The Manipulations Of "Professor" Thomas Mack

y training, Mr. Tom Mack is a mathematician, who has re-invented himself more than once in his pursuit to seek power in the Christian community. Originally posing as an expert in Bible translation, the self styled "professor" managed to convince the Prophecy Club (a Christian speaker's bureau) to book him on a speaking tour as he taught on the subject of the Bible translation controversies. He now works primarily with the emerging occultic form of soothsaying known as Bible Codes.
Regarding Jo Reaves
Miss Jo Reaves is the Editor and Publisher of a Christian newspaper. The newspaper is The Midnight Herald, and Miss Reaves lives with Tom Mack in a dubious relationship that has been concealed and misrepresented. Mr. Mack is being represented as her "brother" to friends and neighbors who have wondered why the "Christian" couple are living together without the benefit of marriage. The Bible poignantly refers to those who are under the conviction of the Holy Spirit for their sin, but respond by "Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron..." (I Timothy 4:2). Jo Reaves is a wealthy woman and is supporting the worthless Mr. Mack in the style to which he has rapidly grown accustomed.
Tom Mack moved into Miss Reaves' Texas residence in 2001, supposedly on a temporary basis - as his previous misdeeds had caused his life in Iowa to become rather difficult. On the way, he apparently tried to get his associates in New Mexico, Chris and Sharon Blodgett, to support him - but, since they are far more masterful connivers than the manipulative Mr. Mack, they sent him packing in short order.
Utilizing his miniscule computer abilities, Tom Mack has penetrated Miss Reaves' life to the degree that he now has significant control over her "ministry" - including the mailing list and the computer data utilized in her life's passion, The Midnight Herald newspaper. This "Christian" newspaper's mission statement declares its goal is to " believers rightly divide the Word of Truth in these days when error is rampant." While some would find it ironic to see such compromise in a paper "dedicated to the Glory of God the Father and Jesus Christ" (Midnight Herald, Vol 5 #3, page 2), we are not at all surprised.
Christian Relationships Converted To Code
After Tom moved in with Jo, she soon realized he would be very difficult to evict. For the last few years, Tom Mack has been manipulating people through the so-called Bible Codes. His gambit is to initially tell his unwary prey that he has found their name using the codes. Seeking to ingratiate himself through his dishonest manipulation of the Bible Codes, Mack then offers to "run the codes" and report the results to his new friend. In this fashion, he becomes something of a technical guru who can help to "confirm" the Lord's will in a person's life concerning various issues.
If Tom perceives that the person is seeking spiritual or emotional support for a particular decision or a position they've taken on a matter, he provides validation by telling his hapless victim that the "codes" agree that the information is correct. In this way, he has manipulated the Bible Codes into becoming little more than a "scriptural" version of Tarot cards or Astrology. The tactic is essentially calculated to build in a dependency upon Mr. Mack. Utilizing his manipulative methodologies, Tom Mack has now gained significant control over what was an independent Christian newspaper. Indeed, in a recent edition of the Midnight Herald, the so-called "professor" has now inserted his corporate name over the return address of the paper. Though this would imply an acquisition, leadership within the newspaper's brain trust has only been "acquired" through a surreptitious series of internal maneuvers.
Although no formal acquisition has occurred, the newspaper has now been able to utilize the 501(c)(3) non-profit status. This is financially beneficial, although spiritually corrosive. In its most immediate benefit, the paper's postal costs will have dropped upon utilizing Tom Mack's 501(c)(3) non-profit status. As an apparent payback for the usage of the non-profit status, Tom Mack arranged for the paper to carry content that promotes Mack associates Chris Blodgett and Steve Quayle.
As accompanying data on this website will indicate, this was just the beginning of Tom Mack's emerging web of theological deceit.
Midnight (Herald) In The Garden Of Good & Evil
We have documented cases of Mr. Mack "running the codes" for at least six nationally known Christian leaders, in a covert effort to co-opt them into a relationship of dependency. Of course computer applications specialists have been doing this for years, in a business context, in order to ensure their continued employment, but Tom Mack has now cleverly added a spiritual dimension to the conventional technophile dependency paradigm.
This manipulative activity is tantamount to witchcraft - something Tom Mack is quite familiar with. In his association with the reprobate Chris Blodgett (who is now being advertised in the Midnight Herald), Mack has learned many things concerning the underlying psychological mechanics of witchcraft. Blodgett (whose criminal activities are also exposed on this website) produced a series of radio programs on witchcraft in the church. It is self evident that Tom Mack, as a close associate of Chris Blodgett and a repeated guest on his radio program, has learned something of the subject.
