Genetic Death- The Seeds Of Famine Have Already Been Planted

The astounding rate at which scientific minds have learned to unlock
the secrets of creation at the molecular level has profound
implications for prophetic interpretation of end time events. At some
point in the future, we may realize that genetic research and the
manipulation of DNA processes in animal and plant life was the
single most significant contribution in bringing about the desolation
of planet Earth.

While the more exotic applications of genetics such as gene-splicing,
cloning, and the laboratory cross-breeding that creates unusual
creatures frequently grabs the attention of the media, few have
noticed the huge ramifications of genetic manipulation on plant life,
and the food supply. Of particular concern are several developments
among food producers and processors

- for I believe it is here we will find the
primary cause of the devastating FAMINE that is so vividly
prophesied in the Bible.

Many do not realize the degree to which genetically engineered food
has already spread in terms of what we are eating today. Consider the

7 years ago, Canadian farmers began growing genetically engineered
tomatoes, potatoes, canola, and beans. None of these are labeled
as genetically manipulated products.

of soybean production, including that produced by
American firms, is genetically altered. This is very significant,
as soy is a primary protein substitute for meat that is consumed
by many vegetarians.

10 years ago, an experimental potato gene produced in Oregon was
released into the general environment by growers

began importing American grown genetic crops over 5 years
-- corn to France, beets to England, etc.


Meanwhile, the stories of how so-called "experimental"
genetic programs keep escaping has become almost legendary. In
addition the infamous killer bee genetic laboratory
wherein genetically modified bees escaped into the general bee
population, in the past few years, we've had multiple episodes where
genetically modified organisms accidentally got into the mainstream
crops. The notorious 'corn-chip' episode where modified corn was
inadvertently sold to a major corn-chip supplier comes to mind.

Indeed, just last week (February 6th 2003), 386 pigs that had
been genetically engineered "disappeared" and are feared to
have mingled with the commercial pig livestock populace. Of course,
the authorities insist the public is in no danger. The
facts say otherwise.

People suffering from serious allergies are now at risk from eating
foods that do not naturally carry the organic compounds they know they
are allergic to. Millions of allergy sufferers gradually learn what
foodstuffs their bodies cannot tolerate. This writer, for example,
cannot tolerate lactose which is found in most milk products, ice
cream, etc. Naturally I avoid those products.

Brazil nut genes have now been
added to certain bean crops, and this unwanted addition is unlabeled.
As a result, some bean products have caused serious allergic reactions
in people that know they have allergies to nuts, but were unaware of
their presence in other foods.

People that are allergic to fish would not think that tomatoes will
hurt them, but the genetic code from flounder is now in many
commercially produced tomatoes because researchers have found it helps
the tomato to ripen slower

- thus extending the shelf life and the
profits. And there are other examples.


It has now been demonstrated that in at least one case, engineered
genes from an oil producing plant were unexpectedly transmitted to
other related crops through pollen

- proof that genetically engineered food
crops can escape from animals, plants and microbes into the wild and
spread without controls. Yet, all we hear about are reports that
biotechnically engineered food products are safe and promise great
improvements to meet the needs of an expanding population.

Early public outcries critical of manipulation of food biology have
been essentially suppressed by the globalist media. In 2002,
agribusiness interests vehemently opposed a product labeling bill that
had come up for a vote in Oregon. Utilizing fear tactics that the
proposed labeling requirements (which would tell the consumer whether
or not the food product was genetically engineered) would bankrupt the
state, the big food money was able to convince the voters they don't
really need to be notified if they're buying experimental food. And
the major media is a willing partner in this hideous charade.

For instance, how many readers have ever heard of Tryptophan?
Very few because media coverage was deliberately downplayed due to the
commercial sell-out involved in this dreadful tale.

In 1989, a strange new disease surfaced that caused excruciating
muscle pain that often crippled its victims. Biotech
experts dubbed the condition eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome
(EMS). It was finally determined that EMS was caused by a readily
available food additive known as Tryptophan that had been
genetically altered to increase productivity.

A Japanese firm named Show Denko K.K. apparently rushed a new
engineered version of Tryptophan to market that was then
placed in various food products. By the time the biologically
engineered Tryptophan was identified as the culprit, 37
people died, and 1,500 more were permanently disabled

Monsanto, a huge multi-national
corporation with heavy investments in biotech, is another example of a
commercially greedy group in a position to wreak havoc on humanity.
They own Aspartame, the chemical sweetener marketed as Nutra-Sweet.

