The Prophecy Club A Critical Examination Of That Bunch In Topeka Kansas With The Registered Trademark

he Prophecy Club®, a national touring and Christian speakers bureau, is currently embroiled in a controversy involving charges of financial irregularities, misrepresentation, and abusive practices involving Christian prophecy authors and other ministry figures inside and outside of the company.

     From the beginning, the PC has been an extraordinary organization. Unlike a conventional speakers bureau that would arrange speaking tours with a host of local sponsors producing specialized commercial events, The Prophecy Club® sponsors their own productions in hotels and convention facilities across the country. These speaking events are typically oriented toward Bible prophecy.

     Not a church, The Prophecy Club®is a privately held corporation that seems to be currently re-inventing itself into what closely resembles a denominational structure. Founded 6 years ago by Stan Johnson, a former instructor for an organization associated with the Dale Carnegie speaking courses, the commercial enterprise has ignited controversy from its earliest incarnation.


     During the last 2 decades, vast sectors of the Christian church have continued their long-standing practice of ignoring the virtual avalanche of prophetic signs that are clearly signaling the soon return of Jesus Christ. The churches that did pay attention to prophecy were all parroting the same dispensationalist drivel that has emanated out of Dallas Theological Seminary and the Moody Bible Institute for 40 years; i.e. the pre-tribulationist rapture lie, the fictional Hal Lindsey disseminated "Revived Roman Empire," and the traditional view of a 30 year old Euro-Beast that will pop up just as the church "pops out."

     Because many bright Christian authors, religiously oriented patriots, and media communicators found themselves locked out of the mainstream Christian ministries due to their opposition to the politically well entrenched Rapture Cult, they found themselves without a platform from which to develop their ministries and reach the increasing number of Americans that desired an alternative explanation for what is actually occurring in America. Enter The Prophecy Club®.

     Utilizing a mix of radio and print media, Stan Johnson was able to create a vehicle that serviced that need. In what would have to be considered a marketing innovation bordering on brilliance, Johnson bought radio time in the same cities in which he was establishing his touring circuit. He would then interview the speakers on the show, thereby creating an interest in that person's presentation and media materials. These radio interviews would subsequently funnel the listeners into the walk-in events. The speaking events all have a cover charge - currently $7. Once inside, the attendee would hear a frequently fascinating 3 hour presentation that was almost certainly different from what is being preached from most church pulpits in America.

     The combination of circumstances were all converging at precisely the right time. Clusters of non-conformist attendees could now get information on New World Order conspiracies, black helicopters, and secret government research on everything from Mark Of The Beast microchips to Illuminati inspired mind control. Even better, all of this information was being disseminated from speakers with powerful Christian convictions in an evangelical environment.

     Based in Topeka Kansas, the organization has heavily depended upon regional volunteers, or coordinators, that do the advance work involved in the staging of events. These unpaid volunteer coordinators receive the books and tapes from the headquarters, man the sales tables for the distribution of the materials, sell the tickets at the door, and usually introduce the guest speaker. Clearly, these folks do this as a ministry.

     Because most of the regional coordinators live in the area of the event, the regular attendees get to know them and there is a considerable fellowship developed. Almost all of these regional volunteers are dedicated Christians that are doing their best to help expedite the flow of crucial prophetic information into their communities. This author knows many of them personally, and can attest to their sincerity and faith.

     Inside the events, "members" of the "club" could purchase books, audios, and videos on the same plethora of subjects. Some materials originated with the speakers themselves, and some were PC produced media drawn from other events - largely videos of prior speakers on the same circuit.



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