Chris & Sharon Blodgett

his essay is an examination of Chris and Sharon Blodgett, a "Christian" couple that was associated with the Christian Media ministry until February of 2001. Over the last 2½ years, in the fashion of agent provocateurs, they have repeatedly slandered, lied, and manipulated certain facts about the Christian Media ministry in general, and my wife Susan and myself in particular. While we would rather ignore such accusations, now that we have become aware of their dissimulations and we have severed all relations with them, damage has been done to our names and our reputations. Furthermore, there are believers that are in the sway of the Blodgetts due to their former good standing with the Christian Media ministry. Thus, we are forced to respond to the lies that have been spread by the Blodgetts, and warn all who are in association with them of the tactics they employ.



The Truth Of The Matter



hris and Sharon Blodgett are a married couple from the Pahrump, Nevada area. When they came to Oregon to "help" the Christian Media ministry, they represented that Sharon had been a police officer from Nevada and Chris represented that he came from the motion picture and television industry. Both were involved in a 501(c)(3) ministry known as Perfect Gift Ministries, Inc. - as well as a church known as New Hope, from the Pahrump, Nevada area.

Chris Blodgett called us one day in the Summer of 1999 and said he and his wife Sharon were coming to Jacksonville for a visit. I met with them on July 12th, 1999. During that meeting, they indicated an intense interest in our type of ministry and said they felt that God was leading them to come and join themselves to our ministry in Oregon. In Nevada, Chris had told us his work was unsteady, the rent was high, and they were desperate to get out. They represented that they would like to help us in any way possible. After a couple more conversations with Chris over the telephone, Susan and I agreed that we could certainly use the help, and invited them to come and stay in our guest cabin.



A Bit Of Background



he Blodgetts moved in on October 21, 1999. In the first few weeks, stories began pouring out about how terrible life in Pahrump had been. They repeatedly complained about a "filthy" trailer which they had rented back in Pahrump. "It was unlivable," they said. The landlady was a "tyrant" who insisted on $600 per month for a "bug infested tin box." The place sounded dreadful, so when they saw our cozy 2 room cabin, Chris said it would do nicely.

They told us the church they had been involved with had become so apostate that the pastor had organized other pastors in the area to pray against Chris and Sharon specifically. This was the devil's way, they said, of squashing their very fruitful ministry Perfect Gift Ministries.

They told us that Chris was being unfairly persecuted by his ex-wife in Los Angeles. She was a lesbian, they said, and she had lied about everything in order to get Chris to pay her alimony and their two children's financial child support. Chris told us that because he had opposed the apostacy at their church, an elder of his former church that worked in the District Attorney's office was out to get him. He said this man was attempting to use the suit filed by his ex-wife to destroy them. Chris told us they had purchased a brand new Sport Utility Vehicle (one of those $20-25 thousand dollar models) and the Ford Motor Company had "ripped them off." They claimed the new vehicle had actually been in an accident and Ford (or their dealer) had fixed it, concealed the fact that it had been in a crash, and sold it to them as a new vehicle. Accordingly, they stopped making payments on the truck until the conflict could be worked out.

Chris also told us the Lord had told him to run their credit card debt up very high and give the money to some worthy Christians. This was clearly wrong, but the way they presented the information was somehow compelling enough to convince us they were sincere in their belief that "God told them to do it."

While I believed the truck story, I felt the credit card scenario demonstrated they had not yet allowed the Lord to teach them how to be good stewards of money. Indeed, many Christians have never learned how to manage assets the Lord gives them, and I resolved to be very careful about finances with Chris.

Even though many of their assorted tales sounded quite fantastic, I thought "wow, these people are really being attacked because they're preaching the truth." Susan was more reserved in her response to the incredible tales being spun.

Chris told us he had once been a paid killer for the military and worked as a sniper and assassin in Southeast Asia. He said they would send him in to a village like some character out of an Arnold Schwartzeneggar or Sly Stallone action film, and he would murder key enemies of our government forces.

He told us when he came back from overseas killing, he was a lighting director in Las Vegas for major celebrity headliners. He said he worked for Steven Spielberg and other big directors. He claimed he worked on big pictures like Outbreak with oscar winner Dustin Hoffman. Sharon also claimed to work at one of the LA studios and to have written many scripts for episodic television.

He claimed to have toured the country as the sound engineer with top bands like Smoky Robinson, Jethro Tull, and Foreigner. He claimed he was aggressively recruited to go to Canada and do engineering for a major network television project. He claimed he worked for the NBC series The Watcher when he was in Las Vegas. He knew certain things about the music and TV industry that gave his bragging a certain validity.

They told us when he worked in Hollywood in the movies, some weeks he made well over $10,000 per week. He claimed he was injured on the job and the technical union he belonged to paid him a cash settlement of tens of thousands of dollars.

Chris and Sharon told us a story about a young friend of theirs that they had counseled in the Lord. Apparently, it didn't take because he shot himself. The tale goes that the young man's family was wealthy and was so impressed with Chris that they had told the Blodgetts that Chris was to receive the young man's inheritance of over $1 million dollars. We heard a lot about "boy, when that inheritance comes in, why we'll do this...." Or, "You can bet this ministry will be multiplied big time when Chris' inheritance comes in."

When they first came here, they said, "because you and Susan are so overworked, when our inheritance comes in, we'll take you to Hawaii for a long vacation." When Susan said, "How will we take care of our livestock?" Sharon said, "We have friends that could move in and run things for you while the four of us go to Hawaii." In short, they suggested we turn the ministry and our home over to complete strangers and run off to Hawaii to play. While the "Hawaiian vacation" didn't sound appealing, the idea of a cash infusion large enough to allow us to send an issue of our prophetic warning to hundreds of thousands of Christians was something I was most interested in. Most of our supporters know I'm intensely focused on reaching American Christians with the truth about Bible prophecy.

Whenever we asked about the mysterious inheritance, the story would vary. We heard "the money is tied up in some overseas trust," or they would say "the executor has promised to buy us a house in the next 90 days." Susan was convinced there was something not quite right about it. In casual conversation, whenever the subject came up, and we asked when will this inheritance come in, the response was always "any day now."

On another occasion, Chris told us he had been in a bar room brawl and had killed a man. He said he was convicted of manslaughter and went to prison. He was later paroled, he claimed, and even received a formal pardon.

Chris told us he had been a bi-sexual prostitute and had relations with other men. Chris told us that he had been a hopeless heroin addict as well. He told us about celebrity's wives that wanted to seduce him. He told us he had taken many drugs, and was very loose having multiple sexual partners when he lived in Hollywood. Of course "...all that changed when I met the Lord," he said.


Meanwhile, Back In The Real World...


lmost immediately after moving into our guest cabin, Sharon began complaining about the conditions at our home. We only have a composting outhouse because we have no septic system. There was only one shower in the larger cabin that Susan and I live in, so they would have to shower while we were out doing chores. They were, of course, completely aware of all of our conditions before they moved here. Sharon quickly began referring to the guest cabin as "unlivable."

This was the very word used to describe the Pahrump trailer they had left, yet I still didn't catch on. Susan and I had previously lived in that "guest" cabin ourselves for about one year. While that cabin is certainly humble, it has a kitchenette and a separate bedroom. Indeed, when Susan and I lived in that "unlivable" cabin, it didn't have the bedroom that it now has. We added that later. So, the cabin is far larger now than when we lived in it. We have fond memories of living there and while we consider it to be rustic, it's certainly warm and cozy.

At our premises, we paid for all the utilities, and we did not charge them any rent at all. Both cabins have woodstoves and because we live in the forest, there is plenty of firewood on hand. We provided a telephone. Because we raise animals, we keep a well stocked freezer. We also have plenty of stored food. Our water is a gravity fed spring and it is pure spring water.

There really was no overhead for them at all. When Chris and Sharon moved in, they brought with them a cash stash of about $14,000. They had the Ford Explorer which was a much newer vehicle than ours. Because they had many possessions, including an enormous large screen TV, many of their belongings were stored in a warehouse about 15 miles away that the ministry rented where we kept our inventory. This was the building where we did our canning and the envelope stuffing crew worked.

We decided to take it slowly and see how well they worked out in their efforts to help us in our existing print and broadcast activities. While Chris took to the activities, Sharon did not. She couldn't find anything to do. Because she had written a book (a fictional novel) and many television scripts, we offered her a computer to work on writing for the newspaper. She didn't want to do that. Sensing that perhaps the computer was intimidating to her, I repeatedly suggested she could write a column for the paper in longhand and we could put it in the computer for her. She never responded.

We then suggested she might help in posting orders with Susan. She wasn't interested. We suggested if she didn't like office work or shipping of product, perhaps she could feed and water the animals, or work in the garden. Not interested. We tried to get her to help with the "punch and bind machine." This little device punches holes in paper and inserts a spiral for books we distribute. She tried working with this machine on one occasion, but quickly became frustrated. Although it's incredibly simple, Sharon refused to handle any of the bindery chores unless Chris assisted her.

The only thing Sharon ever indicated any interest in was handling the ministry money. She enthusiastically said she could handle the funds that came in. Due to the fact that she had never demonstrated any abilities of any kind, and sensing potential trouble in this area, I continued the tight hold on the financial aspects of the Christian Media ministry. As the situation deteriorated with Sharon, months went by with her in a terribly foul, depressed mood that infected everyone.

A trip to town is a 3 hour round trip excursion, so we always try to make the best of it. This means when Susan or I went into town, we always take orders to the post office and always bring back supplies. Almost daily, Susan would carry 4, 5, or 6 boxes of orders (anywhere from 25-50 orders) from the house to the truck to drive them in to the post office. Sharon would stand by watching, as Susan (or I) went back and forth making multiple trips to carry things out the 100 feet from our cabin/office to the truck. The process repeated itself whenever we came back with goods from town.

With the exception of doing laundry, her resistance to being involved in any productive activity continued.

When Chris was working on something, Sharon would sit with him while he worked - or she would do the Blodgetts' laundry or just watch television in the cabin. Meanwhile, Susan ran the order processing and shipping, posted all the orders, fed and watered the cows and chickens, brought in firewood, did the cooking, and somehow managed to maintain our little household. I wrote the books, produced and aired my daily broadcast, managed the printing and bulk mailing, ran the finances, administered the network, and did seemingly a hundred other things.

Chris ran the technical end of the Shortwave broadcasts, produced and aired his own daily program, and maintained the studio. In spite of the fact that when they had first visited, the Blodgetts had represented Sharon as a `can-do' type of person with great physical attributes (she was said to hold a black belt in Karate in addition to her former policewoman duties) Sharon just sat around all day and refused to work. During most of the period the Blodgetts were around, we had a huge backlog of orders and people would call and pressure Susan to get their order out as soon as possible. She was completely overwhelmed and broke down in tears many times due to the callous treatment she received from angry and impatient people. This made Sharon's inactivity all the more egregious.

In an effort to try to allow me the time to write our two periodicals, Susan carried the lion's share of the workload here. To free me up to do the database work and the bulk mailings, Susan answered the phones, posted all the orders, and handled the inevitable complaints. To allow me the time to broadcast every night, Susan did every other task that came along. Our days are routinely 12-14 hours here at Christian Media, and occasionally they're even longer. Although the Blodgetts supposedly came to help us, Sharon wasn't remotely interested in doing anything at all - except to be near Chris.

As soon as they moved in, I suggested to Chris that he could do a weekly preaching program and that we would sponsor it. Christian Media bought a weekly shortwave hour on Monday nights and he began doing his program. Chris told me he would love to go out on a speaking tour and I also agreed that Christian Media could sponsor that tour. We quickly produced a Western regional speaking tour of 7 cities for November 1999. The next year, we produced a national tour of 10 cities. Chris had pleaded with me that he had to get Sharon back to Connecticut, because Sharon needed to see her family, so we wrapped the tour around that.

