Does Not Equal The Truth

ecades ago, when I got my first computer, I also bought a book on databases. I had a list of media contacts I wanted to stay in touch with, and a relative had convinced me that computers were going to be a big thing. The first thing I learned was something they called Boolean Logic, and I never forgot it. For those of you like me who flunked algebra, or are bereft of silicon skills, the logic is applied to a sort of reverse request. For instance, if I told the database, give me a list of all my friends in California, I would just go to the place where the database had the State of each of the addresses, I would put in California, and Voila! The computer would kick out the names of everybody in there whose address was in California.  


Then the computer book surprised me with the idea of Does Not Equal -- something I had never even considered. The manual said, suppose you already contacted everybody in California, and now you want a list of everybody except those in California. It went on to show me the / sign -- which we all know is sometimes drawn through an image, and it means Not. Then the sign for equal (=) followed, so I put in /= California, and out came of list of everybody that was not in California.  


To make a long story short, once I applied this to the realm of the Spirit, and thought about the concept of Does Not Equal Salvation, I realized this was a profound concept, because it helped me to appreciate the idea of an absolute truth, and how anything that Does Not Equalthe absolute truth, no matter how close to the truth, how benign, or how harmless or beneficent it is, would actually have to considered a lie. This Is Because Anything Which Does Not Equal The truth, Is A Lie.


Such a formula causes one to think about things in a slightly different fashion, and ironically, this is something all those geeky computerphiles have known for a very long time. The Bible says


"There is a way which seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" (Proverbs 14:12).


On occasion, I encounter Spiritual people, and although such will intellectually assent to the Gospel, or they certainly don't oppose the Gospel, they never actually embrace the Gospel. One guy I know is fascinated by Conspiracy, the Beast government's obvious evil, and the concept of eternal life -- yet he has never come to the place where he realizes he hasn't actually been born again in the Spirit through Jesus Christ.


He's comfortable with the idea of Jesus as the Saviour, but there's no spark of Spiritual conviction within him that creates the realization that he's lost, if he dies in his present state. In other words, his current Spiritual condition Does Not Equal Salvation.


I know some other people who have a serious Christian orientation. They read their Bibles, and they pray, and they go to church. You can tell they've definitely had a Spiritual experience with Christ, just by the energy that flows through them, on occasions when Jesus is being discussed. Yet these folks steadfastly refuse to respond to Scriptural facts that show that significant portions of the Gospel they preach is in significant error. Thus, even though it's difficult to call such a Christian a liar, in that they are proclaiming Jesus, the statements they are making do not equal the truth.


Some aspects of what these Christian say are true, in that they are talking about God's Son, and that he is called Jesus, so that equals the truth. However, they also say that God came from the planet Kolob, he used to be a man, and they are physically descended from the so called "lost tribes," etc. In other words, these are Mormon "Christians." Since the Word of God, which is the Holy Bible, unequivocally declares that God was never a man, such assertions do not equal the truth -- and since the Bible declares that if any man preach a Gospel such as that which is presented by the Mormons, such believers are cursed.  


Thus, despite the fact that these warm and friendly people preach Jesus, the Gospel of Jesus which they present Does Not Equal The Truth. Their false gospel isn't particularly nasty, as they certainly don't teach their children to strap dynamite on their waist and blow up anyone who rejects their religion in a suicide bombing; in fact, Mormons are among the best natured people around. However, applying the knowledge of the absolute truth seen in Scripture, I would have to redact my earlier statement, and say that when I previously wrote about "Mormon Christians," that statement Does Not Equal The Truth, because there is no such thing.


It gets even more difficult to discern when the false gospel being preached is considerably closer to the absolute truth, but still does not equal the truth. This is seen in denominations, and certainly applies to the various incorporated sects, such as Seventh Day Adventism, which have engineered a prophetic interpretive system that encroaches upon the LORD's plan of salvation, as articulated in the New Testament.


Built around false doctrine such as the so called "investigative judgment," in which the corporate cult has fabricated a time in which God sits in His heaven deciding on a person's fate, the systematized innovations of Seventh Day Adventism Do Not Equal the straightforward Gospel of Jesus Christ. The sad truth is, strangled by the leaven of the Pharisees Jesus repeatedly warned us about, the entire contemporary church is out of sync with the truth.


Surprisingly, the Apostle Paul actually used this Boolean Logic in the New Testament. In responding to the novelties of the sectarianism which was already occurring in his time, Paul wrote about the "other Jesus" -- the multiple versions of Christ pitched by those who preach a gospel which Does Not Equal the ONE Gospel Paul was entrusted with:


"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel...but there be some that would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we [the Apostles], or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed" (Galatians 1:6-8).


Here the holy Apostle was stating, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that any gospel, which was different that the ONE Gospel which he preached, DOES NOT EQUAL THE TRUTH.


Paul never heard of any "rapture," and he never once referenced an "investigative judgment." He never spoke about "purgatory," and he certainly never even hinted that believers should seek tax exemption, incorporate, and agree to the government's rules and regulations for operating a so called "church."


The fact is just as simple as the math I've been addressing, for if you look at any of the churches in the world today, it's not all that difficult to see that none of them equal the truth.


But Jesus Christ is still the truth, God is still sovereign, and judgment is indeed at the door.


-- James Lloyd

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