Divine Science Program Details Joshua's Longest Day

he famous episode, wherein the Earth's spin rate was affected as detailed in the Biblical book of Joshua, is the subject of this week's Divine Science radio program. The 30 minute show, airing on the GEO Media Network as well as the V Channel (the related radio net focusing on the paranormal), presents the scientific data behind the peculiar account.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, extensive evidence now exists showing the various catastrophes in the Bible were related to a previous unstable orbit of the planet Mars, as originally proposed by Catastrophist Immanuel Velikovsky back in the 1930's. The data is now overwhelming, and several computer generated models have provided the needed calculations. The cyclical menacing of the ancients through close flybys of the planet is believed to be directly related to famous catastrophic episodes such as Noah's flood, The Passover/Exodus, Joshua's longest day, and the fire from heaven which fell in the confrontation between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, among other accounts.

Divine Science has been presenting the Planetary Catastrophistmodel as calculated by noted scientist Donald Patten. Hosted byTimothy Allen, this week's Divine Science show, featuring the examination of Joshua's Longest Day, streams at the following times (all times Pacific):

Monday 8 PM (11 PM Eastern) on the V Channel at VChannel.us

Tuesday 1 PM on GEO at GEOmedianetwork.com

Wednesday 9 AM on GEO, and 8:30 PM on the V Channel

Thursday 12:30 PM on the V Channel

Friday 11 PM on GEO

As Divine Science is a production of theGEOmedianetwork.com, like other GEO programs, the show is also archived for downloads to members of the GEO Yahoo forum. Membership in the GEO group is free by joining the GEO Yahoo group. To join and gain access to all the archived shows of GEO, simply send an email to geomedianetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

A detailed video on how the planets menaced the ancients exists in a DVD from Christian Media (the ministry behind GEOV, and the Christian Media Network. Featuring James Lloyd, the 2 hour video elaborates on the study of Planetary Prophecy. For more, click the link on ANGELS IN ORBIT.

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