Christian Media paid for all travel, all sleeping arrangements, the hotel banquet rooms, printing, graphics, promotional flyers, and bulk mail. In short, everything. There is quite a bit of time and expense involved, but because Chris was willing I thought this would be a good way to introduce him to our supporters and get our newspapers in more people's hands around the nation.

Because of limited resources, I put my own planned national tour for the year 2000 on hold and instead sent Chris out. Every year I had toured and this was an important part of our ministry - both ministerially as the people wanted to see me, and financially as well. Each of my previous tours had helped the ministry to catch up financially during slow revenue periods.

The time it took for me to plan the tour, and execute a promotional campaign to support it took me further away from my daily duties of writing for the paper.

The process of working database management to find which cities to mail postcards or flyers to takes time. This is called "data-mining" and it's a very specialized skill. I wrote and laid out the graphics for Chris' tour mailers. I worked the Christian Media mailing lists and ran the bulk mailing software to run off the laser bulk labels. I had the mailers printed, folded, and stuffed in envelopes. We sent out bundles to ministry supporters as well. We recorded regular announcements on the radio to push the Blodgett tour.

I produced the tour in cities where I had spoken during my previous tours. Because no-one knew him at that time and his radio show was just beginning and had not yet developed a following, I introduced and endorsed Chris to each of the key people in those towns.

During that tour, they went through Colorado. Friends and long-time supporters of our ministry in Colorado said they would be delighted to let Chris and Sharon stay in their house. Interestingly enough, our Colorado friends said they were scheduled to be on the road during the tour and were going to be in Oregon the very night that Chris and Sharon were in their home. In an ironic episode of timing, this couple ended up staying in the guest cabin that Chris and Sharon lived in on the very same night that Chris and Sharon were staying in their house in Colorado! This proved to be very significant when information concerning the Blodgetts treachery emerged much later.

The first regional tour produced modest results and the turnout was small in each of the cities. One couple that had been long time supporters of Christian Media gave us a substantial gift that balanced out what would have been a significant financial loss. When Chris and Sharon returned, I felt that the Lord would have us give them a good portion of that gift as a way of showing our appreciation. They seemed genuinely grateful at the time.

The national tour lost a considerable amount of money. The Blodgetts told us that in several cities, there were less than 10 people. Because we run a very lean and modest ministry, Christian Media cannot sustain losses for very long, so I was concerned. Later, we were told by others that the Blodgetts took in plenty of gifts and tape and book monies in their city.

Our radio programs continued. At the end of the year, Chris, myself, and many guests did the "Millennial Marathon" broadcast (on Y2K night at the end of 1999) at Truth Radio.

Shortly after the first of the year, I dropped off of Truth Radio and decided to form the Christian Media Network. Even though Sharon had become an emotional burden due to her continual depression, I was very glad to have Chris with us then, for we had to put together the studio components to bring our technology up to par. We already had many of the pieces of equipment that we needed, but we bought a sound board and another sound computer. Chris wired it all up within a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Sharon's depressive mood deteriorated. The Blodgetts showered in our house when we were in the studio or doing outside tasks. Sharon incessantly complained about sharing our shower so we finally decided to build a bathroom and install a bathtub in the guest cabin in the hopes it would alleviate her obvious gloom. I paid for every penny of the project. At one point, Chris and Sharon selected and purchased a bathtub, but I reimbursed him. This entire project was definitely a financial drain, but we felt it might help Sharon's attitude which frequently rubbed off on Chris.

Meanwhile, the network launched in March of 2000 and 3 out of 4 people at our premises were very, very busy putting together the schedule, setting up procedures, finding hosts, and a hundred other daily challenges. Everyone was working very hard except for Sharon. Her washing machine failed at this point and that was clearly a crisis of the first magnitude. Our older machine wasn't up to her standards, so they removed ours and went out and bought another washer and installed their own dryer. We were used to drying things on the clothesline, but oh well - if it kept her from being depressed.

The workload just seemed to increase. Susan, who is a very small woman of about 100 pounds, was lugging around 75 pound bales of hay to feed the many animals. I helped whenever I could. Meanwhile Sharon, who is large and beefy, refused to help. This seemed extremely unfair as, once again, Sharon was represented as a strong former policewoman with an extensive martial arts training. Chris repeatedly bragged on the air about how tough she is.

Susan and myself both became convinced that Sharon was the laziest woman we'd ever met. We kept this to ourselves, and I did not press Chris as I felt it inappropriate to criticize another man's wife. Friction developed between the women as Sharon actually began to show disrespect for Susan! Because of the touchy nature of such things, I urged Susan to just turn the other cheek. I felt it inappropriate to criticize another man's wife as Chris had eyes and ears and could see what was going on. It was obvious to us, and I kept hoping against hope that Chris could see how ludicrous the situation had become. Basically, there were 4 people in a leaky boat and only 3 were rowing.

In retrospect, I should have seen that something was seriously wrong for the clues were everywhere. Sharon was represented as a policewoman who was a martial arts expert that trained other policemen -- yet she couldn't drive a car! Thus, we couldn't even ask her to go to town to run errands.

On several occasions, Susan tried being more insistent with Sharon. On one occasion I remember Susan sat her down to show her how to do data entry on a computer. We had many names that needed entering and the process is so simple that we were sure she could get the hang of it. After all, Sharon had written a book and TV scripts, so surely (we thought) she'll get the hang of this.

When Susan came back out to the studio to check on Sharon, Chris had stopped the tape dubbing work he was doing, and was doing the data entry work for Sharon, while Sharon stood by and watched.

On another occasion, Susan again pressed Sharon to try doing the "punch and bind" machine. As I previously noted, this is a machine with a hand crank that is used to make a spiral bound book. It's about as simple as using a stapler. Basically, a child can use it. We had many printed products that needed binding, and the only person that wasn't working on some other project was Sharon. The same thing happened. When Susan came back out to the studio, Chris had stopped what he was doing and he was punching and binding books while Sharon watched.

Bn yet another occasion, Susan tried one more time. We sell colloidal silver replacement rods. We buy it in long spools, measure out 6 inches, and cut them with a pair of wire cutters. Susan showed Sharon how to use a ruler and measure out 6 inches of wire and then snip the piece off with a standard pair of wire cutters. Once again, when Sharon couldn't handle that we found Chris stopped his work and was doing the work for Sharon. We simply gave up after that as we needed Chris to do audio more than we needed Chris to do mundane tasks to cover Sharon's laziness.

Susan and I simply resigned ourselves to Sharon's total lack of cooperation and decided never to bother her again. Sharon eventually retreated from any contact with us at all. Ultimately, when she wasn't doing laundry (apparently the only task she felt worthy of her skills), Sharon just stayed in the cabin each day and watched television.

After all the hidden manipulations and slanders of the Blodgetts came to light, we were told a similar story concerning Sharon by Francis Steffan and his wife Elizabeth. After they moved out of our premises, Francis was at the Blodgetts' new home to help Chris install his 8 foot satellite dish. Francis, Chris, and Elizabeth were struggling to reach around the 8 foot rim of the very large dish and hold the front "feedhorn" assembly together. The 3 of them were reaching around this huge dish and extended in an awkward position when Francis realized he had left the 4 bolts that secure the assembly in the house.

As Sharon was standing nearby in her usual observation mode, Chris asked her to get the bolts. She icily stared at him as though to say "you want me to do that?" When she ignored the request, Chris asked her again. After more non-compliance, Chris finally yelled at her and called her a "bitch." She went and got the bolts. We were told the Blodgetts had a big fight that day.

Because Francis and Liz had gone there to help the Blodgetts out of the goodness of their hearts, the episode left such a lasting impression, they both decided that they would never again visit Chris and Sharon Blodgett at their home.


Money Manipulation

hen it came to finances, there was always a secretive nature to the Blodgetts. On one occasion, Christian Media received a large envelope with financial gifts enclosed. There were 3 envelopes inside the large envelope - one marked for Chris, one marked for Craig Portwood (another host on the radio), and one marked for Christian Media. The envelopes were identical.

In the Christian Media envelope was a $100 dollar bill. Craig opened his in our presence and it too had $100 dollars. I remember Craig was deeply touched that someone had cared enough about his contribution to the ministry to include him in their tithes.

I gave Chris his envelope and he put it away. It was obvious that it had another $100 bill in it, but I said nothing. The next day, Sharon started to tell Susan about some money they received, and then as if she realized she was under instructions not to tell us anything about finances, she abruptly backed up and tried to cover up the statement as though she had misspoken. The entire episode reeked of deceit.

After about 8 months, the Blodgetts announced that their long-time friends Bill and Tammy Kurcz were moving to Jacksonville from the Pahrump Nevada area to be near them. Bill and Tammy were "pitched" to us as though they would be valuable additions to the ministry if we could just find room for them. Chris & Sharon strenuously urged us to take them in saying they'll work very hard for the ministry. Because they had several children, and we didn't have any room left under the present arrangement, we declined.

Chris decided they would rent a big house nearby and set up a two family household with Bill & Tammy. We were relieved to have them move. As the network was just beginning to get off the ground at that time, Chris and I discussed finances. We both agreed that he would have to receive a consistent wage in order to pay rent. I told him that the Lord had provided enough revenue that it was clear that the ministry could now support that.

Beginning in early July 2000 when the Blodgetts moved out, we began paying Chris $1,400 per month (net) for his working a day shift in the studio. He received about $800 worth of free shortwave time per month. Indeed, about 6 months later when the network experienced a mysterious mass exodus of almost every paid program radio host at the network, Chris doubled his shortwave broadcast time and began broadcasting 2 hours per day. A daily network hour is worth about a thousand dollars per month, and 2 contiguous shortwave hours are not only hard to find, but they're worth anywhere from $1,600 to $2,000 per month on the open market.

I'll have more to say on the mass resignation of radio host shortly, but they included Steve Quayle, Butch Paugh, David Lankford, and Dave Martin. Thus for the first two months of the year 2001, in addition to his wages for studio work, Chris was given about $1,600 of shortwave time per month.

We also ended up paying for all of Chris' gasoline. Because we are fairly far out in the woods, we have a large commercial gas tank that we keep filled as a back up so we don't find ourselves stranded deep in the forest with no fuel. It was set up to use if we didn't think we had enough gas in the truck to get all the way to town.

Chris filled up every chance he got. As the gas prices went up sharply during this period, the tank cost about $450 to fill up monthly. I felt this was worth about $300-$350 per month as Susan and I barely used the tank at all - except for emergencies. This was clearly abusive, but like the matter of Sharon's laziness, I took the cowardly course and was loathe to confront Chris over the issue.

We set up and paid for a 2nd internet account that Chris could use. The Blodgetts had no long distance service on their home telephone, so they made all of their calls on the studio line. Dozens of times I would come into the studio and he would abruptly get off the phone - as though he didn't want me to hear what he was saying. The phone bills were soared.

Chris and Sharon also utilized the products we offered such as MSM toothpaste, colloidal silver, and who knows what else. Many of these are relatively expensive. Because space is limited, and the laborers are few, we are presently unable to track our inventory with much precision. At this writing (about 10 days after Chris was fired) there are many items that are missing. Propane tanks, program tapes, and who knows what else have vanished. Even our beloved dog mysteriously disappeared about the time all of this came to a head.

