Gog And Magog

n the prophets, there may not be a topic more provocative than the mysterious names Gog and Magog and, after researching, writing, and speaking on the subject for about 40 years, I’ve come to see that much of my early work on the subject was relatively shallow. In spite of the fact the New Testament tells us the real battle is in the heavenlies, most prophetic commentators still address the subject in the physical realm, and conduct ongoing probes into the place/names addressed in the text.

Unfortunately, most of us prefer physical world identifications, as political and military alliances, such as those mentioned in the Gog/Magog texts of Ezekiel 38 and 39, provide the kind of prophetic detail that students of the Scriptures find they can get their teeth into. Indeed, throughout my generation, which was so heavily impacted through the rise of the American Rapture Cult (largely led by Hal Lindsey’s pop apologetic The Late Great Planet Earth), Gog was (and is) identified with Russia and the Soviet Union. About 40 years ago, in what was to became a consistent pattern in my studies, I found the dissident views to be more accurate – thus, a brief digression is in order.

In 1973/74, as the Arab world flexed their economic and political muscles through the wealth generated via OPEC (the Organzation of Petroleum Exporting Countries), the Northern industrial powers of Europe and the United States were profoundly impacted. Few realized the smaller, core group of OPEC, the little known OAPEC (the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries), had a malevolent agenda of belligerence aimed at the state of Israel.

As OPEC included oil exporters like Nigeria and Venezuela, the ethnically cohesive group of 10 kings that was OAPEC (founded by the late Moammar Qaddafi of Libya) was the real power with a hidden agenda of destroying the contemporary state of Israel – even as these emirs and sheikhs funded the ill-fated Yom Kippur war against Israel in October of 1973. While the Christian world was mesmerized by the false prophets of pre-trib pitching the 10 kings of the end times as the so called “Revived Roman Empire,” politically significant prophecy was unfolding with little notice.

Since the Soviet Union provided the weapons, training, and military advisors to the Arab invaders, the idea of Russia as Gog continued largely unchallenged in those days, and vast numbers of believers are still caught in that charade. However, during the next decade, I found the dissident views of Mary Stewart Relfe, who focused on Anwar Sadat and the role of Egypt (she thought Sadat would be the Antichrist) to be far more perceptive. At the same time, Dr. Edwin Yamauchi, who categorically stated the name Gog could not be traced to Russia, but should actually have been connected to adjacent tribal identities in Transcaucasia, impacted my thinking.

These were simply roadstops in my journey as I pursued the truth; but more importantly, I began to learn about how the Spirits are at war behind the scenes. Professionally engaged in media, I also looked behind the curtain of how prophecy itself was presented. For example, the aforementioned Mary Relfe, a successful businesswoman in the South, found the Christian book establishment wouldn’t touch her title (When Your Money Fails), as it also debunked the pre-tribulation Rapture. She ultimately printed the book herself, and stunned a lot of people by successfully circumventing the mainstream.

Meanwhile, Yamauchi’s scholarly work (Foes From The Northern Frontier), which also went against the almost universal narrative of evangelical Rapture Cult dominated Christianity, was plagiarized by Hal Lindsey and co-author Chuck Missler, in a work entitled The Magog Factor. Not only did they blatantly steal Yamauchi’s work, they deceitfully used it to reach the opposite conclusion of the pirated material! The two Rapture Cultists got caught, and quietly pulled their title from distribution.

The fact that no-one in the Christian media publicly reproved the two thieves (embarrassingly, it was the secular LA Times that exposed the theft) opened the door to my own personal probe into what would prove to be wholesale corruption within Rapture Cult publishing circles. To this end, I found Dave MacPherson’s privately published book, The Three R’s: Rapture, Revisionism, and Robbery (yet another example of an independent title pushing against the mainstream “Christian” publishing establishment which suppresses the truth), to be useful in appreciating the true scope of the problem.

Thus, I not only continued my search for the true identity of Gog, I also learned the Spiritual “fix is in,” as concealed principalities and powers were going out of their way to suppress data that conflicts with the Rapture Cult’s dissimulations.

Hot on the trail of the ancient tribal identity of Gog as I followed the clues researched by Yamauchi, I found the modern nation of Georgianow a key American ally -- to be a geographic bulls-eye. Further, the capital of GeOrGia, a place called Tblisi (read Gog’s ally Tubal), was translated as Mtzkheta by the Soviets (read Meshech). The cognate term Chechens and the Georgian tribal group the Meshechians were unheard of in those days, as was the fall of the Berlin wall and Gorbachev’s strategic dissolution of the USSR. Meanwhile, the Spirit of Mohammed (a name formerly anglicized as Ma-homet) was stirring throughout the region – particularly in Iran (read Persia in Ezekiel 38) with the fall of the Israel friendly Shah, and the rise of the Ayatollahs.

However, it would take a decade more study before I realized I had fallen into the trap of the Dialectic – the Satanic structuring of two opposing views in order to generate Spiritual conflict – before I began to probe the identities of the Spirits named in the Gog and Magog passages. Although this deeper layer of understanding is the most crucial in terms of recognizing the identities involved, the fact is, the Spirits which are moving the nations to their final destiny, will eventually be manifested in a physical and military confrontation which fulfills the will of the LORD.

-- James Lloyd

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