzing the various errors which were presented in the earlier segments of the program.

Each installment of the program features three segments, with the first two segments comprising a radio narrative presenting the views of a specific False Prophet, whose work and doctrine is featured throughout the show. The deceiver is afforded the majority of the program, as the final third segment of each program seeks to address the false doctrine just broadcast by citing Scripture.

Another Gospel is unusual in that it is the first radio program which intentionally provides a lengthy presentation of false doctrine, as spoken by the deceiver in question. The idea is to accurately distill that person’s teaching down to about 20 minutes, to get to the often hidden facts associated with their doctrine. This revolutionary approach provides the Christian Media ministry with a vehicle with which to reprove the individual (and or/ministry) target of the probes.

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Please join us as we take the offensive, and in exposing the Strong Delusion of our time, our hope is the listener will learn to detect the truth, whenever they hear Another Gospel.

The central issue confronting the last generation is related to the identity of Jesus Christ, and the identity of the believers, in relationship to Him. Those who teach that “Israel” is a flesh and blood construct, existing side by side with the so called “Church” under the New Covenant, are in a lethal error. The Scriptures plainly state there is one body (Ephesians 4:4) of saved individuals based upon Spiritual regeneration in Christ (“ye must be born again”), and that body is, and has always been, Israel. For more, see the James Lloyd book THE INVERSION OF ISRAEL.

Christian Media has steadfastly asserted the New Testament Gospel has been progressively leavened, so the body of Christ has now been voluntarily transformed into a Spiritual substitute the Scriptures identify as the Image of the Beast. The Christian church’s role in this wicked agenda, and how the genuine Remnant of Israel is preserved by the LORD, is examined regularly on the James Lloyd radio broadcast The Apocalypse Chronicles. Timely installments of the program may be played on demand at CHRISTIANMEDIADAILY.COM.  However, the downloadable show is only updated weekly, whereas there are 3 new shows per week which are aired on the 3 Christian Media Networks.