The total financial package of compensation for Chris was very generous in the arena of shortwave networks. Most shortwave programmers pay for their time on the networks. A daily hour on a shortwave network is worth anywhere from $40 to $50 dollars. Some shortwave station hours cost $125 per hour. In a couple of cases, there are shortwave hosts that work full time day jobs, and do engineering or board shifts at night to pay for their program time. They then do on-air fund raising to help make ends meet. Other shortwave hosts trade ads in their own newspapers or magazines in exchange for their airtime.

Having been deeply involved in shortwave for about 7 years, and having had considerable contact with every network in the field, I am very familiar with the way these things work. With the possible exception of network anchor talent such as Alex Jones at Genesis, as far as I know, the compensation package we provided for Chris Blodgett was head and shoulders above any other in the entire field.

Well after this compensation program was in place, Chris repeatedly did programs where he asked for financial support from his listeners. We later learned that he was privately telling people that he was not being paid at all by Christian Media and so a number of "his" listeners were sending in donations. When Chris received checks addressed to him, we cashed them for him.

Because this assertion clearly indicates that Chris Blodgett was brazenly lying in order to generate more revenue, I offer the following documentation. Approximately 2 months before Chris was asked to leave the ministry, Ralph and Kathy Haaff sent out a written mailing to their ministry list (which is comprised of Christian Media friends) and specifically asked them to donate to the Blodgetts because they had been told by Chris that we weren't paying him. The fact is, Chris was receiving the highest monthly amount of any person associated with Christian Media.


e have now determined that Chris and Sharon Blodgett engaged in a systematic practice of lying about Susan and myself to various ministry supporters. The earliest examples we can document go back to Chris' 2nd tour for Christian Media, when Chris and Sharon came to Detroit on May 2, 2000.

Ralph and Kathy Haaff, long-time supporters of Christian Media (and now the co-hosts of a weekly program called Opinions), have now related how Sharon Blodgett began to accuse Susan of abusing her and Chris at the network. This gossip occurred as they went to eat at the hotel that was hosting Chris' speaking engagement in the Detroit area. As Ralph realized this murmuring was occurring, he called Kathy aside and spoke to her about the gossip. She agreed this would have to stop.

When Ralph went to the speaking hall and came back, Sharon was again speaking ill of Susan. This was, unfortunately, just the beginning. Sharon was telling Kathy that "Susan is so mean." Sharon claimed that Susan wouldn't let them make the cabin more "livable." On that same occasion, Sharon claimed that Chris was working hard to figure out how to get water to drain out of the cabin so they could install a bathtub. The fact is, the drain system was already installed as the kitchen was fully functional before the Blodgetts ever contacted Christian Media.

Sharon told the Haaffs that in Oregon, we forced them to "live like dogs." Her ire was focused on Susan evidently because Susan's industriousness made Sharon's laziness all the more apparent. Even after we built them a separate bathroom and had a bathtub installed (something we don't even have!), Sharon complained about the water usage needed to take a bath. Because the water on the premises fills up in tanks from springs and we had quite a few animals to water, the first water priority on any farm is for the animals to be watered - not to have yet another relatively useless load of laundry run through the machine. Please bear in mind that this was in the middle of a hot summer.

Sharon could have a bath every day if she simply planned it. If you drained the tanks in the heat of the day, the animals became dehydrated. Because she refused to have any involvement in the water system, Sharon couldn't grasp the concept of planning for water usage - thus Susan became a "tyrant" in her eyes as Susan was the only one maintaining the livestock.

Apparently, this is one of the reasons that Susan was always the focal point of all the slanderous accusations that we continue to hear to this very day.

Enter My Sister, April...

fter the tour, my sister, April, became homeless and came to Oregon with her young daughter to regroup. Because the Blodgetts were in the guest cabin and we had absolutely no room left, I moved her into the warehouse we had rented. Susan and I were likeminded in this - when family asks for help, you step up. This building didn't have a shower at all, so she and her daughter used the bathroom sink and a basin to wash themselves. This was the best we could do for her at the time. Thus, Sharon's constant whining was ridiculous considering the relative luxury she was living in.

April was not committed to the Lord, but was fiercely loyal to me as her older brother. The Blodgetts both immediately started in criticizing my sister. We moved the teaching tape dubbing over to the warehouse and she took over that process. In return, we provided her with enough money to live. As we paid for the building and all the utilities, she got by.

We had a difficult time not laughing out loud when Sharon publicly announced one day that April was so lazy that she "needed to get a second job." Sharon told Susan she knew plenty of single moms with two jobs. Susan told her she has a job right here. Chris was equally disrespectful of April, but the Blodgetts kept it away from me as they seemed to be attempting to drive a wedge between Susan and April. I eventually learned this 'divide and conquer' tactic is standard fare for the Blodgetts.

Susan recognized it long before I did, and immediately told me that Chris and Sharon were regularly criticizing April. At every opportunity, they tried to undermine her position because she "wasn't walking with the Lord."

April took over all the bulk mailing duties. Because we broadcast daily on the radio, many people think of Christian Media as a radio ministry. The truth is, we do quite a bit more in print than on the air. A typical issue of Christian Media has a print run of about 25,000 pieces. These are all stuffed in envelopes with a return Christian Media envelope to expedite orders.

Having previously worked at a Southern California newspaper, April took over the stuffing crew which usually needed about 10 people working intensely for 5 days to stuff the entire issue. These are not volunteers as we don't have a viable church body standing behind this ministry. The one exception I can remember was when Craig Portwood first came up to our premises, he worked on a stuffing crew and refused to be paid. Everyone else was paid. Before April headed the crew, Susan usually stuffed with the crew to help set the pace. Neither Chris nor Sharon ever worked one hour on a single print stuffing crew.

April also took over the manufacture of our colloidal silver generators, in addition to running all the tape duplication for the many tapes that we distribute. This was a serious workload and helped Susan to focus more on cutting down the order backlog.

Although the Blodgetts continue to deny everything, I now have written testimony stating that approximately a year ago, during the period immediately preceding an exhibition in Sacramento, Sharon specifically spoke on the telephone to Christian Media contacts and stated that "James is defensive and protective of his sister. James pays her wages for doing nothing all day." (1)

The Accusations Intensify

fter the 2000 Blodgett tour, Ralph and Kathy Haaff, and other contacts made during Chris' tour (along with numerous other Christian Media listeners from around the country), got closer to Chris because of his radio show and called in on a regular basis. Chris (and Sharon) began to "confide" in Ralph that there was "sin in the camp" at Christian Media. At first, this took the form of innuendo of a very nebulous nature. We now have information indicating this "confiding" occurred with contacts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, and Missouri. This pattern also occurred through letter writing with other active listeners and supporters of the ministry. Many of these people would regularly speak with Chris via telephone in the studio when he was off the air.

Chris was the board operator during the day shift when many of the Christian Media Network programs were broadcast live. As many radio hosts call in on the telephone to do their shows, Chris began telephone relationships with several of the network hosts including Steve Quayle, Bill Brumbaugh, Kirke Wise, and Francis Steffan.

Apparently, by characterizing these frequent conversations as "confiding" something to a "brother" so they could pray that God would help the "problems" with James and Susan, the whispering was not easily perceived to be the gossip it plainly was. These conversations took many forms, but they were all apparently calculated to place Christian Media and myself in a negative light. As previously stated, we now know that Chris told several individuals that he wasn't being paid by the network. This was a bald faced lie. Indeed, during several fund-raising oriented broadcasts on his program, Chris repeatedly tried to convey that he needed money for his vehicle - again subtly giving the impression that he was not being paid by the network.

Eventually, the innuendo was replaced with direct accusations and lies. Several people, including the Haaffs and Francis Steffan and his wife Elizabeth were told that Chris and Sharon spent "thousands of dollars" to build a bathroom in our guest cabin, and then we threw them out! Later, the story evolved and Chris supposedly built the room addition himself. The simple truth is, I have the receipts to show that I paid for every penny of the bathroom addition. It was built by carpenter friends of mine. Again, the only reason we had it built in the first place was because of Sharon's complaints.

On another occasion, a listener was told that "Sharon cuts all the silver rods for the colloidal silver generators and bundles them herself. Her fingers bleed." (2) As previously stated, even though this is a process that has to be done periodically, Sharon tried to cut rods on one occasion, and Chris ended up doing the work for her. No-one's hands "bleed" from using clippers on the thin silver that is used for colloidal silver!

Almost a year ago, Sharon specifically told the Haaffs, "Susan doesn't help with any of the work load for Christian Media Network." (3) Sharon further stated that she and Chris "do all the work up there and don't get paid wages at all." (4) The timing of these lies is significant, because the Blodgetts have repeatedly and categorically stated that the entire conflict they had with Christian Media was triggered by the introduction of Craig Portwood. Yet Craig only came to work for Christian Media in October, 2000 - at least 6 months after the accusations and slander actually began.

During this same time period, Chris specifically accused Susan of stealing money that was sent to him. Ralph Haaff testifies that "Chris says he has found letters addressed to himself months old having been opened and in the letters people say they have included money or offerings to help Chris out and the money is gone. Sharon says [Susan] takes all the money out and keeps it for the whole of CMN." (5)

This is yet another blatant lie that dates back at least 6 months. Chris never once stated concerns to anyone here in this area. While we did receive checks (and cash) specifically addressed to Chris, he received every penny of those monies. Indeed, he has not produced one person, check, receipt, or any other documentation whatsoever to verify any of these statements. So while Chris was telling Christian Media friends that we were stealing from him, he was broadcasting daily on the network, receiving healthy wages from the ministry, and continuing to pray and fellowship with us as though there was nothing wrong. This is the epitome of what the New Testament calls "a double minded man."

The continued slanders were heavily focused on Susan. She was characterized by Sharon as being "a bossy and arrogant person [that] runs things on the mountain and James is afraid to say anything or take charge of the household for fear of retribution from Susan." (6) Sharon Blodgett has further accused Susan of being "a fake" who promotes MSM products on the air, but "she hasn't taken MSM a day in her life." (7)

I can personally testify that Susan and myself try to take MSM every single day. Indeed, other workers on the premises, including one couple who are personal friends of the Blodgetts, (8) have been given MSM doses to drink as we took our daily glass full of the product! Some days we would forget to take the product, but this is a blatant fabrication, specifically calculated by Sharon Blodgett to make themselves look like suffering servants of the Lord that have to put up with this unruly woman that has usurped her role as the wife of a Christian leader.

It would seem that Sharon never thought any of these slanders would actually get back to us from across the country, for it is a relatively easy matter to document our continued use of what we consider to be a wonderful product.

Much later, after we became aware that Chris and Sharon were making wild accusations behind our backs, we began to backtrack and try to reconstruct the source and the timing of the assertions. Our last encounter with Sharon occurred at the end of November, 2000. Sharon had come to work with Chris and had her muddy shoes up on the computer station that each of us does our live broadcasts from. This is a nice piece of furniture in the studio with a computer on it, and a boom microphone hanging over it.

Susan came in to the studio and told Sharon to take her "filthy feet" off of the furniture. Please bear in mind that in November there is mud and animal droppings all over the ground surrounding the buildings. This was appallingly rude behavior, and by this time Susan had no patience left for Sharon's insolence and disrespect. Susan told Sharon, in Chris' presence, that it was "disgusting" to have that filth on the computer desk that I broadcast from every night. We haven't seen Sharon since.

On December 18th, 2000, in a personal letter from Sharon to a 3rd party, she wrote "things are stressful up at James and Susan's. I haven't been up there since Susan said I was disgusting. It's almost 3 weeks and neither one of them have asked Chris about me and why I don't go up with him anymore. They just don't care. That's the problem." (9)

In a later retelling, Sharon embellished the facts just a bit. Ralph Haaff stated that Sharon asked him on the phone why would Susan be disgusted with her feet on a desk that "Chickens poop on, cats sleep all over, with an inch of dirt covering it in an old barn."

