God's Wrath On Lisa Ruby

isa Ruby is the author of a book refuting the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine entitled God's Wrath On Left Behind. Married to Mr. Lisa Ruby, a man named Gary, Lisa has executed an end run around the Biblical imperative regarding the disallowance of women taking the pastoral leadership in teaching. Although some see this admonition as having a broad latitude, the point is, Lisa is a Biblical literalist, and ardent supporter of the King James Version Bible - thus her own statement concerning Scripture place her at odds with this premise. 

Lisa's unyielding, and inflexible stance against anything but extreme conservatism runs counter to the Scripture's plain teaching concerning women running the show when it comes to teaching. Thus, since she's painted herself into a theological corner as a conservative heresy hunter, in order to counter I Timothy 2:12, Lisa conspicuously places Gary's name on large portions of her literary output. This is evidently an intentional defensive maneuver, for she has candidly admitted she does the "actual" writing. In short, when it comes to the Lisa Ruby ministry, Gary appears to be firmly tethered to Lisa's apron strings, the Apostle Paul's warnings notwithstanding.

Ruby is a religious hypocrite of the haughty sort that helped an entire generation to turn away from the church. Her most vehement criticism (and criticism is practically all that comes out of Lisa Ruby) is aimed at cultic, and occultic strains of thought that she spots in other communicators. We will see that Lisa is willing to commit the identical offense, if and when it suits her agenda.

One of the reasons such a person is so offensive, is this pattern of behavior moves her to function as a Spiritual dupe of the Devil. In previous works, I've noted the most dangerous part of a Spiritual pendulum swing is the move back towards conservatism. Thus, reformers are frequently more dangerous than the apostasy that brought about the need for a reformation in the first place.

Many of Lisa Ruby's observations on the widespread departure from the Gospel are accurate. Indeed, many of her targets are people that I would not defend, and in many cases, I would emphatically agree with her analysis.

In other cases, she has lazily smeared people with nasty, and hurtful attacks when she is clearly unaware of the facts. For instance, Lisa Ruby has attacked one of the free speech "patriot" networks, our friends at American Voice, for having a link on their website to a new age, holistic health oriented website. That link has long been removed, but Ruby's hideously insensitive, and personal attack on Francis Steffan, remains.

The fact is, the link specifically stated the site was non-Christian, but that wasn't acceptable to Lisa. Furthermore, the link was placed on the American Voice website by Elizabeth, Francis' late wife, as part of her search for herbal remedies for the fast moving cancer that took her life. In the emotional devastation that follows the death of a loved one, even as Francis mourned the loss of his wife, Lisa Ruby posted her "warning" against Francis, and spit on him in his grief. 

Shortly thereafter, Lisa Ruby actually called a host on the American Voice radio network, and accused Francis of refusing to allow her access to his website. This was a complete fabrication, but Ruby's paranoia was growing steadily at that point in her despicable public behavior.

Ruby's propensity for paranoia, exaggeration, and factually void analyses on some issues destroy any credibility she may have enjoyed in areas in which she happens to be accurate. This makes her work deadly, because when reasonable people observe Ruby's "Bull In The China Shop" approach, it tends to discredit any truth that may be lying amongst the broken shards that remain once her rampage is over.

I am particularly sensitive to this charge as well, for Christian Media is also engaged in some rather serious (and frequently scathing) analyses of false doctrine. The challenge of identifying tares, without pulling up some wheat in the process, is an incredibly difficult task - and an endeavor I don't take lightly. Thus far, Lisa Ruby has not demonstrated she is the best man for the job.

I might also point out that after Ruby's twisted statements concerning me were posted on the web, I chose not to react with a public response to her hypocrisy. In fact, her false statements concerning me have now been online for years, and up until now, I've never written a word about her. The hope is always that such offenders will eventually wise up, and move forward. In other words, longsuffering is on the approved list of behavioral norms.

What triggered this examination was an effort (detailed below) by Lisa Ruby to utilize our own network, the Christian Media Network, to promote her book. Incredibly, Ruby has now sought out publicity for her material in the very media she has denounced! 

