The Phony Demon Fairy Affair



World Net Daily, Skywatch TV, Prophecy Watchers, and LA Marzulli Profit From Nephilim Hoax

Prophecy students from across the nation have been duped by an apparent fraud, in which the discovery of a supposed body of a hybridized creature, resembling a demonic entity described in the book of Revelation, has been unmasked as a hoax. The sensational claim that the body of an ancient “demon fairy” had been recovered was made in multiple radio and TV interviews, live presentations at a key prophecy conference, DVD’s, and a current book by prophecy figure LA “Lynn” Marzulli.

Reports from the recent Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference in Colorado, an event heavily promoted by prophecy figure Gary Stearman of the Prophecy Watchers TV show (among others), indicated that Marzulli’s show and tell presentation was the big draw at the July 2016 commercial event. The paid prophecy conference, which was widely promoted by all the organizations mentioned in this article (as well as others), was characterized by sales of the Watchers 10 DVD, which featured the story of the so called Demon Fairy.

The tale goes back several years, when Mexican celebrity Jaime Mausson, a secular media figure focusing on UFO’s, told Marzulli he had obtained the body of what was potentially a “Nephilim Hybrid,” from an unknown party. The body is under a foot tall, and Mausson claimed he had it preserved in a jar of formaldehyde; but he provided Marzulli with data which apparently convinced Marzulli the body was genuine.

Mausson has been linked to at least two prior hoaxes involving doctored photographs of aliens, so one can only wonder why Marzulli only learned of the hoax after he had booked dozens of media appearances – to say nothing of utilizing the fishy claim as the lure for purchase of the latest edition of his Watchers DVD series (which was produced with Marzulli associate Richard Shaw). Marzulli has repeatedly claimed that Mausson spent $10,000 to obtain the specimen, alleging that was an indication that Mausson’s artifact was genuine.

However, researcher Jason Colavito, who is familiar with the details of the story wrote the following on his website back on July 22nd:

“Mausson believes that the fairy must be genuine because the teenager who brought it to him did not ask for payment and was too stupid to have faked it.”

During the summer of 2016, the “Demon Fairy” claim formed the commercial Trifecta of media coverage on the Internet, with multiple YouTube programs, and paid speaking engagements for Marzulli. An article from Gary Stearman’s ministry, as well as extensive Internet Eblasts to large numbers of Christians from Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily pushed the Watcher’s DVD. The hype continued as a Dr Ricardo Rangel, a supposed authority on the subject, circulated a video claiming DNA related to the specimen showed it was 98% human, with portions of the DNA composed of something which did not match anything earthly.  

However, it was not until September the 10th, that Watchers producers Richard Shaw and LA Marzulli actually obtained the alleged the body of the “Demon Fairy.” Supposedly seeking to find data indicating the specimen was indeed a “Nephilim Hybrid,” months after widely promoting its legitimacy, Marzulli and Shaw had the artifact examined by veterinarians in California – and the fraud quickly unraveled.

Indeed, the fact that Marzulli employed veterinarians to examine the body is an indicator of his suspicions. No sooner had the “Demon Fairy” been removed from the jar it was kept in, evidence of wooden sticks and glue in its construction became apparent. The as yet unidentified veterinarians suggested it may be the work of a crafty taxidermist. In video interviews after the hoax unraveled, Marzuilli sought to characterize himself as genuinely seeking the truth – even as his associates Shaw and Mausson were both still clinging to the legitimacy of the find.

In the week after the September 10th examination, Marzulli claims he sent several emails to zoologists – evidently still hoping to find indicators reversing the findings of the veterinarians. Contradicting his own statements that he sought to compel Shaw and Mausson to realize that the artifact was indeed a fake (during the September 10th examination), On September 17th, Marzulli drove to Santa Barbara to consult with a zoologist who told him the “Demon Fairy” was definitely a hoax. This expert suggested the “stinger” (described in Revelation as having the attributes of a scorpion sting) was probably fabricated from the claw of a squirrel. The legs were thought to be derived from the legs of a bat – relegating the alleged DNA “findings” of Dr Ricardo Rangel that the DNA was 98% human to the realm of criminal fraud.

