A Fiery Trial At Club Terra

Last week's tragic fire at a rock and roll club in Rhode Island
struck this writer as an ominous spiritual foreshadowing of the
present situation facing the populace of Planet Earth. For
those that missed the morbid news coverage, the horrible episode was
captured on video - a
grotesque videographic record of many people that were completely
unaware they were about to die.

Ironically the footage was being shot for a documentary concerning
another terrible accident at another music oriented nightclub
which had occurred the previous week. In that incident involving a
large crowd listening to music at a Chicago nightclub, a fight between
two girls escalated until 21 people were trampled to death.

Last week's incendiary cataclysm was triggered by a series of pyrotechnics
that were intentionally set off as a rock band bashed out an
aggressive beat - even
as hundreds of young people bounced their bodies in a grotesque 21st
century manifestation of the Pied Piper epic.

In the video footage of the dance club fire in Rhode Island, it is
clear that as the pyrotechnic display ignited adjacent objects behind
the band, most of the participants at the party thought the
increased flames were part of the show.
News agencies quoting
forensic firefighting authorities estimated the entire building was
engulfed in flames in about 3 minutes. Once the building was
reduced to smoldering ashes, firefighters found about 100 people
had been burned to death,
and hundreds more required

The ancient figure Job saw circumstances like these thousands
of years ago:

send forth their little ones like a flock, and their children dance.
They take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ.
They spend their days in wealth, and in a moment go down to the grave.
Therefore, they say unto God, Depart from us; for we desire not the
knowledge of thy ways. What is the Almighty, that we should serve him?
And what profit should we have, if we pray unto him? How often is the
candle of the wicked put out! And how often cometh their destruction
upon them! God distributeth sorrows in his anger. They are as stubble
before the wind, and as chaff that the storm carrieth away." (Job
21:11-15, 17-18).

As I watched the news accounts of the fiery tragedy, the LORD
spoke to me that this incident was a microcosm of the world and the
times in which we live. The Bible indicates that the world is already
on fire, but most of the participants think that it's all just part
of the show.

In the Rhode Island Rock fire, it appears that those few folks
that emerged unscathed were the ones that first recognized the
danger - and
reacted quickly to their new found knowledge. As the sparks
flew and most continued dancing, the video shows several people
quietly making their way towards the nearest exit. These were the
survivors. It's not a coincidence that the Scriptures speak of how a deliverance
is to be embraced in "haste" and without hesitation
(Exodus 12:11).

What is most interesting is in the analogy this sad episode offers to
the world at large. Although most of the world's inhabitants
presently look at the world in the same way they always have, a very
few people have become aware that the global fire at "Club Terra"
[an ancient term for Earth] has already been kindled, and they
are presently making plans to prepare for the now
inevitable firestorm that is steadily approaching.

Oddly enough, the people that should have the sharpest vision
concerning the times in which we live are the very ones that have the
most distorted view of the conditions we are presently seeing. I am,
of course, referring to the Christians.

It is readily apparent that the spiritually unregenerate attendees at Club
Terra have no idea the place is on fire at all. They cannot see
the fire
because "the god of this world hath blinded the minds
of them which believe not...." (II Corinthians 4:4). Similarly,
significant numbers of believers, who have previously received the
Word of God, are unaware that "the cares of this world, and the
deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things entering in"
(Mark 4:19) have also rendered them unable to recognize the danger and
respond accordingly.

Some of the more historically literate Christians at Club Terra
say there was a big fire there many years ago, but it was
extinguished and the danger is long gone. That fire, they say, was
God's judgment on all the unregenerate people of yesteryear, and has
nothing to do with them. In fact, they claim everything of any
importance already happened there a very long time ago.

Other Christians know there's a fire, but they're not sure where
it is. In any event, they're not concerned about the danger as
they believe they'll be miraculously removed from the Club before
the fire burns any of them. Even when they're told how close the
fire is and that others have already been burned, they refuse
to believe the Lord of the Club would ever allow such things to happen
to them.

Another large group of Christians at Club Terra say
there's always been a fire, and this one is no different. They
calculate there's plenty of time to accumulate more money before the
fire becomes serious enough to distract them from their accumulation
of wealth. In fact, they believe it's God's will that they should
prosper, and they are destined to end up with all the proceeds from
the events being held there.

A few in this world believe the wisest course of action is to plan a
retreat from the things of this world. They were, in fact, told the
fire was coming. They believed it, and they've been watching for it
ever since. This small group has become completely disenfranchised
from everyone else at the Club - and
even their former friends, family, and other Christians no longer want
to hear from them.

This Remnant of believers recognizes that God has always planned on an
ultimate confrontation that will completely consume this world, and
they are scheduled to be witnesses of the finale of
human history. They've been working on removing themselves from all
the Cares of the Club so they are not harmed when those things are

The Remnant knows that God has warned them to come out of "her"
[the club] because He doesn't want His people to be damaged when He
destroys it. He's told them to "Come out of her, my people, lest ye
be partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her iniquities."
(Revelation 18:4).

This group has decided that the only thing that matters is GOD
and the person of His Christ that came to redeem them -
and accordingly, "...they loved not
their lives unto the death" (Revelation 12:11). They also know that
when their former friends and family clash with them in response to
hearing the truth of the matter, they
are manifesting whose child they are.

The other "Christians" tell the Remnant they've fallen into
some sort of cult. As these "brethren" rebuke the Remnant
and refuse to heed their warning, the Remnant has recognized their
former "brethren" are doing the will of the dragon
- because the Word of God has told them it is "the dragon" that
is "wroth...and went to make war with the remnant...." (Revelation

The Remnant believers have left the Club and are saddened by
the needless loss of so many; but they choose to embrace the ultimate
victory of the cross of JESUS CHRIST as they oppose the enemy
of the lamb, the dragon, in whatever shape he takes. "And
they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their
testimony...." (Revelation 12:11)

The Spirit of the Lord testifies as to the truth of these things. The
sad fact is, the fire is already raging at Club Terra,
and even now our decisions are being made. "Multitudes,
multitudes, in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near
in the valley of decision." (Joel 3:14)

February 24, 2003 - James Lloyd

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