uring the course of researching a forthcoming essay on a popular false prophet, I learned the individual I’m probing holds the work of Sir Robert Anderson in extremely high regard. Anderson’s name is familiar to many prophecy students, as he was the Scotland Yard inspector who wrote the epic Rapture Cult book entitled The Coming Prince.


Another lawyer (there were lots of lawyers deeply involved in the development of the Cult system in its early days), Anderson was in the intelligence section of Scotland Yard during the Jack the Ripper investigation. Indeed, his credentials as a knighted detective were brought to bear in the popularization of his book – an important literary product which analyzed Daniel’s 70th week prophecy.


As a “believer” who was instrumental in the development of the Antichrist doctrine that is Dispensationalism (the unscriptural separation of Jew and Gentile in Christ), Anderson’s alleged skills as a detective were evidenced to be so far off the mark that I can’t help but laugh at the ironies in the historic record. After all, when Jack the Ripper was slashing his way towards infamy in the years 1889 through 1891, Scotland Yard threw every resource they had at stopping the Satanic carnage. Although the conspiratorial dimension of the case continues with assorted theories suggesting the authorities knew the killer, the record still states the crimes are unsolved – not exactly the highlight of Robert Anderson’s career in criminology.


Fast forward to Anderson’s work in examining Daniel 9 – the Scriptural account which provides us with an astonishingly deep prophetic portrait of Jesus Christ – including His identity as the Saviour, when He will arrive, and detailed specifics of His wonderful accomplishments. The text tells us, for example, that “Messiah the Prince” will:


¨ “finish the transgression”

¨ “make an end of sins”

¨ “make reconciliation for iniquity”

¨ “bring in everlasting righteousness”

¨ “seal up the vision and prophecy”

¨ “[be anointed as] the most holy”


All of the above are summarized in the first of the quartet of verses, contained in Daniel 9:24-27. 


These awesome events were all fulfilled by JESUS CHRIST, and astute Christians knew this for many centuries. These are the passages which detail how the commandment will go forth to rebuild Jerusalem (in shambles in the time of Daniel), and this decree will trigger a period of time which must elapse before the Messiah arrives. The prophecy then tells us that when Messiah arrives, he will “confirm the covenant“ – an obvious allusion to the Old Covenant between the LORD and Israel.


This epic prophetic text also tells us this “Messiah the Prince shall…be cut off…in the midst of the week,” during a time of “abominations,” but His heroic death “shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease” (Daniel 9:25-27). In short, the prediction is of Jesus Christ, who accomplishes the marvelous list of incredible works – including the bringing in of everlasting righteousness – and his sacrifice, in which he is “cut off,” will “cause” the cessation of the Old Covenant sacrifice (“the sacrifice and the oblation”), as it will then be superceded through His divine mission.

Enter Robert Anderson, the British detective and chief inspector who, after years of work, couldn’t find Jack the Ripper in the narrow district of Whitechapel, in the East end of London. After this now notorious failure to identify one of history’s most grisly killers, Anderson examined four verses which deal extensively with Jesus Christ, and errantly concluded the passage is all about the Antichrist!


The ironies abound, for Anderson the detective, backed by the considerable resources of Scotland Yard, was unable to locate a flesh and blood murderer, although he gave the task his best effort. He was, however, able to identify a theoretical individual known as the Antichrist, who is never mentioned in the 70 Weeks prophecy, and he supposedly found him in Bible prophecies which deal specifically with the Saviour Jesus Christ.


What’s wrong with this picture?


Far from just another example of government ineptitude (something we all see every day in the 21st century), we’re looking at a Spiritual blindness that is consistent with multiple prophetic principles, all of which are associated with the identity of Israel. Anderson’s book subsequently became the de facto blueprint, along with the later Scofield Reference Bible, for the literalist saturated interpretive view which presently plagues the world. Has the reader heard of a 7 year tribulation, or a peace treaty to be enacted with the Jews – a political instrument that will supposedly be broken in the middle of a 7 year tribulation? These are all the figments of the imaginations of Robert Anderson, and others with similarly deluded minds.


In the process of Anderson’s production of this prodigious body of bovine skatology, the awe inspiring fact that God provided us with an extensive, predictive map of the Messiah’s path was diminished, to the degree that well meaning Christians have inadvertently denied the LORD Himself, for Anderson’s epic blunder has caused millions to deny that this passage speaks of the Saviour:


“He that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son” (I John 5:10).


This “record” that God the Father gave us to identify our redeemer is what Peter called “the more sure word of prophecy” (I Peter I:19) – divinely engineered predictions of the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth:


“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” (II Peter 1:21).


Those holy men would definitely include Daniel, who was shown the staggering outline of how and when the LORD would step into this realm, to confirm His covenant with Israel, and broaden His jaw dropping salvation to include all who would hear His voice.


But it’s difficult to see how it would include Robert and the Ripper, as both embarked on a path which avoided the truth of the magnificent redemption of Jesus Christ. Neither will that redemption include those who are being carried away by Robert Anderson’s Rapture Cult revisionism, which is actually the ultimate replacement theology -- a religion which removes Christ from Daniel’s divinely engineered 70 Week record -- and replaces Him with the Antichrist.


-- James Lloyd


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