The "old barn" in question is a new studio building that houses thousands of dollars worth of broadcasting equipment. There have never been any chickens in the studio! The only cats that were ever in there belonged to Chris and Sharon, and after they knocked over and damaged a couple of components we banned them from bringing their animals in the studio. There has never been "an inch of dirt" on my computer console. These were just more complete fabrications from Chris and Sharon Blodgett.

The Case Of Craig Portwood

he presence of Craig Portwood was claimed to be the reason that Chris left the Christian Media Network. As previously noted, Craig came to work for Christian Media in October of 2000. Chris and Sharon had already moved out, and Craig came to stay in the guest cabin and work nights as the evening board operator.

As soon as Craig came into the picture, he and Chris clashed. Chris immediately began to regularly criticize Craig to me. He told me his work was bad, or he's lazy, or just about anything he could think of. Chris repeatedly told me that Craig has a "dark spirit."

There were even occasions when Chris simply decided not to do the work he was paid to do. During one installment of the American Voice broadcast, at the end of the show host Francis Steffan remarked to Chris that he was surprised he didn't get any on-air phone calls. It turned out that Chris was talking to friends on the call in number through the entire show and didn't want to be interrupted.

Craig Portwood immediately saw through Chris Blodgett - thus replacing Susan as the primary target of his maliciously manipulative slanders. Craig forthrightly told me that in times past he had indeed used marijuana. He stated that he had been clean for some time. I grilled him on his current status, and he assured me that he was not smoking grass, and that he had never smoked it and come to the studio or done a broadcast. I took him at his word.

Because Susan and I had both smoked marijuana and taken drugs for a number of years before the Lord delivered each of us from that bondage, I know very well that such behaviour cannot be tolerated. Indeed, Chris Blodgett openly bragged that he was a former drug addict (we don't even know if that was true at this point). What we do know is that in the early days of his association with us, Chris had said that he smoked some "grass" in Nevada not terribly long before he came to Christian Media.

Apparently, Craig's open admission gave Chris the ammunition he wanted to attack and try to maneuver Craig out of the network. Chris claimed that Craig was broadcasting while he was loaded. Chris Blodgett told Ralph Haaff as well as me that he "knew" Craig was smoking dope. Chris has never seen Craig smoking marijuana, and he has no evidence at all to back up his accusations. His hidden attacks on Craig are, therefore, highly suspect as he has already stated how much he "hates" Craig Portwood.

Not once have I ever seen Craig smoking pot. Not once have I ever seen Craig intoxicated. Not once have I ever smelled any marijuana smoke on him. Conversely, I have Craig's word on the matter and he has never given me any reason to doubt it.

Chris made no effort to hide his hatred of Craig. On one broadcast, Chris did a Bible study on how you can't be a Christian and hate your brother. The next day, he privately stated how much he "hates that lazy fat ass" (10) - referring to the stocky Craig Portwood.

Late last year, Craig decided to move to California to marry a long-time friend and supporter of the Christian Media ministry that he had been corresponding with. He had met her at one of my speaking engagements. Leslie Flory had a very troubled history of emotional difficulties, but God was working His life out in her.

She had frequently written some rather disturbing letters to Christian Media, and Chris intervened and began to answer them. I personally read at least a dozen letters from Leslie, and some of them were disjointed, and even downright bizarre. Chris corresponded with her by letter and by telephone, and a somewhat strange letter writing relationship had developed. She once drove all the way up to Oregon from Central California to attend a Bible study with Chris. At that meeting, Chris sought to cast evil spirits that he claimed had possessed Leslie Flory.

Chris and Sharon both told me that this woman had evil spirits. I knew she was eccentric, but I attributed most of her difficulties to emotional problems. She said she had been married to an abusive man who was involved in the occult. There is more, but I do not wish to injure her with details in the event she reads this work. She is a fragile soul and needs our prayers. Chris sought to become a pastoral figure to her, but she shied away from him.

It turned out that Craig Portwood had met her years ago at one of my speaking events. After Chris heard that a romance had begun between Leslie and Craig, Chris threw a temper tantrum. He hit one of the tape recorders in the studio in disgust. At the same time he was visibly venting his anger over the impending marriage, he spoke to Ralph Haaff and told him how "happy" he was that the marriage was forthcoming! (11) It may be that Chris realized that even though he would lose his Svengali-like grip on one member of "his" flock, he would at least be rid of Craig. We later found that Leslie was privately tithing to Chris, and so Chris knew that when she married Craig Portwood, a reliable monthly check would come to an end.

Although I learned a great deal of this later, it was more than obvious that Chris continued to find Craig particularly threatening to his position, and continually tried to undermine Craig's position with me. In retrospect, I see now that I was the ultimate target all along.

After Leslie and Craig were married in California and set up house there, Craig insisted that Leslie stop the "mail-order counseling" with Chris and sought to work out their lives together before the Lord. After a brief period, the Lord seems to have moved on their hearts and they decided to come back to Oregon. Craig called and asked if we could still use him in the ministry.

I told him we didn't have room in the cabin because he and his new wife have a teen-age daughter, but if we could locate quarters nearby, we would be delighted to have him back. This was clearly a setback for the Blodgetts, and Chris was furious about the return of Craig Portwood. By this time, the Blodgetts were back to working on getting rid of Susan. Now they were going to have Susan and Craig both watching his secretive manipulations.

Meanwhile, we had already brought in Doug Hudson to replace Craig on the night studio shift. Chris hadn't yet started in on Doug, but with three people on the premises (Doug, Craig, and Susan) that weren't under the influence of Chris Blodgett's machinations, Chris was steadily losing ground in his increasingly transparent effort to seize control of the Christian Media ministry. I didn't know it at the time, but by this point Chris had begun to feed information to Steve Quayle and Bill Brumbaugh in what can only be characterized as a determined effort to destroy the Christian Media ministry. Chris threatened to leave the ministry if Craig came back.

When Craig and Leslie moved up to Oregon, Chris immediately turned up the heat. He immediately told me again how much he seriously disliked Craig and insisted that Craig should not be allowed to come back to Christian Media. Chris had already told me months before how much he distrusted Craig even before he moved to California to get married, so this was nothing new. Chris again told me that Craig was "dark" and his return would provide Satan with a "breech" in our spiritual defenses.

Almost immediately after making the move here, Craig and Leslie had a terrible fight and Leslie announced she was leaving him. Craig hadn't been back to work for a week when this occurred. The day Craig told me that Leslie had left him, I urged him not to make any hasty moves. Go home and try to work it out, I said. The next morning Craig called, and Leslie's brother had driven up from California the night before with a truck, packed up their worldly goods, and moved! Because Craig had sold his vehicle in Oregon to consolidate, Craig was left with no car in an empty house they hadn't lived in for a full week.

We had to drive over to pick him up to come to work. Leslie immediately turned to Chris with classic marital tales of verbal abuse, and more. We were saddened to hear of their pain.

Chris and Sharon immediately seized on the now extremely unstable Leslie to use as a weapon against Craig. Sharon quickly called Kathy Haaff to continue the now regular pattern of gossip. Sharon specifically stated that Craig had been in bed with his wife and her daughter smoking marijuana! Kathy and Ralph both related that the picture painted by Sharon was that the daughter was very young girl.

The truth is, Leslie's daughter is an immature 17 year old who had her own bedroom and this entire tale is a complete fabrication. I do not know precisely what Leslie told Chris and Sharon, but I now understand that they routinely "spin" every bit of information in an effort to further their long range plan. Sadly, Leslie is now in a vulnerable position with Chris Blodgett in a position of influence. The simple truth is a marital split is a private matter and should not be intruded upon unless the parties desire some form of intervention in an effort to reconcile the couple. To use either party for a political agenda is reprehensible, so we've had very little to say to Craig (or Leslie) on the subject. Unfortunately, Blodgett smelled blood over this emotional trauma.

At this same time, Chris was murmuring to the Haaffs about Craig. "What would you do if you knew someone was smoking pot then goes on the air to preach the word of God?" is an exact quote of a statement that Chris made to Kathy Haaff on the telephone. (12) This conversation occurred after the first of the year when Craig came back to Oregon with Leslie. During this same conversation, Chris then decided to go ahead and include Susan in his accusations, so he told Kathy that both Susan and Craig were smoking pot. Once again, I have thoroughly examined the matter and found the accusations to be baseless.

However, during this particular accusation, the Haaff's written notes included a crucial detail. Chris told Kathy Haaff that the Blodgetts' "friends from Colorado saw Susan in the woods smoking pot." (13) I have previously mentioned our friends from Colorado, but they never met Chris and Sharon Blodgett as the Blodgetts were out on tour when Dale Currey and his wife stayed with us. In the Steve Quayle/Bill Brumbaugh version of this lie, the folks from Colorado were said friends of Bill Brumbaugh. They weren't, and the only people besides Susan and myself that even knew this couple stayed with us was Chris and Sharon Blodgett. If you think this through, it means Chris is the original author of this lie.

The Healing

efore detailing the circumstances that led to Chris Blodgett's eventual exposure as the intentional architect of multiple slanders directed against our ministry, I must digress and tell the story of Sharon's novel. In 1991, Sharon had written a book called The Healing. Susan had read the book when the Blodgetts first arrived and expressed serious reservations to me about the information in the book. For one thing, the fictional book had plot elements that sounded suspiciously like certain things we had heard from Chris and Sharon.

One of the central themes of the book concerned someone that was unaware of a great inheritance that was scheduled to go to someone else. The book had all sorts of unsavory episodes including murder, incest, rape, homosexuality, graphic sexuality, and even pedophilia. The central character's name was a young man named Bryce.

The interesting thing about the name Bryce is the fact that this is actually the name that Chris and Sharon Blodgett have sought to adopt. Over the last year, we became aware that the Blodgetts were attempting to obtain fake ID's and adopt completely new identities. Christian Media has received mail for them under these names. In fact, they presently carry international driver's license identifications that they ordered through an offshore organization promoted by Pastor Butch Paugh under the names Chris and Wren Bryce. Chris and Wren Bryce are Chris and Sharon Blodgett.

In The Healing, the central character is a Christian named Scott Bryce. He kills his father and justifies it by citing the love of Jesus. The character's mother tells him,

"Jesus died for our sins, Scotty. He loves us no matter what we do. Jesus sacrificed himself so that we could live. He heard his mother's comforting voice. He loves me no matter what we do. Jesus sacrificed himself so that we could live. Yeah, that's what I did. I had to sacrifice him [his father] so I could live. Jesus still loves me." (14)

With all this talk about Jesus in Sharon's dreadful little book, one might expect a more edifying dialogue. On page 14, we're treated to this gem: "Is that all you f*****g care about is Scotty? Don't I matter one g** d*** bit?" The GD profanity is repeated on pages 25, 45, 97 and other pages. Indeed it resurfaces throughout the book. On page 58 we get this vile statement: "S**t, it's not enough that I have to traipse down to that hell hole in the dark, but it has to be f*****g raining on top of it." (15) There's much more, but I think you get the picture.

Incredibly, this is the book that Chris Blodgett was offering for a "donation" of $10 or more during his broadcasts on the Christian Media Network as recently as a month ago. The network never carried this book, but apparently Chris and Sharon have a bunch of copies of this pernicious puke left and, after all, $10 bucks will help keep the Blodgetts' "ministry" going. I did not learn that Chris started offering this book on his Stand Therefore program until well after it had occurred.

Once again, I'm ashamed to admit that Susan had warned me about this over a year ago, but I just dismissed it. I confess my sin to all who read these words and ask for your forgiveness for me not waking up sooner to the enemy in our midst. I am ashamed that my wife was at one time the only one to know the truth of the matter, and I didn't want to believe it. This is apparently another reason that Susan became the target of the Blodgetts because for many months, she was the only one to see through their charade.

