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Examines Nephilim Author L A Marzulli 

This week’s episode of Another Gospel, the 30 minute radio program produced by the Christian Media Network, probes the work of False Prophet Lynn (LA) Marzulli. A writer, radio host, and prophecy conference speaker, LA Marzulli has authored multiple books, largely on the subject of Bible Prophecy. His literary and broadcast output emphasizes the Nephilim account, and Marzulli predicts they will return in the guise of extraterrestrials.

Fielding a regular blog, as well as his own radio program, Marzulli’s worldview is examined in the program, as this new episode of Another Gospel seeks to track how LA Marzulli carefully seeds the faulty Israel-First theology into the mindset of those interested in the ET phenomena. Like most Nephilim aficionados, Marzulli presents himself as on a mission to educate the church about the so called “coming deception.” In reality, the deception is already well underway, and Marzulli is a significant contributor to it.

This episode of Another Gospel zeroes in on the cleverly concealed Rapture Cult apostasy found in the Spiritual output of LA Marzulli.

The program on LA Marzulli will air the week of October 5th, 2014 on the Christian Media Network, and the GEO Media Network. The episode is also online at, for on-demand listening for a period of one week.

Another Gospel is the radio series characterized by edited excerpts from the False Prophets of our time, in their own words. The provocative program also includes closing commentary, analyzing the various errors which were presented in the earlier segments of the program.

Each installment of the program features three segments, with the first two segments comprising a radio narrative presenting the views of a specific False Prophet, whose work and doctrine is featured throughout the show. The deceiver is afforded the majority of the program, as the final third segment of each program seeks to address the false doctrine just broadcast by citing Scripture.

Another Gospel is unusual in that it is the first radio program which intentionally provides a lengthy presentation of false doctrine, as spoken by the deceiver in question. The idea is to accurately distill that person’s teaching down to about 20 minutes, to get to the often hidden facts associated with their doctrine. This revolutionary approach provides the Christian Media ministry with a vehicle with which to reprove the individual (and or/ministry) target of the probes.

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Please join us as we take the offensive, and in exposing the Strong Delusion of our time, our hope is the listener will learn to detect the truth, whenever they hear Another Gospel.

The burgeoning body of believers sounding the alarm on the ET phenomena, staged as a pretext for the return of the fallen angels (as detailed in Genesis 6), is a doubled deception. The Christian Media ministry (the producers of Another Gospel), has documented how the entire cadre of authors, teachers, and media communicators focusing on the Nephilim return are all Jewish Supremacists. Thus, although the release of the “fallen ones” is a reality, the subtle false doctrine associated with those who are “sounding the alarm” to resist this new incursion, is where the doubled deception lurks.

This makes the Nephilim phenomena a modern manifestation of the Pharisaical accusation leveled at Jesus, when they claimed He was “casting out devils by the prince of the devils” (Matthew 9:34). In short, the Nephilim Strategem is a supernatural ruse, designed to convince believers the apostate body of “Judaeo-Christians” (usually described as the 144,000 of Revelation), are a part of the LORD’s plan to resist the Nephilim return, thus drawing Christians into a counterfeit of the body of Christ. For more, see the THE NEPHILIM STRATEGEM.

Christian Media has steadfastly asserted the New Testament Gospel has been progressively leavened, so the body of Christ has now been voluntarily transformed into a Spiritual substitute the Scriptures identify as the Image of the Beast. The Christian church’s role in this wicked agenda, and how the genuine Remnant of Israel is preserved by the LORD, is examined regularly on the James Lloyd radio broadcast The Apocalypse Chronicles. Timely installments of the program may be played on demand at CHRISTIANMEDIADAILY.COM.  However, the downloadable show is only updated weekly, whereas there are usually several new shows per week, which are aired on the 3 Christian Media Networks.