Media communicator Stewart Best has been a favorite target of Ruby, and it was in that context that I became a part of her spiritual winter of discontent. Stewart Best writes about something he has dubbed Strait Gate, or Narrow Way theology, in which he emphasizes the teachings of Jesus on the subject of avoiding the "broad way" which leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13). Although some have a problem with that, even more deplore Stewart's work on exotic subjects such as conspiracy, planetary catastrophism, and subjects many conservative Christians would consider to be very "far out."

In this area of inquiry, there is plenty of conjecture and theory, but Best's work is Christian at its core. For instance, one of Stewart Best's DVD's is called Project Redstar, a television program in which he shows what appears to be ruins of buildings that have been photographed on the planet Mars. These images actually originated with NASA, and in the video, Stewart provides analysis, mathematical probabilities of such shapes occurring naturally, and more.

He does not say we were seeded here by aliens, and he does not say ET is about to arrive here on Planet X, returning after 3,600 years, or any other such nonsense. The program simply explores the data seen in the images, and allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions. In true Pharisette form, Lisa Ruby was not only outraged that Stewart Best produced such a program, she became furious at my ministry, Christian Media, for distributing the video in our mail order catalog, on the grounds the work is occultic.

Ruby's denunciation of Christian Media for carrying Best's radio show is also glaringly outdated. The Borderlands show, featuring Stewart Best, has not been on the Christian Media Network for several years, so although Ruby stays busy with many web attacks on those she deems unfit to exist in her religion, she doesn't seem to find the time to accurately present data that is anywhere near current. Thus, even though Best's show has not been been regularly carried on the Christian Media Network since 2004, on the front page of Ruby's website, she issues a "warning" concerning James Lloyd, for "promoting" the show, and this attack was still present as recently as Christmas 2007.

This ProFile on ChristianMediaResearch has been periodically updated. Many years after the original publication date, in 2011, the CM ministry launched the V Channel (found at VChannel.us) – a radio network outreach, entirely separate from the Christian Media Network (CMN), that is designed to attract people interested in the exotic and the supernatural. The goal is to draw people from the “court of the Gentiles” where a fascination with things like UFO’s and Bigfoot exists. The idea is to use the V Channel waters for our role as Fishers Of Men, to catch individuals who may then be drawn into the nets which lead to the more substantive doctrine found on CMN. In this regard, Stewart Best’s radio shows are now being aired on V.

Revealingly, around the time when Stewart Best's show was on Christian Media some years ago, Lisa Ruby contacted me and asked me to consider making a wholesale purchase of her book on the rapture, for similar distribution in our mail order catalog. Apparently Lisa likes money, for her terms on the book were unrealistically high, and since there are many other fine titles exposing the rapturist's misbehaviour, I passed on the title. It was only then that I was publicly attacked by Lisa Ruby for my willingness to distribute other people's products.

Apparently my theological output would be acceptable to Lisa, and the body of Christ would be in no danger of being corrupted by me, if I carried Lisa's book. However, since I don't have the benefit of Lisa Ruby's Spiritual aura to purify me, I've now become a danger to the body of Christ. Get the picture?

I recently was served up another slice of Lisa Ruby's leavened loaf when she was a guest host on another radio program - a show that promotes the concept of Planet X.

For those unaware of the subject, Planet X is a theoretical planet that many believe is in the outer reaches of our solar system. Most Planet X enthusiasts are non-Christians who believe it will return, and some of them teach and posit that aliens live on this large body, and will be in a position to re-visit us when the planet gets close enough. While there is a considerable amount of astronomically sophisticated information supporting the existence of another large planetary body, this is definitely fringe material. Furthermore, it's precisely the type of subject matter covered by Stewart Best, and others that deal with the exotic.

Indeed, some Planet X aficionados are supposedly channeling those aliens who live on Planet X. At Christian Media, we don't believe in aliens, and we recognize channeling to be demonic; however, many knowledgeable Christians (myself included) believe there is a distinct possibility the return of an ancient gravitational body (an uninhabited planet I might add) would be an appropriate mechanism for the prophesied disruption of our present stellar order. A progressive, and steady approach of a large planetary body, may very well be the instrument the LORD will use to generate the tribulational events described in Revelation. For more on Planet X, see the Snapshots section under P.