Bill and Tammy Kurcz

hen the Blodgetts moved out of our guest cabin, they set themselves up in a 2 family household with their long-time friends Bill and Tammy Kurcz. The Kurcz family had moved to our area in Southern Oregon from the Pahrump Nevada area. We had been told that Bill and Tammy and their kids had been closely involved in the Blodgetts' Nevada ministry.

In the first week at the new household, Chris brought Bill and Tammy over to interview them on his radio program. They were presented as their old friends who were committed co-labourers in the ministry of the Gospel. The Kurczs were former members of the same church as well as having a long time involvement in the Blodgetts' Friday night Bible study group back in Nevada. Chris and Sharon said that they had been close to Bill and Tammy for at least 5 years.

When the Blodgetts moved into a large house with Bill and Tammy, they retrieved all their larger household goods that had been stored at our warehouse. Most people know storage facilities are expensive, but obviously they were never charged a penny for the 9 months of storage in the facility that we had rented.

Indeed, the rent at the warehouse was high and we were eventually unable to sustain the rental overhead. The problem was we had a vast amount of long term dehydrated food stored there as inventory for our Applegate Ranch food line. I asked Chris if their new garage had room and he said yes. We had stored the Blodgetts important items for months, so they were now in a position to return the favor.

After I discharged Chris, he refused to return the 5,000 pounds of our stored food inventory that was kept in their garage. He also has a computer that belongs to the ministry claiming he figured we "owed" him these items. We still have one stereo audio amplifier of Chris' in our possession. He figures that's a fair trade.

They hadn't lived with the Kurczs for a month when the Blodgetts began murmuring about Bill and Tammy! Suddenly, we were told, Bill and Tammy were completely off base spiritually. The first thing we heard was that when the Kurczs came into some money, they bought toys for their kids that Chris thought were extravagant.

Chris told us the kids manipulated their parents into buying them toys when Bill and Tammy should have given a substantial sum to the Blodgetts. Sharon began to claim the Kurczs owed them money for rent. Sharon tried to gossip about Tammy to Susan, but Susan shut her down immediately. Then Chris began to tell me about all the sin they were seeing in Bill and Tammy.

Bill had immediately landed a truck driving job, and Tammy had also taken a job outside the home. This time, Tammy was the focal point of their criticism - apparently because she was a woman with a job outside the home. Once again, in a household with 4 adults, 3 were working. This is the precise pattern that we experienced. As the animosity towards the Kurcz family increased, Sharon actually verbally castigated Tammy for doing too much laundry!

Previously, we had heard how wonderful the Kurcz children were because they had been raised in a Christ-like environment. Now, Chris said he wanted to discipline the Kurcz's kids, because they were spoiled brats that got away with everything!

Indeed, Chris had once threatened to smack my sister's 6 year old child when April lived here at the warehouse. I was not present, but Susan came out snarling. Think of it! Here is a man that has abandoned his own children, fled the state seeking to evade paying for their support, posing as a pastoral figure who is qualified to advise others on how they should raise their children!

After a couple of months at the 2 household family consisting of the Blodgetts and the Kurczs, Chris told me things were so bad he wanted to "bitch-slap" Bill Kurcz. This is a colorful expression for fisticuffs that is also derisive. Seeing that he was very upset, I took it in stride and counseled him to exercise restraint. We prayed over the matter. Meanwhile, Sharon had become positively venomous towards Tammy.

Chris told me he refused to pay their share of the rent at the house because Bill and Tammy owed them money. Sharon made the same claim. Since we had no independent contact with the Kurczs, we weren't in any position to know the truth of the matter.

Chris told us the Kurczs had locked them out of the garage where they stored Christian Media's commercial inventory of dehydrated food. Things came to a head when the Ford repossession man finally found the Blodgetts and showed up at their new address to repo the Blodgetts' SUV. Again, even though they had $14,000 in cash when they arrived in Oregon, they never made a payment on the vehicle loan.

We calculate their payments were about 2 years in arrears at that point. The repossession was blamed on Tammy, for their Nevada creditors had no way to locate the Blodgetts without someone in Oregon helping them. We later found that Sharon had inadvertently given the Ford people their new address through some subterfuge utilized by the repossession agency - and that Tammy Kurcz had nothing to do with it. Obviously the situation was extremely tense at their house.

With the Blodgetts looking for another place to live due to the open animosity with their roommates, Susan told me in no uncertain terms that the Blodgetts were not coming back to our guest cabin. It was around this period that Craig joined us and moved in to the guest cabin vacated by the Blodgetts. I was happy he was there for it gave me a legitimate excuse to refuse to bring them back with us in the event they couldn't find a rental, and I still felt a certain amount of responsibility for their welfare.

Chris and Sharon searched intensely for another house to rent and finally found one. Christian Media advanced the money for the first month's rent and the deposits as Chris said all their money was gone because the Kurczs had "ripped them off." I never understood why they couldn't seem to live within their means with the monthly monies they were receiving from Christian Media (in addition to donations from listeners and sales from Sharon's lovely book).

We never heard Bill and Tammy's side of any of this until much later. After Chris and Sharon moved out of the 2 family household, the Kurczs moved again, changed their phone number, and seemingly disappeared.

The Choices We Make

hris immediately bought a Volkswagon van and then lost at least a day's work every week working on it. Chris had already insisted on a short shift on Fridays - leaving at 2 PM instead of 5. Furthermore, since he never worked our short on-air Sunday shift either, he was off every weekend.

He could never seem to work on his van on his days off. It seemed for a couple of months there, every week he had to spend a work day in Medford getting parts, or seeing some mechanic, or some other such chore. Many times, the van would quit and he couldn't get to work at all. His 5 day work week of 30 hours was thus considerably shortened - but Craig Portwood always stepped up and cheerfully shouldered the extra burden. Since we were on the air until 11 PM in those days, on the days that Chris took off, Craig would be in the studio at 8 AM and work until 11 PM just so Chris could do whatever it was he had to do.

As this continued there were several weeks in a row when Chris worked under 25 hours per week. As previously stated, Sharon never worked - on anything. Yet in a taped conversation with Sharon, she declared "we go up there, we move up there, we leave everything, we move up to this little one room cabin and work 16 hours a day for them, [and] spend over $6,000 of our own money [and] never get paid a penny." (16)

Once again, it was a three room cabin (counting the new bathroom), and Chris was well paid for his efforts. If they spent $6,000 of their own money, I have no idea what they spent it on. Furthermore, Chris Blodgett never worked a 16 hour day at Christian Media, but that didn't stop him from claiming he was the only reason the network was still functional. According to Ralph Haaff, "In daily conversations Chris says he's carrying all the work at CMN. He alludes he's holding CMN together." (17)

The pattern of deterioration in Chris' work ethic continued and after the first of the year it became clear his heart was not at all in the network. Whatever hours Chris didn't put in fell on Craig as the lack of interest in doing his job became downright abusive - yet Craig was being derided at this very time behind his back as a "lazy fat ass" by Chris. (18) Indeed, the more Craig tried to be useful the more Chris held him in contempt.

Francis Steffan and Elizabeth Hayes

he Blodgetts sought to befriend Francis Steffan (Frank to his friends) and his positively delightful wife, Elizabeth. Frank has been with the network from the first day hosting the daily hour entitled The American Voice. A political pundit, the Hayes' are fine Christians that love the Lord and hate the beast. They have always been forthright and honest in their dealings with Christian Media, and Susan and I consider it a privilege to count them as our friends.

Living in the same vicinity as we do in Southern Oregon, Frank and Liz have fellowshipped with the Blodgetts, inviting them over to their house for dinner and going to the Blodgetts as well. They have confirmed several of the complete LIES that the Blodgetts have spread concerning Susan, Craig, and myself.

In one dinner episode, Frank has told us that Chris admitted telling various people around the country that they were living in "unlivable" conditions at our guest cabin. Because Frank and Liz have both been here repeatedly, they are eyewitnesses of the conditions at our place. Thus, they are in a unique position to judge the statements made by the Blodgetts.

Frank confirmed that Chris had also told him the story that he had killed a man, gone to prison, been paroled, and then pardoned. However, this turned out to be just another whopper from the Blodgetts. According to Susie McCurdy of the parole board for the state of Nevada, no-one named Blodgett has ever been pardoned for any crime in the state of Nevada. (19) Not only that, but there is no record of anyone named Christopher Blodgett having ever been in the prison system at all. Based on the information we now have, Chris lied when he said he went to prison. He lied when he said he was paroled, and he lied when he said he was pardoned.

Of course, Chris could easily refute this information by producing a copy of his so-called "pardon." After all, if you were pardoned from prison by the governor, wouldn't you keep a copy of such an important document? He won't produce any documentation to support his statements because such documents don't exist. Chris Blodgett has, once again, been proven to be a liar of the first magnitude.

Francis Steffan was told many of the same lies that we were told concerning Chris Blodgett's past. For example, Chris told us he was in the military in a special forces unit where he was deployed in Southeast Asia as a professional assassin. He claimed that he conducted long range patrols where he would be sent behind enemy lines, seek out an assigned enemy leader, and shoot him from a distance.

Indeed, in a broadcast last spring on the network, Chris claimed to have been wounded by a sniper during his service in Viet Nam.

When Chris told me this story, I said "Oh, sort of like the LRRP's?" He didn't know what that term meant. Ironically, I had completely forgotten about this early conversation until one of our Ohio supporters recently e-mailed me with almost the identical story.

Even though I've never been in the military, I've heard many times about especially courageous American military men called LRRP's (pronounced "lerps" - an acronym for Long Range Reconaissance Patrol or something similar). Our Ohio friend, a man named Kevin Mills, was an infantry medic in Viet Nam. Kevin went to hear Chris Blodgett speak on his tour in April, 2000 when he went to Ohio.

Kevin later wrote in to me saying that Chris told him so many obvious falsehoods about his military background that it was clear that Blodgett was a "pathological liar." Mr. Mills related that during that tour stop in Ohio, Chris told him "the biggest pack of lies about himself in Nam...." (20) When he later sought to relate the information to a couple of other Christian Media adherents that had a military background, he was made to feel like a traitor for suggesting that something was wrong with this man's assertions.

Once again, Chris could very easily dispel any of this information with some documentation of his military assignment. It is my understanding that special forces units all have badges or other emblems of distinction. Indeed, one group is known for their black berets, and another for their green berets. They all have papers, or medals, or something to indicate what they did. Chris won't produce any of this because it's all just another gigantic lie.

As each lie of the Blodgetts came to light, we realized that we had always heard many carefully crafted reasons that were evidently calculated to cover the lack of documentation. For instance, I remember Chris telling me the military always disavowed any of his work because it was so secret and politically sensitive that all his military papers never mentioned his assignments.

I also remember him telling me there was a big mix up at the movie studio when he worked on the feature film Outbreak, and his name was "accidentally" left off of all the technical credits. In fact, at this point, we can't be sure that anything either Chris or Sharon told us was true.

For example, Sharon was repeatedly represented as having been a policewoman in the Pahrump area. Chris made a point of repeatedly telling us how her "martial arts" abilities were so outstanding that she trained other policemen in the department. He specifically mentioned this on the air more than once.

Mr. Kirk Vitto of the District Attorney's office for Nye County tells another story. It seems that Kirk knew Sharon even before she married Chris. Mr. Vitto states that Sharon was a juvenile probation officer, not a policewoman! There's a very big difference between a probation officer, and a policewoman! (21) Although she apparently was working for a police department in the East before moving to Nevada, we were told she was a policewoman in Nevada - not a probation officer. This information plainly demonstrates that she is a complete liar just like her husband.

