The Little Horn Revisited

For many years,
I've wondered how the two appearances of the Little Horn
could be reconciled, for the prophetic entity is seen in conflicting
time periods in Scripture.

For those
unfamiliar with the problem, in Daniel 8 we see a picture of the 3rd
kingdom of the ancient timeline - Greece. This chapter
plainly tells us the "king of Grecia" (who was undoubtedly
Alexander the Great
), will crush his predecessor, which was the
Persian Empire. This sequence is consistent with Daniel's 2nd
chapter (the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar) where the four ancient
kingdoms of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome are prophesied to
sequentially come to power.

The problem is,
in Daniel 8 the Little Horn arrives after Alexander, but well
before the Roman power -- which has the 10 horns that arrive
before the Little Horn in Daniel 7. Thus, in one passage the Little
Horn arrives after the fourth and final kingdom, but in
another chapter he arrives before the fourth kingdom. I
believe I now have the answer to that perplexing question.

The reader will
remember when Alexander dies he is succeeded by four generals (seen
as "four notable ones" in Daniel 8), and the Scripture tells us "out
of one of them came forth a little horn..." (Daniel 8:9).

When we place
this prophecy in its proper context, we can see there is a
previously unseen dimension to these prophecies that applies to our
time - and it is the reason why the prophet Daniel sees two
versions of the "Little Horn." The ancient Jewish people were
told, through Daniel, there would be three powerful
military powers that would successively dominate the nations. These
were seen in Daniel's 2nd chapter with the head of gold
(Babylon), the arms of silver (the Persian Union), and the brass
belly (the Grecian Empire).

When each of
these three sequential kingdoms has conquered
everyone and everything around them, the greatest enemy the Jewish
people ever see will arrive in the form of the Little Horn.
After the third kingdom of Greece loses its great leader, his
kingdom will be divided among four clusters of power, and we know
those were Syria in the North, Egypt in the South, India and Asia to
the East, and Greece/Macedonia to the West.

The prophecy
tells the Jews this Antichrist figure, this "Little Horn," will
come out of one of the four power centers that succeeded Alexander's
kingdom. It's not difficult to identify Antiochus Epiphanes
as the Syrian king that brutalized Judaea, as his evil
persecutions of the Jewish people are legendary. Antiochus is the
famous despot that slaughtered a pig on the altar in Jerusalem in
167 BC - an event that many have closely associated with the
Abomination of Desolation. 

What is
fascinating to realize is the simple fact that the arrival of
Israel's true Messiah, Jesus Christ, is plainly predicted to
occur after that hideous dictator is thrust into power. To
put it another way, Daniel has told the Jews there will be
three huge military powers and conflicts (think three world
wars), which will be followed by the counterfeit messiah, and
murderous king that seeks to usurp the role of the Saviour. His
reign will be "tribulational," but then the true Saviour will

This is a
striking prophetic picture of the cycle that is already well
underway in our time. In fact, many took notice when the former
speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich,
actually told reporters that the present global conflicts around the
world amount to the beginning of World War III! Obviously,
many believers have already concluded the tribulation is at hand.

To put it another
way, this pattern indicates the arrival of the Antichrist
will coincide with the tribulational period that is even now at the
door, and most Christians believe this period will then be followed
by the return of Jesus Christ. Once again, this is
an exact parallel
of the ancient timeline - three world wars,
culminating in a great tribulational period at the hands of the
"Antichrist" - and then the return of the LORD in glory. 

It should be
noted that in our many studies of these astonishing patterns of
prophecy, we frequently see role reversals in the key
characters. For example, in the ancient timeline, the Jews saw
three world wars followed by a violent, warlike counterfeit that
preceded the arrival of the true Prince of Peace. In the
contemporary timeline, we see three world wars followed by a
peace-making, diplomatic counterfeit that precedes the violent,
warlike return of the true Saviour Jesus Christ!

Prophetic Parallel

As I write these
words, the timetable for the destructive confrontation we've long
expected appears to be unfolding. The Middle East is positively
seething with anger at the many recent deaths from intense fighting,
even as a shaky UN administered "peacekeeping" force is being
planned for Southern Lebanon. One might wonder what good this
will do since there have been thousands of UN "observers" in the
same portion of Lebanon for about 20 years. Indeed, evidence exists
the UN has been "observing" Islamic militants installing rocket
launchers for their recent attacks against Israel!

With the present
lethal military clash between Israel and Hezbollah militia
units that have apparently had a free hand to operate in Lebanon,
the stage is clearly set for one of the key conflicts detailed in
Bible prophecy. On my daily prophecy radio show, I recently offered
an analogy:

Suppose I have a
long-lasting gunfight with an intruder at my gate, which is about
100 yards away from my house, and neither of us is able to hit the
other. Eventually, he runs out of ammunition - but then I see a man
in a pickup truck coming down the long dirt road that leads to my
gate, and he is bringing more ammunition -- and so the
shootout resumes. Now, suppose this cycle continues over and over
again. After he runs out of ammo each time, the same guy shows up,
and re-supplies the man trying to shoot me. 

