Damage Control:Defending The Star Of Satan

lthough many are familiar with the term damage
as used in a political sense (it's usually rolled out when a
politician is seeking to survive some rather unflattering news), we
periodically see the same phenomena in a spiritual context. I've now seen
it three times within a single week, and since the sources were unrelated,
but were seeking to provide damage control concerning the same
I take this to mean I'm spiritually scheduled to address the
issue. I'm referring to the truth concerning the so-called Star of

There is a substantial body of evidence plainly
indicating that the six pointed star, also called a hexagram, is of
occultic origin. Scholars of antiquity have long since found the symbol on
an ancient Arabic amulet, in magic texts from the Byzantine era, in
medieval books of the occult, in Templar relics, in freemasonic heraldry,
and even in a Moslem mosaic dated to the 8th century AD.

Furthermore, since the symbol now
represents Judaism, and the Christ rejecting people and nation
known as Israel, using the most basic of scriptural definitions,
it is self evident the image is associated with the term Antichrist. See I John 2:22 for details. 

It is also an irrefutable fact the Holy Bible specifically
mentions a star that was adopted by the Israelites as a religious symbol,
in the 8th century before Christ. However, this star is
plainly stated to be associated with Molech and Chiun --
both demonic deities. Furthermore, in this Old Testament reference,
through the prophet Amos, the LORD flatly states this star
represents the false gods being served by the Israelites:

"I hate, I despise your feast days...though ye offer me
burnt offerings, and your meat offerings, I will not accept them....ye have
borne the tabernacle of your Mo'loch and Chi'un, your images, the
star of your god,
which ye made to yourselves" (Amos 5:21,22,26).

Although there are even New Testament references to
this Satanic emblem (Acts 7:43), and even entire books written on the
subject (see my book

Saturn: The Shield Of Solomon
, Dr. O
J Graham's book

The Six Pointed Star

and others), there is a veritable mountain of historical data on this
subject. Interestingly enough, a great deal of the data is from Jewish

For example, the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia,
the Jewish Almanac, as well as the standard Jewish Encyclopedia
all openly connect the symbol with the Jewish occultic works known as the
Kabbalah and ancient magic incantations that associate the star
with the apostasy of Solomon.  The reader will remember
Solomon fell to the worship of devils through the many wives from the
nations that he had taken unto himself (I Kings 11:4).

In fact, I Kings tells us that Solomon turned
specifically to Moloch -- one of the very deities the
prophet Amos tells us was related to "the star of your god"
(I Kings 11:7, Amos 5:26). In short, there really is no doubt about the
origin of the emblem.

However, those who refuse to repent from their
apostasy in the Christian church (read Babylonian whore church) today have
produced an argument that can best be described as damage control.
It provides no historical references, no anecdotal data, no footnotes, and
a couple of very contrived scriptural references. It goes something like

In the Hebrew alphabet, the letter for the letter "d"
is called a dalet, and it looks triangular. Since David's name had
2 dalets in it, the ancient Israelites used two dalets, with one of them
turned (which would loosely approximate a hexagonal star),  to
represent that they were the armies of David.

There is no scripture that states this. There is no
archeological find that states this. There is no Jewish commentary that
states this. There is no ancient inscription in any language, country, or
era that states this. There is no historical reference of any kind from
any nation that knew of this supposed connection. In short, it's pure
Damage Control.

However, those that put forth this form of damage
have one more tool in their arsenal, and it's the number
one weapon used against the truth whenever any form of Jewish apostasy is
examined. I've just seen it used again, so I'll quote from yet another
liar filled with the spirit of Antichrist named Rick Chamberlin. He
writes about those that oppose the six pointed star:

"I believe that the opposition to the Star of David is
Satanic in origin. It is in essence anti-Semitic, one more
of many attacks on Israel and the Jewish people. Satan is trying to defame
Israel, the Star of David, and the Jewish people" (Is the Star of David
kosher?, Rick Chamberlin).

This is the standard fare for any rational, scriptural
examination of the apostasy of the Jewish predicament. A massive array of
research, study, facts, and Scripture can simply be reduced
to one argument -- `you're just anti-Semitic.'

In the present example, the apostasy is beyond
comprehension, for Mr. Chamberlin goes full circle and tells us

"I expect that when Yeshua returns, He will heartily
approve the Star of David. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Star of David
represents not only Israel and the Jewish people, but even the Messiah

Incredibly, now we find the core belief of the
spirit that has gripped vast amounts of "Christians"
with the strong delusion prophesied of by the Apostle Paul. Now the
star that began as the star of Moloch, the star of Chiun (a Persian
name traced to the Greek Kronos, the Egyptian Osiris, and the Latin
Lucifer) has been "born again" and now it represent Jesus himself!

Thus, this blasphemy is a deep idolatry the apostates
will not release. And now, with the fictional contrivance that the
triangular letter dalet is actually related to David, those that
refuse to hear the true spirit of the LORD have sunk even deeper into
their deadly deception.

Think of it as the Devil's Damage Control.

October 4 2005 -- James Lloyd

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