Northern Command At Height Of Hypocrisy: UN Authorizes Bombing Of Qadaffi For Suppressing Revolt, As Saudis Shoot Bahraini ProtestorsUN Votes To Impose "No Fly Zone" - Qadaffi Counters With Cease Fire

s France and Britain prepare warplanes to bomb Qadaffi for
crushing the internal revolt in Libya, the dictators of the
oil rich sheikhdom of Bahrain hired fellow OAPEC associated
military units from Saudi Arabia to deploy thousands of
troops to crush their revolt. The Agagite Command (Arabians
are descended from the Amalekite/Agagite line seen in the
Old Testament) fired on, and shot hundreds of protesters in
Bahrain this week with no international condemnation

Difference? The Bahraini/Saud/Kuwaiti/United Arab Emirate
oil powers are friendly to the Israeli-American cabal of
criminals, whereas the North African Qadaffi is not.

Within hours of
the UN vote, European warplanes (and possibly American
fighters if Barry ever comes back from vacation and
authorizes it) were said to be "hours" away from flying
sorties over Libya.

European members of NATO countries are more energetic in
their push against Qadaffi as oil prices are soaring, and
in particular gets its oil from Libya.

lesson is simple. As long as you continue to supply
industrialized Northern powers with acceptably priced oil,
you can pretty much do as you please to the deluded citizens
of the nations who believe the nonsense about freedom
spouted by the bankster controlled New World Order Northern
power structure. If you don't "play ball" with the New World
Order, you'll wake up with a horse head in your bed (see the
Godfather for details), or you may not wake up at all.

Libya already receiving military armaments from Iran via
their surrogate Syria, Qadaffi is being backed into the
corner of casting his lot with the Islamic confederation
which is run from Tehran. This political manipulation aligns
Libya with Tehran -- an ominous development in the light of
the list of nations engaged in World War III according to
the prophet Ezekiel.

For more on the Gog and
coalition of powers seen to ignite a hideous
conflagration in the near future, see the video on


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