In 1985, a National Soft Drink Association document on Aspartame
stated that the FDA approval process for Aspartame
was unethically manipulated because the applicants "...did
the wrong test, used the wrong solution, (and) didn't test for
temperature elevation or breakdown products." 1. We
now know that during the firm's tests on Nutra-Sweet (Aspartame)
before FDA approval, out of 7 monkeys given the "sweetener,"
one monkey died, and 5 others had devastating seizures. To put it
bluntly, they knew Aspartame was poisonous, causes seizures,
birth defects, blindness, and other neurological problems, but they
masked the approval data and managed to get Nutra-Sweet on the

By 1985, the FDA had reports of 10,000 complaints on Aspartame
covering 92 different symptoms including coma, death, and grand mal
After legislation outlawing
Aspartame was proposed, the Senate killed the bill. After
the National Soft Drink Association manifest on Aspartame
showing the firm's foreknowledge of the dangers became public, the
government considered prosecuting Monsanto for fraud.
Miraculously, one of the US Attorneys involved with the prosecution
landed a position with a law firm associated with the Aspartame

It's worth noting that Monsanto is the firm that created Agent
Orange, the dioxin based defoliant used so widely in Vietnam that
tens of thousands of American veterans are still suffering from
permanent toxic effects.

According to one researcher, this very same "...Monsanto and
other bio-tech companies want to genetically engineer the entire
global food supply." 2. The fact is, Monsanto, (and
DuPont, Calgene, Ciba-Geigy, etc) already have genetically engineered
food products being consumed around the world.


The worst is yet to come, for a technology announced in 1998 has
already infiltrated the global food supply, and the results are going
to be catastrophic. Nicknamed the Terminator, this new form of genetic
is the latest refinement of the agricultural process called hybridization.

Hybrids are when two types of seeds are crossed to produce crops with
specific characteristics. Due to the competitive nature of commercial
agriculture suppliers, hybridization has long been a staple for many
food laboratories and providers. Commercial hybrids frequently produce
robust crops, but they do not produce offspring (seeds) of the same

- which forces the farmer/agriproducer to
go back to the "manufacturer" for more seeds each planting

The fact that many third world farmers and small independents have
continued to raise their own crops by using the seeds from their
previous season's crops has caused the globalists much consternation. Small
groups that can grow their own food allows some a degree of
independence from the global control of the New World Order.

The Terminator is designed to stop any degree of food
independence. These are seeds that have been genetically altered to be
100% sterile. In other words, once these designs are being
widely utilized to produce food, farmers will have to go back to the
various companies every season to buy seeds for their next crop,
because the Terminator seeds have been engineered to
"switch off" their reproductive functions.

This genetic plan could eventually place total control of all food
production out of reach of any independent garden grower who is unable
to buy or sell due to political considerations. For thousands of
years, anyone with access to a bit of land, some water, and some seeds
could attain a self-sufficiency through modest food production.
Because GOD engineered a reproductive nature into all
agriculture, no money at all was needed to produce food

- other than the initial investment.

This sterility process has been dubbed by one knowledgeable observer
as "the Neutron Bomb of agriculture." Interestingly,
the US Department of Agriculture, the developers of the Terminator,
claim they want to "help" third world nations with this
technology. The truth is, because significant portions of the global
food supply is produced by small independents, the USDA has
colluded with the giant multinational agribusinesses to control that
share of the market through the encroachment of "terminator"

Experts fear that these new sterile seeds will spread in unexpected
ways through pollination, and other unanticipated ways. According to a
recent essay in the authoritative WINDS publication,

the world's farmers are too poor to buy commercial seed every year.
This percentage feeds 20% of the world's population. That's 100
million in Latin America, 300 million in Africa, and 1 billion in
Asia. Not only would half the world's farms face extinction

- so would 1.4 billion people who are
directly fed by them. In light of the human cost, the Terminator was
appropriately named." 3.

Before the advent of genetic engineering was available as a tool for
political control, Joseph Stalin tried to centralize all food
production with his policy of collectivization. The evil dictator
forcibly relocated millions into large centers of agriculture as a
method of cutting off independent food production

- and thus independence from the central
control of government. Millions died in the process.

Ironically, in spite of extremely harsh economic conditions currently
prevalent in Russia, it is the ability of families to grow food
in small private gardens that has allowed Russian families to survive.
A recent newspaper article categorically stated that "
post-Soviet Russia, the key to survival is not money. It's
farming." 4.

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture says that 90% of potatoes,
75 % of other vegetables, and 55 % of all meat and poultry in Russia
is currently produced on privately cultivated land. With huge sectors
of Russian citizens going without paychecks for months, it is this
independent food production that is keeping their people alive.
According to a June 1998 article from the Associated Press,
"...the truth of the matter is that many Russians, from coal
miners to nuclear scientists, are also subsistence farmers." 5.

