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Examines Prophecy Author Tom Horn

This week’s episode of Another Gospel, the 30 minute radio program produced by the Christian Media Network, refutes the work of Dispensationalist author Tom Horn.  

Horn is a media veteran with books going back to the 1990’s. Active in prophecy interviews, his many presentations can be found on You Tube. His ministry, Raider’s News Update, has recently been recast as SkyWatch TV, and several key figures, such as longtime Prophecy In The News figure Gary Stearman are now closely aligned with him.

Horn’s books are largely on the exotic side, with several titles associated with Nephilim related subjects, including the most recent strain which is related to Transhumanism. Horn also has several works pitching the idea of a final Pope as a fulfilled Catholic prophecy. An effective communicator, Horn is very careful to avoid fixed theological positions – a classic trait of commercial climbers who are concerned about market share.

However, Christian Media’s analysis conclusively demonstrates Tom Horn is preaching the other gospel of Dispensationalism, and the present program is the result of that effort.

Like all of the topical editions of the 30 minute program which focuses on an individual False Prophet, this episode of Another Gospel distills Tom Horn’s prophetic work, and compares it to Scripture.

The program on Tom Horn will air the week of March 8, 2015, on the Christian Media Network, as well as the GEO Media Network, and the program will air for over a week. The episode will also be online at, for on-demand listening during the same period.

Another Gospel is the radio series characterized by edited excerpts from the False Prophets of our time, in their own words. The provocative program also includes closing commentary, analyzing the various errors which were presented in the earlier segments of the program.

Each installment of the program features three segments, with the first two segments comprising a radio narrative presenting the views of a specific False Prophet, whose work and doctrine is featured throughout the show. The deceiver is afforded the majority of the program, as the final third portion of each program seeks to address the false doctrine just broadcast by citing Scripture.

Another Gospel is unusual in that it is the first radio program which intentionally provides a lengthy presentation of false doctrine, as spoken by the deceiver in question. The idea is to accurately distill that person’s teaching down to about 20 minutes, to get to the often hidden facts associated with their doctrine. This revolutionary approach provides the Christian Media ministry with a vehicle with which to reprove the individual (and or/ministry) target of the probes.

Program times may be located in the online schedules for GEO and CMN, at the network’s respective websites.

In addition to the show being online at for the period specified above, Another Gospel is heard on 2 of Christian Media’s 3 radio networks (CMN and GEO – see below), as the networks have AM and FM affiliates, which will also broadcast the program.  Program times may be located in the online schedules for GEO and CMN, at the network’s respective websites.

To listen to the program, simply go to the specific network at the time the program is scheduled, and click on the listen here link – or listen on demand anytime at the link for Another Gospel, found at the week of January 11th, 2015. There is also a prior written refutation of Doug Batchelor’s False Doctrine online at , which may be located by going to the website, and typing in Doug Batchelor in the search box at the top right of the website home page (there are over 400 prophecy related articles online at CMR).


The ongoing analyses of the many False Prophets currently mesmerizing the body of Christ being conducted on the radio show entitled Another Gospel is designed to teach listeners how to detect counterfeit prophetic teaching. As mentioned in the program, there are so many False Prophets now as the Strong delusion is well underway, that we’re seeing alliances of teachers which are constructed behind the scenes. Several of the associates of the present subject have already been examined in prior episodes of the program, and multiple volumes of CD’s of these refutations are in the online catalog at

Christian Media has steadfastly asserted the New Testament Gospel has been progressively leavened, so the body of Christ has now been voluntarily transformed into a Spiritual substitute the Scriptures identify as the Image of the Beast. The Christian church’s role in this wicked agenda, and how the genuine Remnant of Israel is preserved by the LORD, is examined regularly on the James Lloyd radio broadcast The Apocalypse Chronicles. Timely installments of the program may be played on demand at CHRISTIANMEDIADAILY.COM.  However, the downloadable version of The Apocalypse Chronicles is only updated weekly, whereas there are usually 3 new shows per week, which are aired on all three of the Christian Media Networks.

To listen to the programs, simply go to the specific network at the time the program is scheduled, and click on the listen here link – or listen on demand anytime at the link for Another Gospel, found at the week of March 8h, 2015.

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Please join us as we take the offensive, and in exposing the Strong Delusion of our time, our hope is the listener will learn to detect the truth, whenever they hear Another Gospel.