UN Security Council Pushes For 10 Kings

he so-called Group of Four that was formed to
back each other's bids for permanent member seats in the UN Security
introduced their program to the general assembly on July 11 2005.
This catalyzed the opposition as competing plans were unveiled offering
several variations on a theme in terms of which nations (and how many)
will be included in the long anticipated new configuration of the Security

The G4 consists of Germany, Japan, India, and Brazil.
One plan ends up with 11 permanent members, while Reuters reported the
United States has long favored 5 more members -- bringing the total
permanent membership of the United Nation's Security Council to 10. The
American version will prevail, as Revelation tells us the 10 Kings "have
received no kingdom as yet" but that they will receive "power"
concurrent with the installation of the Antichrist ("the beast" in
Revelation 17).

This UN as the global empire of the beast is so
obvious it's embarrassing that massive numbers of blind prophecy
teachers, mostly morons drawn from the ranks of the rapture cult,
continue to propagate the fiction of a "revived Roman empire."

The reform movement at the truly global governing
body known as the UN has a September summit in view, and the Secretariat
backs a general assembly vote at that time. Although the UN says no date for a
vote has been set, Kofi Annan has already set September of this
year for a showdown on the issue.

This timing also explains the huge
reluctance on the part of the existing Security Council to remove Kofi Annan for graft
under the Oil For Food disaster as that would upset the apparent
timetable. Couple this timeframe with yesterday's news item about the
former Israeli intelligence officer that said America will be nuked by Islamic
terrorists, and you have a formula for the
reckoning described in the Olivet Discourse found in the book of Matthew.

As we have stated for years, the United Nations
will produce the Antichrist (the 8th head). Although we expected
this to occur with the 8th leader's election, it appears the term of the
8th head of the UN will mark the transitional the time period in which
the Beast system is fully vested wtih power, and tribulational events

7/12/05 -- James Lloyd

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