Apparently the globalists in political leadership in my home state of Oregon
as well as California are aware of this potential loophole in their
plans, and are moving to ban food production in private gardens. Just
this month, Countryside & Small Stock Journal reported

Salem City Council in Salem, Oregon adopted an ordinance regulating
the size of backyard gardens to no more than a few hundred square
feet. Citizens may enter a neighbor's property if they think the
gardens have violated that size. Think your neighbors can't see over
your fence? Satellite surveillance will also be used to detect any
law-breakers." 6.

California is equally wary of
anyone having the capability of feeding themselves during the
tryrannical globalist grab for complete control of all food resources.
They've arranged for "licensing" fees for using seeds, and
any home gardners caught using unauthorized seeds in their gardens
face fines of $1,000. Commercial nurseries can be fined up to $250,000
for utilizing any seeds that are not on the acceptable list.

With this degree of political control, the legal apparatus is in place
to ban any non-Terminator technology. The simple fact is, the
globalists are not only seeking to control all commercial agriculture,
they are systematically seeking to stop any "unauthorized"
independent food production. Non-hybrid seeds (reproducing seeds) are
already getting more and more difficult to locate.

The Terminator is the primary weapon being used by the
agribusiness interests as the malevolent genetic code is gradually
spreading into surrounding agriculture.

In the Old Testament, the Lord declares that a nation can be held
responsible when it comes to answering for evil. Through the prophet Ezekiel,
God says,

the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I
stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread
thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast
from it: Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it,
they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith
the Lord God." 7.

Notice how the judgment is on the LAND that has trespassed grievously

- as opposed to the individual. Of course,
the Lord always allows a provision for individual preservation. In
this passage, righteousness is the mechanism that provides the

By the way, in the example I mentioned earlier concerning the modern
Russian economic calamity, I know next to nothing about the people in
the land. I do know that the scourge of communism and the evil
militarism of the previous regime has brought their nation to a time
of desperate reaping; however, it is worth noting how many individuals
are being preserved outside of the Russian branch of the world's beast
government. Apparently, initiative, hard work, and a reliance upon the
basic agri-formula of "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat
bread" 8. still counts for something.

The Bible clearly states that at the time the Antichrist and the False
Prophet ride in on a pale horse, "...power was given unto them
over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with
HUNGER, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." 9.

Because the one world beast empire run by the Antichrist is
the United Nations, we may look there for indicators of this
prophecy of a great famine. After all, political experience tells us
that previous dictators have used food as a weapon to control the
population. Is there any indication of such a posture at the UN? One
needs only look at the many globalist oriented organizations
associated with the UN for the answer.

is power. We use it to change behavior. Some may call that bribery. We
do not apologize."

So said the Executive Director of the World Food Program at a
1995 globalist Conference in Beijing China. To put it bluntly, the Antichrist
government of the United Nations is already actively working to
use hunger as a primary weapon in consolidating power as global
government of planet earth.

A United Nations press announcement carried by CNN a
week ago projected that the world population hit 6 billion in
June of 1999. One fourth of that figure is 1.5 billion. With
hunger listed as one of 4 causes of death in that passage Revelation,
we can say with certainty that famine will kill about 375 million
people during the Tribulation.

Because of the history of abundance in America, it's almost
inconceivable to most that we will see famine. This is an extremely
short-sighted view as America is likely to experience
some of the worst of the prophesied hunger. Because our national
government is the key architect of the new global order that is
engineering such genetic devastation, as a nation we will certainly be
held accountable by almighty God.

The Bible clearly shows that "unto whomsoever much is given, of
him shall be much required," 10. and the scriptural
principle of reaping what you sow wasn't canceled when Columbus
colonized the new world. If you have ears to hear, America IS
Babylon, and "...the kings of the earth have committed
fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed
rich" 11. through that commercial intercourse.

Revelation says that all the
versions of Babylon will burn as "the merchants of the
earth shall weep and mourn over her...the merchandise of cinnamon, and
odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine
flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses...." 12.

In this example, the mechanism of deliverance is apparently related to
obedience to God's admonition to his people to remove themselves from
the system. The very same passage describing modern Babylon's judgment
is where God says to "Come out of her MY PEOPLE, that ye
be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her
plagues." 13.

This verse doesn't necessarily mean to leave the USA - it
means to come out and be separate from the system of Babylon.
This passage applies equally to the apostate church of the non-prophet
501(c)(3) False Prophet church, the political beast of Babylon (the
government), and the economic New World Order of the Beast. In the
present case, if you rely on the constructs of the beast to feed
yourself, at some point you will find the price is too high. Either
you will not be fed, or you will lose your soul in order to be fed.
See Revelation 13:17 for details.

The bottom line concerning the technology of genetic death is
that God is once again warning his people. As is his custom, the Lord
never brings a judgment without a warning. What happens next is a
direct result of your choice. Choose wisely.

February 10, 2003 - James Lloyd

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