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The Bitter Root Of Revenge

This week on the Christian Media CURRENTS radio show, host Terry Ross will present data on Revenge. Although most Christians see themselves as immune from the magnetic pull of such a power, since JESUS warned us about a “bitter root,” which has the potential to completely defile a person, the Scriptures make it clear that such evil will affect at least some believers.

Interestingly enough, this subject dovetails nicely with the realization of how the twin spirits, analogized as two beasts in Revelation 13, function in a symbiotic fashion. Thus, this program, which shows how a lack of forgiveness can fester until it reaches the heights of obsession, provides a cautionary note for the Remnant in these perilous times.

The 30 Minute Currents program is doctrinally derived from the writings of James Lloyd of the Christian Media ministry, but it is produced and presented by radio veteran Terry Ross. The program seeks to communicate prophetic truth, utilizing the medium of radio.

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Please join us as we make every effort to be doers of the Word, and not only hearers. There is no in-between, for it is in this generation the true Remnant of Israel is being gathered for the role the LORD has foreordained. 

Christian Media regularly addresses the Strong Delusion (also called the Falling Away) which is now upon us. The present subject, concerning the root of bitterness, is but one part of the many challenges facing believers in this generation. A definitive look at the fiery darts thrown at the believer is found in the two hour CD set by James Lloyd, entitled STRONGHOLDS AND STUMBLINGBLOCKS

God has revealed the New Testament Gospel has been steadily leavened, and true discernment in the realm of the Spirit, which is the place where our lives in Christ continue after our physical existence comes to an end, is regularly addressed on the James Lloyd radio broadcast The Apocalypse Chronicles. Timely installments of the program may be played on demand at CHRISTIANMEDIADAILY.COM.