For instance, in one of his radio programs Chris accurately equated manipulation to achieve a desired object with witchcraft:
"If I start to manipulate you during this broadcast, it's witchcraft. We have to call it what it is...all of this stuff is to manipulate people away from the truth, and it's the spirit of witchcraft." (Witchcraft In The Church, teaching tape from radio host Chris Blodgett).
Late in 2001, writing in his live-in girlfriend's "Christian" newspaper The Midnight Herald, Tom Mack demonstrated his familiarity with the basic tenets of witchcraft by writing an article on the subject. In that essay, Mack wrote that witchcraft can be "...properly defined as any activity performed in an attempt to gain something...." Actions that are calculated to manipulate, Mack wrote, are "...tantamount to practicing witchcraft." (New Age Witchcraft?, Tom Mack, Midnight Herald, V5#3).
Incredibly, Tom Mack has now published written statements that directly condemn his own practices using the Bible Codes. Zeroing in on the concept of a symbiotic relationship between those with "itching ears," and those who are willing to prostitute themselves by telling their listeners just what they want to hear, Mack wrote:
"Witchcraft develops a dependency relationship between the teachers, gurus, and other instructors, and the initiates or laity. True Christianity disdains dependency relationships and works to make its laity dependent on God alone." (New Age Witchcraft?, Tom Mack, Midnight Herald V5#3).
Gnostic Converts
Even as he was writing these words, Tom Mack was continuing to practice the occultic art that is inherent in the Bible Codes. For example, Al Cuppett, a nationally known Christian speaker from the Prophecy Club national speaking circuit, has revealed that he is in that dependency relationship and is following the hidden communications found in the gnostic oriented Bible Codes that were revealed to him by "Professor" Tom Mack:
"Tom Mack has relayed information to me on numerous occasions which he could not have known other than extracting it from The Bible Code. Further, he passed to me personal information concerning several 'events' both here, and in Israel, which would have been impossible for him to know outside of the gifts of the Holy Spirit; OR...the Hebrew Bible Code!" (Personal Letter to James Lloyd from Al Cuppett, 03/25/2002).
Al Cuppett, also known as "Mister C," is a frequent guest on various Christian radio shows, including Steve Quayle's Q Files - where he is now spreading the "gospel" of Tom Mack and his Bible Codes. Apparently, we no longer need the gift of prophecy spoken of in scripture, for we now have a high tech tool, wielded by "Professor" Mack, with which to predict events. And Cuppett is not alone in this alarming departure from the plain teaching of the Word of God.
Chris Blodgett, another nationally heard "Christian" radio host, has not only embraced the Bible Codes, he has openly acknowledged that they are essentially a modern manifestation of gnosticism. For the benefit of those who are unaware of various aspects of early Christian history, the Gnostics (from the Greek word gnosis, for knowledge), were acknowledged occultists (from the Latin word occultus, for secret) who taught God favored those who held secretive knowledge based on ancient mystical understanding. Gnosticism has roots in Freemasonry and other secret societies, as well as Egyptian black magic that the early Alexandrian Christians imported into their version of "Christianity."
During a radio interview where Chris Blodgett hosted Tom Mack discussing Mack's Bible Codes, the following statement summed it up:
Chris Blodgett: "So it's more of the Gnostic thought process then?"
Tom Mack: "Exactly."
This is simply an astonishing admission, for Biblically centered Christians have long known of the occultic nature of gnosticism. At this writing, Chris Blodgett is now being promoted on Tom Mack's website on a regular basis. In addition to his obviously unscriptural embrace of Mack's Gnostic software, earlier this year the Blodgett's were exposed in national radio, print, and on the Internet for their attempts to seduce other Christian couples into group sexual encounters. These broadcasts on the Christian Media Network also included multiple eyewitness allegations that the Blodgetts have engaged in grand theft, fraud, the obtaining of false identification, multiple episodes of slander, and much more.
The Blodgetts have been repeatedly confronted by multiple Christian leaders from print and radio ministries seeking some degree of accountability. As of this writing, they have continued to deny their misdeeds - even as they continue to commit them.
Although he has been completely apprised of the corrosive spirituality of Chris Blodgett, "Professor" Tom Mack's website continues to energetically promote him. Similarly, even though attempts have been made to inform Jo Reaves of the unsavory nature of her new found "friends," her newspaper The Midnight Herald is now unabashedly carrying display advertisements for Chris Blodgett's "ministry." Documentation of the Blodgetts' spiritually lethal activities may be found on this website, by going to Liars For The Lord.