Years ago, the program in question, Planet X In Bible Prophecy, was carried on Christian Media (the show has not been on CMN for many years now), and when he agreed to interview Lisa Ruby on the show, the program's producer, John Dinardo, was unaware of Lisa Ruby's self serving, and commercially slanted, approach to promotion of her book on the rapture. Because John DiNardo professes himself to be a Christian, and he paid for the time slot, the show aired as scheduled. Obviously, Lisa Ruby justified using a provocative and controversial program subject, which some would consider occultic, in order to draw attention to her own book.

Indeed, on the actual radio program Planet X In Bible Prophecy, the network ran commercial spots for books and tapes aimed at strengthening the believer's relationship with Christ. Apparently, in the universe where RubyWorld orbits, I'm a reprobate for doing such things. However, when Lisa Ruby shamelessly promotes her book using the identical methodology, she believes she is doing the Lord's work. In short, if you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary, they might have Lisa's picture.

There are other instances of this gross inconsistency. Ruby has criticized one literary figure for utilizing an ancient symbol called a Rune on the cover of his book, because Runic lore has occultic connotations. However, Stewart Best has pointed out she uses the Bell as her symbol, and ties it to the concept of Liberty. Most researchers know the actual name Liberty traces to an ancient goddess, and the bell is definitely derived from Baal. Witchcraft widely associates the image of the bell as part of their ritualistic practices. Thus, Lisa Ruby condemns others for doing precisely the same things she herself does.

Years ago, I wrote to Lisa and gently sought to point out her inconsistent approach. That overture was ignored. Indeed, by placing this material on the net, I fully expect that Lisa will dust off her spiritual microscope, and find several more aspects of my existence that require her scrutiny and correction. Perhaps I'll move to the top of her target list, so I'll be sure to wear my hip waders.  

Lisa Ruby is also notoriously paranoid, and particularly so on the subject of Scientology. In her furious pursuit of that cultic system, she twists the anecdotal data so severely that, as less discerning readers repeat her distorted data, they become little Lisa's in another branch of the aforementioned china shop. A good case of this is found in the Terri Schiavo case.

Readers will remember the tragic case of Schiavo, whose comatose cognitive state ruled the headlines for months, when her husband pressed to pull the plug. The husband's motives were highly suspect as there was money and another woman involved; but in the end the government played God again, acquiesced to her husband's legal wrangling, and executed Terri.

Many Christians found Terri's case a cause worth rallying around, and so did Lisa Ruby. Although her number one obsession is clearly Scientology, Lisa found the time to actively agitate on behalf of Terri Schiavo. However, Ruby went the extra mile, and as the Schiavo case received huge media coverage, Ruby incessantly sought to implicate Scientology in the efforts to end Schiavo's life. Even though there is no data at all directly implicating the Scientologists in the Schiavo case, Lisa Ruby produced voluminous "evidence."

What was interesting is how she did it. It seems there was a significant case involving a woman named Lisa Macpherson, who died under very mysterious circumstances involving Scientology. Macpherson had sought to escape the cult, and was painted as mentally deranged in order to silence her claims of cult persecution. Lisa Ruby wrote numerous articles on the case of Lisa Macpherson.

As Ruby adopted the cause of Terri Schiavo, she clustered the articles on Macpherson's death and Scientology ties, with stories on Terri Schiavo, and multiple essays on the two disparate subjects were published together. Then the titles (and even the sub-headings within the articles) began to merge the two subjects. Because the Terri Schiavo case was all about euthanasia, Ruby extensively linked the pro-euthaniasia writings of L Ron Hubbard, Scientology's founder, to the Schiavo case.

She hinted the judge in the case and Michael Schiavo, who sought to pull the plug on Terri, were Scientologists. Thus, the two completely separate cases of Lisa Macpherson and Terri Schiavo, both involving a woman who dies, were combined. As Lisa Ruby's obsession with Scientology merged with her outrage over the Schiavo case, even though there is no evidentiary link between them, Ruby penned stories with headlines like the following:

Death By Dehydration: Terri's Wish or Hubbard's Hurrah?