Kirk Vitto had more to say on Chris as well. When Chris and Sharon first came to stay with us in 1999, they told us that Chris' ex-wife was unfairly pursuing him for child support. They said that because Chris had exposed the sins of the Newhope Fellowship, an elder from the church (Kirk Vitto) that worked in the District Attorney's office was using this case as a tool to persecute Chris.

I can now demonstrate that this was yet another lie. I personally spoke to Kirk Vitto, who is the individual in question and got another story. Mr. Vitto indicated that Chris' former wife had already started proceedings against Chris to collect on child support payments that Chris had failed to make. This support was for the children that Chris Blodgett had abandoned. I confirmed this with the Family Support Division there in Nevada. (22)

Chris had come to Kirk Vitto as a friend from the same church to see if Kirk could help him in evading the prosecution! Kirk said he would look into the case, but would not shirk his duties as an Assistant District Attorney - even for a friend. Chris and Sharon had characterized this as a complete "betrayal" by Mr. Vitto.

Chris told us the same story he apparently told the court. He claimed his own father was actually the father of his two children! One would think a simple paternity test would settle the matter. The fact is, according to Joyce Moore of the Family Support Division in Las Vegas, at the time of the court order at the end of 1998, Chris Blodgett owed $6,385 in back child support payments. (23)

Less than a year later, he fled Nevada and came to Oregon. As previously noted, when Chris came to Oregon he had approximately $14,000 in cash with him.

Furthermore, the Nevada authorities are very interested in locating Chris Blodgett as they don't seem to have a present address on him. In fact, there are quite a few creditors that would also like to speak to Chris and Sharon Blodgett. According to the Bank of America and the Master Card people, Sharon owed them $10,723.06 three months after they moved to Oregon and forgot to tell the bank where they were moving. The Discover card people have a similar story - except they're looking for over $12,000. Not to be left out, the Chase Bank also wants to know why their credit card was run up to $11,165. As I previously mentioned, the Ford Motor Company finally got their sport utility vehicle back, but there's a little matter of thousands of dollars of back payments.

It seems that all of these creditors and legal authorities were encircling and closing in on the Blodgetts just about the time "the Lord" told them to approach me and join themselves to the work at Christian Media. The truth is, it's now clear that they needed to flee Nevada so they could evade the consequences of their previous bad faith actions. The Bible says "God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (24) One might think that as "ministers of the Gospel," Chris and Sharon Blodgett would be aware of this fundamental truth.

I previously related the story of how Francis and Elizabeth Steffan had volunteered to help Chris put up his satellite dish. There was another aspect to this incident. Earlier, Sharon had thrown what Frank described as "a tantrum" because she didn't have any television to watch, and it didn't look like the satellite was going to be installed that day.

Frank and Liz both echoed statements that had also been told to us by Ralph and Kathy Haaff. These comments were related to donations given during the tour. The Blodgetts told both couples that they had separated the funds they received during the tour. Part of the monies were set aside for Christian Media to pay for the tapes, books, and other items sold during the tour, and part of the monies were set aside as donations to Chris and Sharon's ministry. This was not our arrangement.

The fact is, when an organization sponsors a tour (or any other project for that matter), the standard format is for the sponsor to recoup all front monies before any income is paid to the speaker. There are many corollaries. In the record industry, for example, the record label recoups all production expenditures before the artist begins receiving royalties.

Because the Christian Media ministry financed the entire tour for the Blodgetts, all revenue (including gifts) was supposed to come back to the ministry to be applied against the initial budget for the project. For example, 20,000 postcards were written, graphically laid out, printed, and mailed to support the tour. The postage alone on 20,000 postcards was $4,000.

Chris specifically told Francis and Elizabeth that they had received direct donations from the tour that they kept. This correlates directly with what Ralph and Kathy Haaff told us about the Blodgetts' Michigan stop. They wrote that Sharon told the Haaff's "that James and Chris' monies have to be kept separate." (25)

Whether or not this sounds like a reasonable arrangement is irrelevant. This was not the financial arrangement made with the Blodgetts for the tour. Like the previous regional tour, all revenues were scheduled to go against the cost of the room, the travel, the meals, the advertising, and the postage before the speaker earns revenue. All of the speaker's costs are covered, of course. In short, why should Christian Media lose $5,000 in order to promote Chris Blodgett's tour while Chris and Sharon made money as a result of the ministry's financial expenditures?

We did not know that this was the case until after Chris Blodgett had left the ministry. In effect, during their 2000 national tour, the Blodgett's stole funds that belonged to Christian Media.

During a dinner that occurred at the home of Francis Steffan approximately a year ago, Chris and Sharon were both busy at work with their seemingly never-ending quest to bad-mouth Susan and myself. On this particular occasion, they went a little too far as both Frank and Elizabeth were shocked at the words they heard.

As they discussed Christian Media and life in their "unlivable" cabin, Chris apparently stated that my wife Susan is "a blonde bitch with an evil spirit." (26) Both Frank and Elizabeth later told us they were completely stunned by this statement. More criticisms followed, and as usual, they were focused on Susan. Interestingly enough, after I kicked Chris Blodgett off the air and called him on the telephone to tell him never to show his face at these premises again, I confronted him with his comment concerning my wife. Predictably, Chris denied saying this and tried to tell me that Frank himself had said it! Apparently, he's suggesting that Elizabeth is lying also. Thus everyone is lying except Chris and Sharon in their view.

Interestingly, the "blonde bitch" criticism was particularly offensive to Elizabeth. Frank was more concerned with the apparent attitude that anyone that opposes Chris and Sharon is prima facie evidence that person has an "evil spirit." Indeed, it's the perfect offensive weapon of slander. You disagree with me, therefore using the authority of the Lord, I declare you have an evil spirit. The Bible speaks of the use of this type of abusive tactic as a "cloak of maliciousness." (27)

Steve Quayle, Bill Brumbaugh and Butch Paugh

he entire episode slowly began to unravel just after the first of year, as we entered 2001. Indeed, it dovetailed with the exodus of hosts that went to the Genesis Communications Network. We didn't know it at the time, but it is now clear that the slander that Chris Blodgett has been perpetrating with our hosts and friends also extended to Steve Quayle and Pastor Butch Paugh. Through Quayle, David Lankford, Bill Brumbaugh, and even Butch Paugh were receiving information - albeit indirectly.

For those that are unaware of what happened, shortly after the first of the year the Christian Media Network had numerous hosts resign simultaneously. Pastor Butch Paugh had been offered free satellite and shortwave time by the head of Genesis. No network can sustain that for long, and it was obvious that this was a tactic designed to pull one of the important client/pastors away from Christian Media in order to deprive the network of his revenue. Even though he had previously and repeatedly vowed that he would have nothing to do with WWFV (formerly WGTG) due to the malicious behaviour of the owner Dave Frantz, Butch chose the way of Mammon over keeping his word.

In an apparent effort to soothe his convicted heart, Paugh corresponded with Pastor David Lankford concerning me, and both agreed in writing that I have "a root of bitterness." I wrote a private letter to Butch in accordance with Matthew 18 and rebuked him for his new association with the group of non-Christians that has sought to compete with Christian Media in such a predatory fashion that they've even been implicated in attempting to crash our website. We also have credible information that Genesis has actually jammed our shortwave signal with a pirate transmitter on at least one occasion.

That letter of rebuke to Pastor Butch Paugh was coarse and blunt, but it needed to be said. Butch's response was to get another letter from Pastor Lankford referring to my alleged "root of bitterness" and reprint them both in volume - mailing both pieces of correspondence to his mailing list. This was clearly a frontal attack on the ministry.

At the time, I thought Pastor David Lankford was turning against me so harshly because he was under conviction by the Holy Spirit over his continued involvement in a 501(c)(3) church and my repeated on-air denunciations of the same as "the whore of Babylon." In January, 2001 Pastor Lankford abruptly quit the network with less than 24 hours notice. Lankford faxed us a terse note on a Sunday saying he was through and wouldn't do his show the next day. So much for courtesy.

The very next day, while broadcasting live, Steve Quayle suddenly announced he was leaving at the end of the week as well! He inaccurately stated he had already discussed it with me. He hadn't, and this was the first of a lengthy series of lies that greatly distressed me as my old friend slipped into an alarming pattern of dishonesty. Bill Brumbaugh had already been released due to his reneging on his promise to pay for his airtime. It turns out this is a practice that seems to be perpetual with Baloney Bill - look elsewhere on this website for a more elaborate examination of his continuing pattern of dissimulations.

A week later Dave Martin left, defending his own involvement in a state licensed church. Every one of these hosts eventually went to the non-Christian controlled Genesis Network. The Genesis sponsored attacks on Christian Media via their shortwave affiliate was the subject of a lengthy examination in our book Shortwave Wars. In brief, our signal has been jammed, and during our first year on the air, Christian Media was repeatedly attacked on virtually every program as Dave Frantz pre-empted regular programming at various times to "bring railing accusations" against us.

During the last year when Steve Quayle was on CMN, he publicly stated on his broadcast that he would never have any association with Genesis or Dave Frantz ever again. After resigning from our network in a move that was obviously coordinated with the other hosts to show unity against Christian Media, Steve's last broadcast with CMN was on January 12th, 2001.

The following Monday (01/15/01), Steve Quayle guest hosted on Genesis for David Lankford! On that broadcast, he announced his program was now going to be on Genesis!

One week later (01/24/01), Bill Brumbaugh began the first of several inflammatory attacks on me. These were all nebulous accusations with no actual details. In this particular e-mail in which he communicated with one of our listeners, he wrote that if anyone knew what is really "...going on behind the would be staggered by what you would find. I have ZERO confidence in righteous truth coming out of those whose lifestyles are in direct contrast to how our Father in heaven has laid out...." (28)

In that same correspondence, Bill wrote that "the information that exists in Steve's hands is so shocking if he wished to retaliate, that James' ministry would shut down nearly overnight - This is not mentioning other grievances of substantial credibility of which I am in possession of." (29) It was more than obvious in this correspondence that Mr. Brumbaugh had some kind of information that he believed would be damaging to our ministry. Yet by proclaiming he and Mr. Quayle didn't want to make that information public, they left the reader's imagination to run wild.

In that same email of January 24th, 2001 Bill Brumbaugh stated that "I am aware that MORE than enough compensation has been rendered for my broadcast time" (30) on Christian Media. We later heard from listeners that were in contact with Bill Brumbaugh that he was claiming that we had received a $1,000 donation that was supposed to pay for his airtime. This was apparently Bill's justification for not paying the network for the shortwave time that he had already utilized. No-one at Christian Media, including Chris Blodgett, seemed to know what he was talking about.

Two days later, Bill Brumbaugh trumpeted Quayle's "new" show on Genesis with a mass e-mail that read "Steve Quayle expands his broadcast." (31) Of course, this was not an "expansion" for on CMN Steve was heard 10 hours per week on shortwave, while on Genesis his show is only broadcast 5 hours per week. I mention this posting to underline Quayle's connection to Bill Brumbaugh's website because of what comes next.

After having Bill Brumbaugh's seamy innuendos forwarded to me, on the air I publicly challenged Bill Brumbaugh to come forward with his accusations. "If you have damaging information, let's hear it," I said. I have nothing to hide. Indeed, hinting at some unstated sin is completely slanderous and thoroughly unbiblical. Bill was also challenged through more than one e-mail from Christian Media supporters to 'put up or shut up.' During my broadcast I also categorically stated to the listeners that Bill Brumbaugh had ripped off the Christian Media Network for 8 weeks of shortwave time. No innuendo there at all - just a simple fact.