Steve Quayle himself was spiritually seduced by Tom Mack at some unknown point in the late 1990's. Indeed, Chris Blodgett publicly stated that he was introduced to Tom Mack by Mr. Quayle. Incidentally, this is clear evidence of the secretive connection that exists where the hidden prognostications of Tom Mack are the common denominator. It's instructive to see the results in a recent issue of Jo Reaves' Midnight Herald, where the most recent issue carried an advertisement for Steve Quayle!
The common denominator is each and every person in this secretive cabal are all in the manipulative grip of "professor" Tom Mack, through the instrumentality of the so-called Bible Codes.
As a frequent guest on Steve Quayle's Q Files radio broadcast, Tom Mack has repeatedly recommended and embraced the occultic system of the Bible Codes. In revealing comments made during those interviews, Quayle has mentioned his apparent spiritual dependency on Tom Mack's computer generated prophecies.
Indeed, Tom Mack himself has publicly referred to specific episodes in which Steve Quayle has depended upon him for his software based prognostications. For example, in November 2000, Mack admitted that Quayle was receiving Bible code data from him when he stated:
Mack: "Back a few months ago Steve Quayle had me run one on Nile fever."
Evidence exists that on occasion, Tom Mack has attempted to recruit media figures to his cause, but has failed. For example, radio hosts Ralph and Kathy Haaff were receiving correspondence from the slippery fraud, but concluded that his approach was manipulative. In a written correspondence to the Haaffs, Mack boasted of his influence with other media figures such as the previously mentioned Al Cuppett, in addition to author Ed Vallowe, and another Bible Code researcher name Al Neal. The latter was also a speaker on the Prophecy Club circuit and has ties to Mack through Mack's website.
The Texan & The Tabloid
There is little doubt that Mack has carefully manipulated his relationship with Jo Reaves in order to gain a foothold in the Christian print arena. As a result of his Prophecy Club speaking tour, Mack added the power of personal appearances to his reach. After that, he maneuvered his way into radio, through regular interviews with hosts Steve Quayle, Chris Blodgett and others.
Through his Internet presence, he has carefully cultivated another group of disciples. The only thing missing has been print, but the surreptitious control achieved through his personal arrangement with Jo Reaves has now provided Tom Mack with a newspaper through which to propagate his high tech occultism.
Interestingly enough, in an unguarded moment, Mack has publicly admitted his manipulation of Jo Reaves, the Editor and Publisher of the Midnight Herald newspaper. In a radio interview with Steve Quayle back in 2000, Mack stated:
Mack: "A lady friend of mine edits a big newspaper, Midnight Herald, she's gotten these prophecies and I said let's see if we can find it in the bible codes." 
A bit later in the interview, he stayed true to form and categorically informed Quayle that he had indeed "found" his latest convert's name in the Bible Codes. Referring to Jo Reaves, Mack stated:
Mack: "She was rather astounded, she was afraid she wouldn't be in there, but she certainly was."
We can only guess what phony flatteries Miss Reaves received from the pretentious "professor," but they must have been significant, for in early 2001, they began cohabitation - which is a polite way of saying they're 'shacked up.' Indeed, it's unclear how Reaves initially 'hooked up' with Mack, but we know that she came to Texas with him in March 2001 and they then set up house together. These "living arrangements" have caused a great consternation with more than one person who is aware of the hidden facets of the relationship.
Christian Media received a letter last May that provided some details from an eyewitness, regarding the control Mack now exercises over Jo Reaves. In this correspondence, it is alleged that:
"She pays all his expenses, including paying on a car for him and a cell phone. She prints a newsletter and Tom has convinced her she can't do it without him...there is concern that Tom, who supposedly is very good on the computer, may have rigged things so that the woman can't operate without his being there. She has experienced computer crashes and lost files that ONLY Tom could fix."
Most of the data in this letter has already been revealed through simple, but diligent research on our part. My telephone conversations with people in Iowa, who know Mr. Mack personally, confirmed the next part of the letter. It states that Tom Mack is,
"...a sloppy, fat, obnoxious, conceited glutton. I believe he is a parasite feeding off those Christians who have no discernment and who are easily manipulated...this woman is very paranoid and Tom has convinced her his life and hers are in danger from some people who are against the government. I had laughed at the time but now I think it may be you to whom Tom was referring." (5/22/02 Letter on file).
This reference to people who are "against the government" is just another slander that is easily traced back to Steve Quayle and Chris Blodgett - and it is indeed directed towards the Christian Media ministry. In fact, I have written correspondence in Tom Mack's own handwriting dated January 19, 2000, where he sought to very subtly criticize me - a person he doesn't even know - with two radio hosts on the Christian Media Network.
