Notes Before The Fire

he Good Cop Bad Cop: Choreographing Antichrist analysis in the new issue of the Christian Media newspaper, suggests thatBarack Obama has been functioning as "Bad Cop" for the Israel First worldview, aka the World Antichrist Religion Beast system (the WAR Beast), and is a powerful indicator Americans are being Spiritually manipulated to accept the Masonic/Mormon leadership of Mitt Romney, who would run the country, via a Jewish Supremacist cabal.

As an executive uniquely qualified to "Part Out" America, this does not necessarily mean Romney wins the election, but does suggest he will come to power – and his ascent to power would presumably be closely related to the Israeli Little Horn victory over the triad of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

The new report in the Foreign Affairs journal, entitled Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East, in which the combined intelligence agencies of the US characterize Israel as the single greatest threat to Middle Eastern peace and stability, is another signpost of the role of Barack Obama as the "Bad Cop" – whose choreographed role is to catalyze the Israel-centric component of the populace to the degree they embrace the "Good Cop" – apparently Mitt Romney --  thereby engendering a militant embrace of the state of Israel, in a revised global paradigm in which the Jewish nation becomes so powerful that all nations come to a secondary position with Israel codified as what is already being called a Covenant Nation.

In this realignment of world power, an internationalizedJerusalem, functioning as the crown jewel of the Israeli "covenant nation," replaces Jesus Christ as the mediator between God and the Gentile nations – and this is a classic definition of the role of Antichrist.

The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, an astute observer of international politics, once publicly stated that what the world needs is "a third generation UN" – with the League of Nations, and the present UN entities functioning as predecessors for the globalist entity now emerging. This is precisely what we're going to see; but in order for that cycle to commence, we must first see the chaos which precedes such a tumultuous event – i.e. characterized by the age old axiom Order Ab Chaos.

This means the Illuminist/Masonic game plan of three world wars, as a prerequisite to the New World Order posited so long ago, is now very close to becoming a reality.

The theological underpinnings of this political transformation is a system commonly called Two House, which seeks to unite European, Australian, and North American "Christian" people groups with the Jewish people, by redefining the former as the so called "lost tribes" of Israel – and this is a powerful doctrinal component of many denominational traditions, in particular, the Mormon faith (see the book The Two House Twist and the DVDThe Mormon Connection for details on this).

Although there are endless variables which may yet impact multiple aspects of this scenario, this is the shape of things to come. Although Christian Media has a considerable body of materials with much more information on numerous portions of this worldview (see Barack Obama In Bible Prophecy, The Remnant Of Israel Revisited, etc), time is now so short that many may not be in a position to avail themselves of such instruction.

Thus, the short answer is the same answer which has been with us for centuries, and that is the fact that Jesus Christ is the only answer. The Scriptures indicate there are millions who profess to believe just that but, lethally leavened through faulty interpretive approaches and relationships with persons, places, and things which are not in conformity to the truth, they are unable to fully comprehend the peril which confronts them.

The mechanics of arriving in the place where Christ can indeed indwell the believer is directly related to a wholesale, all encompassing, embrace of the truth. Every shred of false doctrine, intellectual and emotional self deceit, and misleading Spiritual impulse can be circumvented with a desperate willingness to sever relationships with anything and everything that does not completely conform to the TRUTH.

"Many are called, but few are chosen. For this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved" (Matthew 22:14, II Thessalonians 2:11,10).

-- James Lloyd

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