Less than a week later (01/30/01), Bill Brumbaugh posted the following on his website: "The nature of division, derision and just abject nastiness that is flowing out of James Lloyd and CMN right now is starting to be of greater concern to myself, Steve Quayle, and others...." (32) The same day as Brumbaugh's website posting, I received a veiled threat via e-mail from Steve Quayle. Steve wrote "There are a lot of things that I know about who's smoking what that I do not believe would be in your best interests to have exposed." (33)

In that same email, Steve told me that I "would do well to pay attention to what Chris says." (34) This plainly demonstrated that Steve was in contact with Chris Blodgett - clearly an ethical violation since Quayle had already publicly lied about me during his last week on the air, and everyone at Christian Media, including Chris Blodgett knew about it. In what could only be described as a 'carrot and stick' approach, Steve then suggested we "bury the hatchet off the air." (35)

The next day, because Bill Brumbaugh had never really answered the challenge with anything but more innuendo, he had apparently received so many e-mails that he then posted this evasive communiqué: "Okay folks, I guess I should not stand up for my friends and point out actions that I feel are incredibly apostate, as well as other issues that will now NEVER come to light." (36) The truth is, we want those accusations to "come to light" so they can be dispelled.

People used to be considered innocent until proven guilty. We can't even get these liars to plainly state an accusation to our faces - even though they have no evidence or documentation to back any of it up, we'll settle for them at least coming out in the open instead of more vague innuendo.

Two days later, on Friday (02/02/01), I responded to Steve's e-mail with a lengthy 4 page e-mail reminding him of the recent events surrounding Genesis. I also called his attention to the unsubstantiated Brumbaugh statements that had been made on the internet.

The following Monday (02/05/01), Steve Quayle called me and in a conciliatory conversation, asked me what he could do to "build a new bridge between us." I was encouraged by his manner, and I told him I greatly appreciated his willingness to attempt a reaproachement. He repeated his offer of "what can I do to make us friends again?" I told Steve I wanted two things from him. First, I said I wanted the source of Brumbaugh's nebulous $1,000 donation statement on the internet.

After all, if someone gave your ministry a $1,000 gift, wouldn't you at least keep a record of it? The fact was, I could find no trace of any gift of any amount that was specifically earmarked for Bill Brumbaugh. Steve said that Bill had also told him about a mysterious $1,000 we had received that wasn't properly credited.

The second condition I asked for was for Steve to tell me what was the source of the "who's smoking what" statement he had emailed me on 01/30/01. Steve said that also came from Bill Brumbaugh. He further said he "recollected" that Bill had told him of a couple from Colorado that had stayed in our home and later told Bill that they saw my wife Susan smoking marijuana in the forest!

Steve promised me that he would get these two items of information for me. He said that Bill Brumbaugh (who also lives in Bozeman Montana where Steve is) was coming over for lunch that very day, and he would insist on some detailed information that he would relay back to me. Since I knew that both of these accusations were lies, I knew that Bill had either made them up, or had heard them elsewhere. I had hoped that Steve would realize that he was receiving false data from Brumbaugh and reconsider his position - to say nothing of his continued support for such a deceptive deadbeat.

I called Steve the next day to see if he had the information. He wasn't available. The following day I called again and he, once again, did not return my phone call. I sensed that he wasn't going to keep his word and provide me with the information.

In the meantime, since there was a couple from Colorado that had spent one night with us during Chris and Sharon's tour, I knew that somehow they had been drawn into this as the source of this phony information. Having known them for many years, I knew that Dale Currey and his wife would not lie to me. Predictably, after speaking to Dale, he had never heard anything about the matter at all, and categorically stated they hadn't even listened to Bill Brumbaugh's radio program for at least 2 years.

Meanwhile, Pastor Butch Paugh joined the fray and began repeating statements made to him by Chris Blodgett as meritorious. At a regular Bible study group that met on March 4th 2001, Butch Paugh told his group that I recently burglarized Chris Blodgett's house! One might think Butch would try to receive some kind of confirmation or documentation of such a wild claim before publicly announcing it to a Bible study group, but that has not been the case in the strange charade of Chris and Sharon Blodgett. Needless to say, this accusation, along with virtually every other statement being made by Chris and Sharon, is completely false.

The Lies Unravel And Chris And Sharon Are Finally Exposed

ust for the record, no-one at Christian Media smokes dope or breaks into houses! Susan most assuredly wasn't out "in the woods" getting high while our friends from Colorado were here! The plain truth is, the only people that even knew the Colorado couple had stayed at our house were Chris and Sharon Blodgett. By this time, suspicion was steadily growing about the Blodgetts involvement in the secretive whispering campaign that had been going on for many months. I repeatedly asked Chris if he had anything to do with this and he steadfastly proclaimed his innocence.

A week after Steve Quayle promised me he would demand the source of the information from Bill Brumbaugh, I was still waiting to hear back from him. It seemed that Quayle was going to renege on his promise. Then on February 13th, 2001, Baloney Bill changed the figure for the supposed $1,000 we had received on his behalf to $4,000! Once again, posting an internet note to his subscription list, Bill wrote "In regard to finances, donations were sent to cover my broadcast. One donation alone was sent on behalf of the broadcasters ($4,000.00). Other donations were received specifically for my show, and others to be shared among the broadcasters." (37)

After the amount of the supposed Brumbaugh donation mushroomed to $4,000 I again asked Chris Blodgett if he knew anything about this assertion. He denied any involvement. I also asked him about the "Colorado couple" story and if he knew anything about that. He emphatically denied knowing anything about these matters.

Back in February, 2001, as I sought to figure out what was really going on behind all of these swirling accusations, I remembered that we had received a large donation of $3,000 the first week of January. This generous check was a combination product order for a large bunch of books and tapes as well as a gift for the radio network. I vaguely remembered that the woman who gave us the check had written a letter with the donation that said how much she enjoyed the various hosts and named several of them - including me. I checked our subscription records and found that she had been a subscriber and reader of our materials since January of 1997.

I also remembered that although her check had been made out to Christian Media, it had somehow been sent to Chris Blodgett instead of our regular post office box. Once again, the trail kept leading to Chris Blodgett.

I was growing angrier by the minute at the massive load of accusations aimed at us with no source or documentation whatsoever. To make matters worse, now they were casting aspersions on my wife who was completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. By this time it had been weeks since Bill Brumbaugh began making his inflammatory statements and he had yet to provide one source, one detail, or even one documentable fact about his innuendo - in spite of the fact that he had been challenged to do so by numerous listeners and even subscribers to his own internet subscription service.

On 02/16/2001, I called Steve Quayle a 3rd time to demand he keep his promise. I had waited 11 days since he had given me his word he would track down the information as a good faith measure. He said that Bill refused to provide him with any specifics, and stated that Brumbaugh was clinging to the story about the Colorado couple. I became very angry, and then Steve blurted out that Chris Blodgett had told him about the $3,000 check that was supposedly sent to pay for Bill Brumbaugh's air-time! I exploded in anger, cursed Steve and hung up the phone on him.

This statement was the "smoking gun." It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chris Blodgett had been feeding the lies to Steve Quayle, and Bill Brumbaugh received the information from Steve - not the other way around. It meant that Quayle had repeatedly lied to me when he said he got the slander from Brumbaugh when he knew all along that it had originated with Chris Blodgett.

I was livid. I stormed into the studio where Chris was live on the air calling in from his house. I instructed Craig to cut him off and put in a tape. I then picked up the phone and cursed Blodgett. I told him I knew he was the source of the slanderous lies and he had no right to behave in such a fashion. He lamely protested, and once again denied saying anything to Steve Quayle! I told him Quayle had already admitted it so why keep on lying? I told him he was off the air and I would call him later when I calmed down.

That evening during my regular Apocalypse Chronicles broadcast, I calmly stated that it is now known that Chris Blodgett's behaviour has been incompatible with scriptural admonitions, and he was off the network.

The Investigation Begins

nce I realized that my worst fears about Chris and Sharon were true I began to investigate everything. I knew I couldn't trust any of the information we had been given. As the magnitude of what had just happened sank in, I felt ashamed that I had been so easily conned into believing their lies. In fact, as soon as it became known that I was now opposing Chris, several witnesses to what had been going on stepped forward.

Francis Steffan told me he had previously determined that since I didn't believe my own wife about the Blodgetts, '...why would you believe me?' Ralph Haaff called me and told me that over a month before, he had become convinced that the Blodgetts' accusations of Susan and myself were slanderous murmurings and he had begun to pull away from him.

I called every other host we had left and got a similar story. Kirke Wise of the Back To Basics program confirmed the bathroom building project story of how Chris had supposedly built the cabin bathroom, spent "thousands" of dollars of his own money, and had then been kicked out. Craig Portwood told me even more detailed accounts of his clashes with Chris. The list of people that had been lied to about us continued to grow.

I've now received e-mails, letters, and telephone accounts from around the country all saying the same thing. For example, I recently received a letter from a brother named Dan Frieders in Missouri. A long time listener that had begun corresponding with the Blodgetts, Dan told me that Sharon had been slandering us in her letters for many months. Dan sent me a recent postcard in Sharon Blodgett's own handwriting. The postcard is dated 02/16/01. It says:

"I don't think James is sick & tired of what he's doing. Susan just badgers him all day because she wants out. She hates the ministry & the people in the remnant. She hates me & Chris & wants us gone. I haven't been up there for 5 wks & neither one has asked about me. Chris is the next to go. Susan hates when Chris ministers to James. Chris can see all the spiritual crap that goes on up there & that makes her uncomfortable.

"Chris can't stay with w/CMN because Susan wants him gone & James will give in to her. Ask God to show you what's going on at the station. Jezebel is heavy at work. Craig is back with all his familiar spirits & Susan is glad." (38)

Once it became clear that Chris was lying, our friend Ralph Haaff aggressively got involved in trying to document the truth. Because he and his wife were in a leadership role with a modest circle of Christian Media friends, many people began calling them to ask what was really going on.

Ralph decided he would contact Chris and insist on some form of evidence for all of the Blodgetts' accusations. Predictably, there is none. In a conversation that took place on 02/15/01, Ralph realized that Chris Blodgett's statements at that time contradicted information he had already received from Chris and Sharon. Once he realized that he was being brazenly lied to, Ralph decided that if he learned anything from Chris about what had been done, he would then become the next target. He also concluded that many people would simply refuse to believe that Chris and Sharon Blodgett could be so incredibly deceitful.

To protect himself from getting caught in the inevitable crossfire, Ralph tape recorded two very confrontational conversations with Chris Blodgett. This is, by the way, a perfectly legal process in Oregon. Courts have held that as long as one of the two parties are aware the call is being recorded, taping a telephone conversation is legal.

The first tape was made on 02/18/01, the second three days later (02/21/01). There are many incriminating, contradictory statements on these tapes. The conversations were with both Chris and Sharon. For example, on the first tape Chris continues to declare he never spoke to anyone about the $3,000 donation for Christian Media. He says: "You're the only person that I've talked to about this $3,000 check besides James and Sharon." (39) The fact is, Steve Quayle had already admitted to me three days earlier that Chris told him about the check "weeks ago." (40) Indeed, Steve has now made that admission on the air. (41)

Chris continues to lie and proclaim his innocence on both tapes. Here's what he says of me (James Lloyd).

Chris: "He's telling everybody that I'm the source of information for Bill Brumbaugh and Steve Quayle...The thing is, I'm not the source of Bill Brumbaugh and Steve Quayle's Information." (42)

(to hear the sound file, run your mouse over HERE)

But apparently Chris forgot to cue Sharon as to what to say, when she was recorded three days later on the 2nd tape. Ralph and Sharon had this conversation:

Ralph: "Langford, Quayle and Bill Brumbaugh, they're all good buddies. Chris is the one making the accusations of pot. It came tell me...who told them?"

