Why Are Christians So Angry?

recent article, published by a mainstream Christian columnist and radio host, carried a similar title to the above, and I remember chuckling to myself at the literary bewilderment of the author. In the written piece, veteran writer Dan Woodingalleged that he had recently been attacked with the worst kind of "character assassination." Not being privy to the critique, but having seen Wooding's response, it's not difficult to see what had occurred.   

Wooding, as a 70 year old Rapture Cultist who has been around the media block several times, espouses what we sometimes call the "love Gospel," and in this Antichrist fraud, the individuals have substituted love for truth -- even as they lead others in their sappy stupidity to the lake of fire. Of course, the prior sentence qualifies as hate speech in Wooding's world -- and that's precisely the point.   

Fluent in Dragonspeak, this man follows Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel, one of the most illustrious false prophets on the planet -- but there I go again, with another hateful statement manifesting that rhetorical rage that periodically resurfaces. Although Wooding has undoubtedly been subjected to a bit of anger by those who accurately perceive what a deceiver he is (individuals who were likely frustrated by an inability to articulately counter the British writer's Dialectical prowess), the truth isn't all that difficult to see.   

Setting aside the outrageous comparison of his critics to the Scandinavian psycho Anders Breivig, who recently killed a bunch of people while espousing religious themes, Wooding can't seem to fathom just why Bible believers don't universally fawn over his feigned words. For example, even as he decried denunciations aimed at his own false doctrine, the media figure found himself countering criticism aimed at apostate Rick Warren, and even distorting the data on Warren's recent foray into Chrislam -- that bizarre attempt to build concord between Christ and the Mohammedan version of Belial. Wooding's words on Warren noted how the purpose driven pretender has vehemently denied involvement in that particular apostasy.   

As Warren's efforts to open new markets for his wildly successful commercial formula by seeking to adapt it to thepurpose drive mosque are well documented (to say nothing of his obvious affinity with Barack Obama as the Beast with the forged birth certificate selected Warren for that widely criticized pastoral role early on in his ongoing campaign to destroy America), the facts are self evident -- Wooding's foolish defense of Warren notwithstanding.    

To put it bluntly, Dan Wooding clearly looks and poses as a lamb, but he speaks like a dragon -- that devilish brand of intellectual and spiritual witchcraft we reference asDragonspeak. This is form without substance, and relationship without truth -- i.e. classic Dialectical drivel, and it's right out of the pit.   

Using this system, the truth is transformed into hate speech, and "earnestly contending for the Gospel" becomes "character assassination" by naming the offenders.   

Thus, we say for the record, we don't hate Dan Wooding at all. Furthermore, we don't hate him for his role in luring the unwary to the place where they will share his unsavory fate. Jesus didn't hate the lost either, but He was saddened by their refusal to respond to the truth -- even as they twisted and tore apart the words of reproof He sought to impart.   

The bottom line is, Mr. Wooding, and the massive Babylonian media whorehouse that he represents, are like the village seen in Luke 9 which rejected the invitation extended by the two witnesses James and John. They were angry too, and asked the LORD if it was appropriate to call Elijah's fire down to destroy them.   

Jesus, of course, rebuked them, for the duo had yet to realize what had just occurred. Christ reminded the disciples that they were sent to the village of the dead to offer them the life of Christ, and so the LORD's response was to indicate there was no point in destroying the village, for they were already dead.    

Dan Wooding is a modern member of that Samaritan world, and as he's obviously been repeatedly called by the LORD to respond to the truth many times, he's mastered the words needed to widen the strait gate he thinks he's walking through. Just like the other Rapture Cult leaders on that same path to perdition, when others have told him he's going the wrong way, he adeptly sidesteps the Scripture, rephrases his Jewish fables, and mislabels the zeal he encounters as hate.   

At the ripe age of 70, and firmly held in the grip of the corporate cult of Calvary Chapel, we have no illusions of a turnaround in Wooding's life. However, we may still be able to snatch away a few more of those caught in the Cult's web of dragon inspired deceit, so we'll stick with espousing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, even though Dan and his crowd of theological criminals will likely continue to label it as hate speech.   

For more on the Rapture Cult, which is the seed of the Antichrist end time's religion, we urgently suggest the reader review the published materials on the system and its proponents. These books include a Scriptural refutation of the writings of Pastor Chuck Smith entitled CHUCK SMITH & CALVARY CHAPEL: Sound Doctrine Or Strong Delusion? and several others. Of particular interest is a carefully documented examination of the now proven lies of leading cultist Dr. Chuck Missler in the book THE RAPTURE CULT. The sequel to the previous work, including more documentation concerning prominent Rapturists caught in intentional deception, is LYING IN LAODICEA: Rapturism Unmasked.  

Another work, emphasizing the Scriptural refutation of the Cult doctrine, is THE RECKONING, with still more relevant material found in  THE SNARE, as well as ALIAS ISRAEL.

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