In that letter, he categorically states that his information came from Chris Blodgett via Steve Quayle. He writes "Steve had Chris call me after Chris started having some uncertainty about his relationship with James Lloyd." (Mack letter to Ralph Haaff, 1/19/02). In the very next sentence he indicated that his activities were being directed in accordance with things that he had "discerned from the Bible Codes."
Apparently, Jo Reaves' discernment has been functioning at an all time low, for Tom Mack has not only moved into her bank account, via her ATM card, but he has flattered her into believing she has a special role to play in the end times. Unfortunately, Miss Reaves has indicated that she is completely disinterested in hearing the truth about her new paramour, Mr. Mack.
Thus, while the deep pockets of the Midnight Herald newspaper finance Mr. Mack's sloth, Miss Reaves steadfastly ignores how Tom Mack is busy empire building - utilizingher bank account. In fact, it's likely that Jo Reaves is one of the few who don't know about Mr. Mack's public boasting.
For instance, in a nationally broadcast interview on Quayle's Q Files, he bragged about how he flattered Jo Reaves into believing that her name, and the name of her newspaper, were both found in the Bible Codes:
Mack: "I did find her name in the code, along with the paper she edited."
The Codes As A Carnal Weapon
Although others are utilizing the Bible Codes in a misguided effort to understand the Bible more fully, Tom Mack has learned how to use the Codes as a tool, with which to manipulate believers. He has now gone into completely uncharted territory with this new approach to prognostication.
Not only has Mack used the "codes" as a way to recruit allies, he's now begun to attack enemies with the codes. In my case, I apparently have the dubious distinction of being the first Christian leader to be publicly maligned by the instrumentality of the Bible Codes.
After Mack learned that his allies Steve Quayle and Chris Blodgett were about to clash with Christian Media, he sought to provide validation for their conflict by using the codes. In every other case we've been aware of, Mack told his "associates" that their names are in the Bible Codes in a flattering light. However, in order to validate Blodgett's and Quayle's hostility towards me, Mack needed to find my name in the Bible Codes in an unflattering light.
On a nationally broadcast interview on the Q Files, Steve Quayle brought on Tom Mack and he did just that. On national radio, Quayle and Mack proceeded to claim that the Bible Codes overwhelmingly demonstrate that I am in league with Lucifer. Indeed, they poured it on and claimed that the evidence was so conclusive, that the "Bible Codes" prove that I am functioning in the power of the Devil.
Attributing The Works Of God To The Devil
In the Gospels, Jesus Christ was repeatedly opposed by religious leaders who claimed that He was casting out devils " Beelzebub the prince of the devils" (Matthew 12:24). It was on this occasion that Jesus described the unpardonable sin. He said:
"All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the son of Man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come."
- Matthew 12:31, 32
I am completely convinced that this is a profound doctrinal statement, illustrating how spiritual conflict forces an identification of the power that is driving the combatants. Ephesians states that "...all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light" (Ephesians 5:13).
What this text is saying, in a very straightforward way, is that those who are moving in the truth and power of the Holy Spirit will spiritually force the darkness that is hidden around them to manifest its true nature. Jesus went on to say:
"Either make the tree good, and his fruit good, or else make the tree corrupt, and its fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by its fruit."
- Matthew 12:33
This verse follows up the original concept of the light forcing the manifestation of the true power behind each party in a conflict. It states that the spiritual interaction will force the tree, through purging, to be made good. Or, in the opposite scenario, it will force the tree to become completely corrupt. Thus, as a result of the spiritual conflict, "...the tree is known by its fruit."
In Summary
As they have sought to deflect a much needed scrutiny into their nefarious practices, Tom Mack and his associates have steadily escalated their lies and deceptions. Initially, the opposition was based on simple deceit, as well as a continuing distortion of the data that exposed their misdeeds.
As the conflict has escalated, the attacks against the Christian Media ministry and myself became vile and pernicious. It was only at the height of these attacks that both Quayle and Mack have publicly and emphatically claimed that I am operating in the power of Satan.
Assuming for the moment that I am operating in the power of the Lord prophetically, this not only places these individuals in a role that firmly indicates they have committed the unpardonable sin, it puts all parties in the immediate vicinity in the uncomfortable position of being very close to the spiritual fire. From where we sit, contact with a leader who has committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit places everyone in grave danger.
We would urge anyone and everyone who is in contact with "Professor" Tom Mack to look very carefully, and intently, to see if these things be so - before continuing or inaugurating any relationship with this deadly individual.


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