Sharon: "Yeah, we did."

(to hear the sound file, run your mouse overHERE)

In spite of this glaring admission, Chris continued to deny everything during the same conversation! In fact, he yelled and bullied and verbally abused Ralph in the most terrible fashion for a solid 20 minutes. Ralph sought to quote scriptures to Chris, and Chris and Sharon both continually yelled at him for "betraying" them.

The lies just continued to pile up in order to cover the lies. For instance, Chris referenced an e-mail that was sent to him by one of the listeners named Chantre Rodriguez. I have her original e-mail as well as Chris' written response. Chris responded to this young woman telling her that "James accused me of telling Steve Quayle about his finances. I said I never did that, and he called me a liar...." (43) It's now apparent that he was deliberately lying to Chantre with his denial, because at that point, Chris had already been exposed by Steve Quayle himself.

Another listener in Michigan named Tom Spencer has been told by Chris that "Leslie [Craig's wife] said that Craig and Susan had conspired to get me arrested...." (44) Once again, Ralph asked Chris for some kind of evidence that his assertions have some basis in fact. On the 2nd tape, Chris plainly tells Ralph "I'm not gonna offer you any physical proof of anything." (45)

The incredible accusation that Susan and Craig are plotting against Chris and Sharon was eventually modified. The 2nd version of this tale had it that Susan and Craig were going to hire a hit man to do a drive by shooting and have Chris killed! And finally, the 3rd version changed again, and now the story goes that Susan and I are plotting to murder Chris! After I heard this one, I changed all my locks, for it's become readily apparent that the "reprobate mind" spoken of in scripture is a very real phenomena.

If they walk like ducks...

s previously noted, Christian Media received a large donation from a generous woman that had been listening to the shortwave broadcasts. A woman named Dorothy Dishman mailed the check, made payable to the Christian Media Network, to Chris Blodgett's Jacksonville post office box as she had been listening to his program. The network's post office box is also in Jacksonville.

Apparently Chris photocopied the check and the letter before turning it over to me. The check was accompanied by a letter that ordered numerous books and tapes and updated her subscriptions to Christian Media and the Apocalypse Chronicles. Our records show that Dorothy had been receiving our print materials for about 3 years. The letter stated that she listened to many hosts on the network, including me (James Lloyd), Chris Blodgett, Steve Quayle, David Lankford, and others. Dorothy specifically stated in the accompanying letter that the gift was to keep the Christian Media Network on the air.

Under ordinary circumstances, this never would have become an issue, but since Chris Blodgett was aware of the check, the grab for the money began. Chris "decided" that he should have a portion of this money for himself. Furthermore, he sought to ally himself with Steve Quayle with this event and called Steve and told him about a gift that was to be dispersed between the hosts mentioned in the letter. A cash dispersal was never specified and this move was well beyond any responsible action on the part of Chris Blodgett.

Indeed, at the time, all the hosts owed money to Christian Media - but that's not the point. The point is, Chris Blodgett sowed seeds of distrust among the other hosts just as he had been doing for at least a year, and then he repeatedly lied and denied it. This lie was then covered up by Steve Quayle who repeatedly lied to me to cover up Chris Blodgett's lies!

On February 21st, 2001 Sharon Blodgett continued to deny any blame at all, and claimed that I am the one creating all the controversy! She said that she and Chris have never tried to sabotage the network. On that date, Sharon stated "The thing is, Chris told James we're walking away, we never did a thing...we just walked away...." (46) Yet 5 days later, the Blodgetts arranged to have Steve Quayle call Dorothy and interview her on his radio program, in an effort to embarrass Christian Media and myself.

Steve Quayle would have no way of knowing the identity of a particular supporter of Christian Media. However, because Chris and Sharon photocopied the check and letter (which included Dorothy's phone number), they are the only party that could have provided this information to Steve Quayle. Yet both Chris and Sharon cling to the story that they "never did a thing."

When Quayle had Dorothy on the air for a very brief interview, it was clear he was trying to coax statements out of her that would indicate I was somehow negligent in the handling of the funds she donated. However, the tactic backfired. Dorothy stated:

"I didn't specifically say use this here or use this there, but my intention was for it to be used to pay back bills for the broadcasters and to keep Christian Media on the air because they had some good information the people need to hear." (47)

During the show, Steve repeatedly tried to twist her words so that she would say that the money was specifically for Chris Blodgett or even Bill Brumbaugh. But Dorothy repeated:

"My intent was to keep the broadcasters on the air. And I noted in there that I enjoyed listening to Chris, David and Steve and Bill." (48)

Dorothy also confirmed that she also ordered a number of books and tapes (mostly my materials). She then got off the air. Steve Quayle then brought on Bill Brumbaugh and for the balance of the hour on international shortwave radio, they denounced me as a false prophet, a thief, and a liar. Virtually all of these accusations are directly related to Chris Blodgett's now exposed manipulations.

It should be stated that because Dorothy Dishman included "back bills" of the broadcasters as beneficiaries of her donation, at the time there were about 7 other programmers on the network - thus even if those funds were split equally between every program, it would not have covered even one third of the funds then owed by Brumbaugh or Quayle to the network.

There were several interesting admissions on the Steve Quayle broadcast of 02/26/01 that are relevant to the present exposé. After having told me for weeks that Bill Brumbaugh was the source of the information, Steve changed his story completely and now repeatedly stated that Chris Blodgett had told him about the $3,000 check! On the air, Steve said "I was the one who told Bill Brumbaugh that three thousand dollar donation had come to help cover the expenses of Christian Media Network radio broadcast." (49)

This is five days after Chris told Ralph Haaff "Your're the only person that I've talked to about this $3,000 check besides James and Sharon." (50)

Less than a week before that, Chris lied to Chantre Rodriguez in an e-mail when he wrote that James "...accused me of telling Steve Quayle about his finances. I said I never did that, and he called me a liar...." (51)

On his broadcast, Steve Quayle said that Chris had told him about the donation as a "praise report." (52) We might ask that if this information was a "praise report,"why then does Chris feel the need to continue to lie about it? Furthermore, Steve Quayle categorically told me in two different conversations that the information came from Bill Brumbaugh. As previously noted, Steve had promised me that he would get Bill to provide me with the source of the information. (53)

During this broadcast, Steve Quayle repeatedly endorsed Chris Blodgett. "Chris Blodgett has done nothing wrong," Steve said. (54) Later, he went even further and asserted how his discernment had confirmed to him that Chris Blodgett is the godly man in this whole seamy affair: "I have known a lot of people in the Lord and never once have I discerned anything that has been contrary to anything coming from Chris Blodgett." (55)

Finally, Steve resorted to the same nebulous innuendo that Bill Brumbaugh has been perpetrating all these months. Without offering any specifics or details as we have repeatedly asked all these liars to provide us with, he simply alluded to some unknown sin at Christian Media. On the radio, Steve said "And ladies and gentlemen, if I told you other stuff that's going on, it would only, how should I say this, cause a total revulsion. You would vomit. I want you to know that, you would vomit - those of you who are discerning...." (56) There is a great deal more scrutiny due the dissimulations of Steve Quayle and Bill Brumbaugh, and it is available on this website. Futhermore, most of the broadcast statements that have been quoted here are available as audio files on this website. We would urge the reader to take the time to listen to the primary audio file on the site as it not only includes data on Steve Quayle, but recorded statements from Bill Brumbaugh, David Lankford, Chris Blodgett, and several others are also provided.

In Summary

n every letter, postcard, verbal testimony, radio broadcast, telephone conversation, and tape recording, Chris and Sharon Blodgett continue to state this is all just a big misunderstanding that is somehow to be blamed on Susan or myself. Although Chris and Sharon (and Steve Quayle) have reviled Ralph Haaff for tape recording Chris' statements in a desperate gambit to cut through the lies and establish the truth of the matter, the fact is the Blodgetts would like very much to suppress their now recorded incriminating admissions. Here at Christian Media, we want to get at the truth and we want everything to be exposed for all to see. That is the reason this information in included in this file.

Throughout both tapes and in every public correspondence, Chris and Sharon continue to proclaim they have never spoken against us. Here are a few of those statements that are documented on tape, with the dates. These are correlated with written documents and other people's statements that show the Blodgett statements to be nothing but lies.

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape.- "I have been honest and forthright in all

my dealings. I haven't lied to anyone, I haven't gone behind anybody's back and sowed information to try and destroy anyone."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape - "He's [James] a liar, he doesn't care about 

you, he doesn't love you, he's added nothing to your life, but strife."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape - "You're the only person that I've talked to 

about this $3,000 check besides James and Sharon."

      Steve Quayle, 02/15/2001, telephone conversation with James - "Chris told me 

about the big check you got weeks ago."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape (claiming he saw Susan smoking pot) - "I

haven't seen her smoke for a long time."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape (claiming he never saw Susan smoking pot)

- "I've never seen her smoke."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/21/2001, on tape - "I would never fabricate a lie about anyone

because I've had too many of them said about me."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape - "Craig and Susan had conspired to get me

arrested...if they couldn't do that, they would hire somebody to get me killed."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/21/2001, on tape (speaking of James Lloyd) - "I've never once

lied about the man."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/21/2001, on tape (speaking of James Lloyd) - "I didn't [try to]

break up a ministry, he's doing it."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/21/2001, on tape - "Go ahead and follow this man [James

Lloyd] to hell."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/21/2001, on tape - "I know I've never lied to you about

James, or Craig, or Susan."

    Chris Blodgett, 02/18/2001, on tape - "I'll be honest with you, James is irrational

right now, he's crazy."

Sharon Blodgett, 02/21/2001, on tape - "We never did a thing to [James and


Sharon Blodgett, 02/16/2001, in her own handwriting to Brother Dan in Missouri -

"Susan...hates the ministry & the people in the remnant...Jezebel is heavy at work."

        Ralph Haaff, 03/05/2001, in a telephone conversation with James Lloyd -

"There is not a doubt in my mind that Chris and Sharon Blodgett wanted to break this ministry, so they could pick up the pieces."

In summary, it has become painfully clear that the entire process of carefully sowing seeds of discord was calculated to manipulate others into placing Chris and Sharon Blodgett in a higher place of esteem. This elevation of the Blodgetts occurred at the expense of myself and others that God has placed in a position of leadership at Christian Media.

One of the tape sets that Chris Blodgett recorded that we previously offered in our catalogue was called Witchcraft In The Church. In this interesting teaching, Chris showed how witchcraft is widespread in the church in a fashion that most do not recognize.

Anton LeVey's Satanic Bible defines witchcraft as follows: "Witchcraft is the controlling of other people through manipulation, or intimidation for the purposes of domination."

On Chris Blodgett's teaching tape, he notes how pastors and leaders of Christian ministries commonly utilize this form of witchcraft (manipulation) in their fund raising and political maneuvering. Chris stated, "If I start to manipulate you during this broadcast, it's witchcraft. We have to call it what it is. We need to repent of it...all of this stuff is to manipulate people away from the truth, and it's the spirit of witchcraft. Hopefully, you guys can see the truth of that."

We couldn't concur more.

"But if thou...makest thy boast of God, And knowest his will, and approvest the things that are more excellent, Being instructed out of the law, And art confident that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them who are in darkness, An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, who hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law -

"Thou, therefore, who teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? Thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal? Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? Thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrilege?" (57)

To this I might add: "Thou that teachest others not to commit witchcraft in the church, dost thou commit witchcraft?"

James Lloyd


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