lthough the reproaches and rebukes which we receive on a regular basis vary in style and content, almost every negative reaction received at GEO/Christian Media/the V Channel is essentially summed up with the title of the present writing.  

In presenting the central message that the entire church has become leavened (as was repeatedly prophesied to occur), coupled with the fact the Scriptures teach that God will preserve a Remnant which will then be utilized to rekindle the fire among the dead embers of a much larger body, we are consistently met with scorn.  

Few stop to think just how preposterous it must have sounded for Jesus to stand before the collective Israelites of His day, and tell them they were all lacking, but if they would only receive His message, they would be saved. After all, the Jews of Jesus' day had the magnificently restored temple refashioned by Herod, and they had the sacrificial system completely systemized, refined, and perfected.

The establishment had come to an accord with Rome which allowed them to follow God with minimal interference, and they had a robust economy which facilitated a temple tax viable enough to sustain a professional priesthood. They had developed an infrastructure which allowed them to appoint a high priest, with scribes conducting regular study seeking an elevated degree of knowledge. The Jews had built synagogues around the land where the prophets were regularly read, to say nothing of a devout sector of society which honored the teachings of Moses. And they certainly were, after all, the descendants of Abraham.  

Yet here is this man from Galilee of all places, telling them, they must be born again! Preposterous! 

"They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. We know that God spake unto Moses: as for this fellow, we know not from whence he is" (John 8:39,9:29).

Regardless of how certain the Israelites were of their standing, the Gospels conclusively show the people of the LORD had come to such Spiritual desolation that they were desperately in need of salvation, for Christ flatly stated that they were now lost:  

"I am not sent but unto the LOST sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew 15:24).  

In fact, after encountering Christ, and the sweeping statements He made (such as His proclamation that everyone needs to be born again), the mainstream leaders could not conceive of how their entire culture, nation, and people could be out of step with the LORD. Yet, here was this Nazarene, putting forth the preposterous notion that He had come into the world for judgment, because those who say they see, are actually blind:  

"And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also?" (John 9:40) 

Most believers would agree with what I've said so far, but when we utilize the WORD of God to assert that the same thing has happened to the body of Christ in a parallel fulfillment in our time, just like the Pharisees before them, they sidestep the obvious defilement found in the church, and cite adjacent Scriptures concerning grace, eternal security, and the love of God.  

Ironically, the idea of a large sector of Christians finding themselves outside of the will of God is considered feasible, but it's only seen to be valid within the confines of the doctrinal system associated with the Rapture -- in which a significant group of believers finds themselves unworthy of being taken in the supposed first wave of the harvest, and are thus "left behind" to be purified through the fires of tribulation.  

What it boils down to is these misled folks are saying they canbuy into a large body of believers who desperately need to repent, as long as the definition does not include themselves. After all, that would be preposterous.  

Why? Because my group, my pastor, my denomination, my preferred Bible translation, my doctrine, cannot, could not, must not, should not, ever be found wanting by the Lord (Daniel 5:27).  

Thus, the subjective belief of MILLIONS of believers may be summarized as follows:  

"It's possible for a huge number of other believers to see their relationship to the LORD progressively defiled, including the Scripturally derived fact that God will punish them for their apostasy, but this is theoretically possible only as long as the group in disfavor has no association with me."  

This is actually the pattern found in Scripture from the earliest times, yet seeing we see not, and hearing we hear not.  

To Noah, they said "it's never rained, and whatever God you serve, surely he would never actually judge us so harshly as to kill the entire world, why, that's preposterous!" 

To Abraham, they said "you say God has called you to go to some promised land where he'll bless you? To go to a land you've never seen? Why, that's preposterous! 

To Sara, they said "you're 90 years old, and God said you're still going to be with child? Why, that's preposterous!" 

To Moses, they said, "you're practically the Pharaoh's son, and you could inherit the throne, but you say that God wants you to lead those slaves against the greatest military power ever seen? Why, that's preposterous!" 

To Joshua, they said "those walls of Jericho are massive, yet you say they'll fall down with the sound of trumpets, just because God supposedly told you so? Why, that's preposterous!" 

To GideonBarakSamsonJephthaeDavid, and Samson they said the same thing. To Paul and Barnabus, and Silas, andTimothy, and all the true believers ever since their time, they've said "Why, that's preposterous, God would never do such a thing!"  

And to the true Remnant of Israel, in the 21st century, the thousands upon thousands of teachers, professors, authors, pastors, teachers, and their deceived minions continue to say  

"What makes you think that God would ever choose just a few of you, to hear the so called `truth' of the Gospel, to stand against the millions of loving Christians who are all born again, just because they believe differently than you do? Why, that's preposterous!"  

It's certainly preposterous to believe that a man, once thoroughly dead as a result of being beaten, bruised, stabbed, crucified, and left in a grave for days, should be resurrected. It's obviously preposterous to think that lowly born, wicked people could find themselves translated into Spiritual Israelites, inheriting a supernaturally endowed place of glorious power and honour in the eternal courts of the God of righteousness.  

It's positively preposterous to think that people thought to be hateful, misguided common folk should be utilized by that same divine power in order to confound the educated and the wise. And without a doubt, it's completely preposterous to think that so many of the world's greatest Christian thinkers, teachers, writers, priests, prophets, poets, and pastors could be so incredibly out of touch with the truth of God that they could be transformed into the final manifestation of an evil and adulterous generation of vipers.  

And yet that is exactly what has happened, and it's justpreposterous enough to be true.  

For more on the end of the age, and the strong delusion which was scheduled to overtake the entire world, see the online video on THE SNARE.

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