UN Security Council Ensures Fiery Furnace Will Erupt

he turmoil and disagreement at the UN over the G4
efforts to be included in a reconfigured Security Council has set the
stage for a sharp escalation of the threat of consequences to the

Just as Nebuchadnezzar held the threat of a fiery
furnace for all that refused to compromise and agree to a unified world
order, the hidden cryptocratic powers will respond with further
destruction in order to increase the urgency. The reader will recall
the King of Babylon constructed a giant image to serve as the focal point of
unity. In the modern Tower of Babel known as the United Nations, the
alternative to the dialogue to consensus is the fire of factionalism.

As the fragmented general assembly continues the
debate, the furnace of international violence is destined to be stoke
heat of the furnace "seven times" hotter (Daniel 3:19) than previously. This
is a prophetic simile that plainly demonstrates the world will continue
to deteriorate into cataclysmic violence until the collective parties
agree to resume the political dialectic in earnest.

Just as the 3 Hebrews were obedient to the true LORD,
the true Remnant Of Israel (the genuine Christians that have been
obedient to the LORD's call to remove themselves from the Whore of
Babylon church) will be preserved through the incendiary acrobatics that
lie immediately ahead.


July 13 2005 -- James Lloyd

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