It's obvious
that, eventually I'll have to stop the guy in the pickup truck, to
say nothing of the fact that I'm going to want to find where he's
getting his supplies. So it is with Lebanon, Syria,
and Iran. The latter produces and/or purchases the rockets,
ships them to Syria, who then smuggles them into Lebanon.

Obviously, Israel
knows this, so it's only a matter of time before they
determine they must eliminate the problem at the source. To
make matters worse, the entire world knows that Iran is furiously
working to develop nuclear weapons - and there is not much doubt in
most people's minds as to what they plan to do with this horrifying

More Than One Little Horn?

Although many
resist the identification due to their inadvertent indoctrination
into the false doctrine emanating out of the fallen churches of
America, it is clear the tiny Jewish state is related to the modern
"Little Horn" that is about to uproot the three
antagonistic powers that surround them.

The book of
Daniel details the clash that is about to occur between Israel, and
the triad of nations we know as Lebanon, Syria, and Iran:

"After this I saw
in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast...and it had ten
horns. I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them
another little horn, before whom there were three
of the first horns plucked up by the roots...." (Daniel 7:8).

Although these
are not the final manifestation of the ten kings (there are
multiple, sequential fulfillments of each of the key prophecies),
for almost 15 years I've proposed the view that in Daniel 7,
the horns are Islamic political powers that have been
strengthened by the petro-dollars that have enriched them through
the present international order dominated by America.

Our long-time
readers know the fourth beast kingdom of Daniel 7 is
as the lion, bear, leopard, and diverse fourth beast
are actually contemporary parallels of the ancient set of
four kingdoms seen in Daniel 2. This means that America
is a modern-day parallel to the ancient Roman beast with 10
horns that comprise at least a part of its configuration (for a
detailed look at this concept of prophetic parallels, see The
Sand And The Sea DVD).

Every aspect of
the text points us to this identification. For instance, it even
tells us that although this little horn is portrayed as being
smaller (e.g. "little") than those that surround him, he is said to
be "more stout than his fellows" (Daniel 7:20). The Scriptures also
tell us this small power is "diverse from the first" ten, and
he rises up "after them" (Daniel 7:23,24). This means this set of
ten horns are all of the same variety, but the one little horn is
-- a strikingly precise description of the formation
of the diminutive Jewish state of Israel that came up
among her many hostile Arab and/or Islamic neighbors
in the Middle East.

Few are aware the
Northern industrial powers originally led by England, envisioned a
10-nation Middle Eastern configuration all the way back to the
1930's. Indeed, when the core group of OPEC, the Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) was formed in 1973, the
group was comprised of ten Arab oil exporting

Ironically, many
prophecy teachers have long identified Israel with the "fig
tree" prophecy where Jesus Christ seems to have pinned the
end times to the generation that sees the formation of Israel - in
the form of a "fig tree." Christ told His disciples

"...when his branch
is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is
nigh; So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that
it is near, even at the door" (Matthew 24:32.33).

Few commentators
seem to have noticed that Luke's Gospel added a subtle detail where
Jesus said "Behold the fig tree, and all the trees...."
(Luke 21:29). Thus, if Israel is the fig tree, would
not "all the trees" be emblematic of nations that also came
about in the same general period? Few realize the Arab and Islamic
governments that characterize the region were all essentially
formed in the same period as Israel, and most of them have
systems that were constructed in the period preceding 1947 when the
UN voted to partition Palestine - the political move that culminated
in the formation of Israel. In short, we've seen the "fig tree" bud
- and all the other trees as well.

with all the talk among the prophecy teachers about Israel's
importance in prophecy, the overwhelming majority fail to identify
Israel with the Little Horn because they're uncomfortable
with the association between the term the Little Horn, and
the Antichrist. And yet, it's clear the Antichrist will
ultimately be in power in Jerusalem.

The simple fact
is, Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled in front of our very eyes.
While some incorrectly believe such interpretations make this
ministry anti-Semitic, the truth is we believe Israel has every
right to defend herself from what are clearly enemies that would
murder every Jewish person in the world if they could. Indeed, our
DVD Exiled On Earth shows the prophetic significance
of that long conflict, drawn from the book of Esther, that
shows just how Israel is to emerge in a great military
victory in the near future. But that story will have to wait for
another day.

In the meantime,
it is our prayer that each and every one of us that profess Jesus
as our LORD and Saviour will have our collective eyes
opened to all of the truth of Bible Prophecy.

- James Lloyd

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