After the Santa Barbara examination, Marzulli hastily arranged a television interview with Derek Gilbert, the host of prophecy author Tom Horn’s television ministry Skywatch TV. Horn was deeply involved in the Rocky Mountain Prophecy Conference in July, where Marzulli publicly wowed prophecy aficionados from around the nation with his Demon Fairy presentation.

In that TV program with Derek Gilbert (originating on September 17th), LA Marzulli revealed the hoax, and sought to characterize himself as the victim of unnamed perpetrators of the deception. He further claimed that he had spent $5,000 during the investigation. He also repeated the claim that UFOlogist Jaime Mausson had spent $10,000 in obtaining the body of the now discredited artifact – an assertion refuted by Jason Colavito back in July.

In classic manipulative media fashion wherein newspapers confronted with the truth print a retraction on page 37 after faulty front page coverage, Tom Horn’s Skywatch program in which Marzullli claimed he was duped, was touted as a “web exclusive.” This is mediaspeak for a video viewed from a website, as opposed to the far more expensive version of the show which is aired on broadcast stations around the country, as well as the nationwide DirecTV satellite system. During the period when Horn’s “prophecy” program failed to air Marzulli’s confession, the expensive version of the Skywatch show repeatedly aired programs promoting a Christian music CD from Horn’s musician son Joe Ardis.

On the “web exclusive” Skywatch “apology” show with a sympathetic Gilbert and LA Marzulli (who is indeed the central figure in the entire affair), Marzulli pitched his book on the subject (Nephilim Hybrids) – a work published before the hoax was revealed. Derek Gilbert also acknowledged that some back channel discussion had already occurred as he stated the following:

“Our friends at Prophecy Watchers got in touch and advised us of this.”

After the Marzulli confession aired on the Internet, several secular websites carried the story, beginning on September 17th. By September 28th, Gary Stearman’s Prophecy Watchers produced a TV show with Marzulli telling the audience how he was the victim of the fraud. It is unknown if this show was a “web exclusive.” 3 weeks later (on October 15th), Stearman aired another show with Marzulli, with similar content.

However, none of the ministries involved in the matter removed the now completely discredited DVD from their online catalogs. In spite of the fact the data in Watchers 10 is now highly suspect, Skywatch host Derek Gilbert said he still recommends the DVD! This statement was made on the very same program where Gilbert stated the Demon Fairy story was

“…in fact, a fake, a forgery, and somebody, somewhere in the past, made a nice little piece of change” (Skywatch program, September 17th).

Incredibly, ever the huckster, LA Marzulli has publicly stated he is preparing another book, which he said Gary Stearman suggested could be titled Anatomy Of A Hoax, which he would make  available.

Tom Horn and Skywatch are not the only parties who are in no hurry to turn off the revenue stream from the Watchers 10 DVD (or Marzulli’s book Nephilim Hybrids for that matter), as a full month after the fraud was revealed, World Net Daily executed a large scale Internet Eblast promoting Watchers 10 – and there was no notification whatsoever the central subject of that DVD (the supposed Demon Fairy) has now been exposed as a complete fabrication. On October 16, prophecy figure Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily Eblasted a major promotional offer for Watchers 10.

As a point in fact, we might add that although we do see a coordinated conspiracy in the entire matter, the Scriptures tell us the culprit is not Flesh and Blood.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this word, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

The Phony Demon Fairy Affair is actually just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as the Strong Delusion is already upon all who refuse to yield their hearts and minds to the absolute truth. The much broader subject of End Time’s Bible Prophecy (including what I call the Nephilim Stratagem) is beyond the scope of the present exposition. However, the version of the “Nephilim” put forth by the assorted characters mentioned in this writing, is distorted and inaccurate. This writer would urge all believers to continue to seek the truth, but to seek it in the Scriptures and the Spirit, rather than the sensationalized pop versions found in the broadway, which is clearly the path to perdition.

-- James Lloyd