Similar to Gay Marriage, Planned Parenthood, The Federal Reserve, and Christian Scientists, Yahwehbenyahweh is just another oxymoron (emphasis on the moron) from the pit. The self-proclaimed "son of god" is the spiritual founder of the P.E.E.S.S Foundation (pronounced "peace"), which is an acronym for Politically Economically Educationally Socially Spiritually.

Featured Sunday mornings on The Shopping Network, YBY is said to have amassed a fortune of $250 million -- even though he took a vow of poverty. He has churches in over 1,300 cities in 16 countries. His appeal is primarily aimed at "the black man in America," also called the "widow's son." However, the bondage he brings is for all, and is commonly referred to as "the nation of Yahweh."

Yahwehbenyahweh states that only he can decode and decipher the Bible. We are told in The Blessed And Only Potentate that,

"in this book, YBY is validating, affirming, and is pronouncing His divine position as the Son of YHWH, the Blessed & "only" potentate, Grand Master of the Celestial Lodge, Architect of the universe. This book contains an esoteric message to you who have entered the 33rd Counsel and who consider yourselves to be standing rectitudinal at 90 degrees on the square of righteousness. The sign of the coming of the Son of Man is manifested."

Armed with ten books and a set of encyclopedias, this teacher's pseudo-researchers hand us piles of nonsense such as the following:

1. Not eating according to the Bible leads to spiritual death

2. Hebrew is the black man's "true" religion

3. It wasn't Abel that Cain killed but rather "able."

4. The Coming of YHWH ends Abel's death and begins Cain's punishment.

5. Jesus is a myth

6. The word "wrapped" in Luke 2:7 means that YBY is "wrapped-up" in his work

7. Judas didn't physically hang himself, but just decided to "hang around."

There is much more in a catalog full of books, tapes, and videos, and despite all this knowledge, all the "Yahwehs" have demonstrated is that words have no meaning at all in their version of things. Propaganda techniques such as appealing to authority, rationalization, the "least of evils," selective omissions, and repetition are utilized fully in this cult. Signs of the end times indeed.

Should one encounter a brainwashed recruit of Yahwehbenyahweh, remember to extend your hand in friendship and love from the real Jesus; but don't forget to wear your gloves.

-- John L Moesche

[the previous essay was penned by a long-time CM supporter. For more on other forms of the Sacred Name system, see the lengthy ProFile under Doctrines, or click on the Sacred Name here.]

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