Scientology Doctrine: Michael Schiavo Removed Terri From Society.

Significant Improvement Defined: L. Ron Hubbard's Tone Scale

Scientology Goal: Deny the Disabled Civil Rights; Mass Euthanasia Will Follow

Scientology Vs Terri Schiavo

Scientology Vs Terri Schindler Schiavo

Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection 

Scientology, The Clearwater Bar, and Judge Greer Judge Greer's

Scientologist Campaign Manager

Occult/Scientology Dates in the Terri Schiavo Case - The Illegal Court Order That Killed

Terri's Death Process Ends March 31st: Tribute to L. Ron Hubbard

Terri's Grave: Marked With Scientology Doctrine

Posts Free Republic Deleted Regarding Scientology and Terri Schiavo

Scientology Treats Terri Schindler Schiavo as if She is Already Dead

Altered Picture of Terri Schiavo Looks Like Lisa McPherson's Autopsy Photo

Judge Greer and Attorney Gibbs: Death Order Doublespeak 

George Felos and Scientology OT VIII: Kill With a Thought

Scientology Doctrine: Michael Schiavo Removed Terri From Society

Everett Rice Awards Scientologists During Terri's Death Process

Exposing the Conspiracy to Kill Terri Schiavo is Not Hate

Scientology marked Terri's chin with an 8 in this altered picture.

Terrisfight.org: A Hidden Agenda

Terri Schiavo and the Cardiac Arrest/Heart Attack Lies

Greer Targets Scientology Highday to Begin Terri's Dehydration Death

Writ of Quo Warranto Hearing: How Did the Judge Rule? By Florida Law or Scientology Policy

Scientology: New World Order Operation

Incredibly, there are even more contrived literary efforts penned by Ruby attempting to link the two areas of inquiry. Once again, while Euthanasia is a belief found in Scientology, it is also found in most new age, or non-Christian religious traditions. Furthermore, the only genuine common denominator between the two subjects of Schiavo and Scientology is found in the obsessive mind of Lisa Ruby.

Lisa Ruby (and presumably hubby Gary) have repeatedly stated the Scientologists are following them in unmarked vehicles. They've stated the Scientologists are watching them. They've even stated they attempted to murder Gary. In a rather murky episode shrouded in mystery, Lisa has related a specific account in which she claims Scientologists with guns were about to, or actually did, attempt to shoot Gary in the head.

Because Scientology is a non-Christian cult with a history of involvement in illegal behaviour, given Lisa Ruby's lack of credibility, and her sloppy use of anecdotal information in order to forward her personal agendas, it seems much more likely the entire household has slipped into the status of delusional.

The problem with innuendo and factually vacuous writings like this, is how they reverberate outwards. For instance, there is at least one instance of a radio program guest who went on the air, and claimed that Terri Schiavo was murdered by the Scientologists. In this case, it's evident the party received the Ruby material, and simply boiled it down to an inaccurate conclusion.

Worse yet, as the lie continues to reverberate, some that heard that program will repeat what they heard. And the lack of accuracy will eventually be used to discredit some other aspect of the truth.

There are several other avenues of research indicating that Lisa Ruby has clearly lost her way, which I won't detail here. For example, among other anecdotal information I've received, there is an account associating witches within the body of Christ that placed a curse on her in order to lead Lisa astray; however, I believe I've made my case, so it's not needed. 

The Scriptures tell us when the Holy Spirit has removed Himself from a vessel (see Ezekiel 9:3), even one with the best of Biblical intentions, they have no shield or defensive covering to protect them from the intellectual and Spiritual assaults of the Devil. Lisa Ruby has been repeatedly warned by others that she has embarked upon an unscriptural, and dangerous course of behaviour, and the Devil seeks to sift even potential vessels of honour. 

I am saddened to see a person of zeal go so far astray. I also sense the Ruby's mean well, and actually do desire to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. However, somewhere along the way they confused the voice of the good shepherd with the voice of the dragon that looks like a lamb.

Although I would truly desire to see them repent, and recognize just where they went astray, like others before them in these perilous last days, I have every indication their response to this rebuke will be to sink ever deeper into the desolation that presently engulfs them.

-- James Lloyd

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