Tehran Reportedly Incesed Over Saudi-Bahraini Counter-Revolution Moves Iran squares off against Saudi Arabia over Bahrain's annexation

n the wake of a historic deal between Saudi Arabian King Abdullah and
Hamas bin Isa al Khalifa
of Bahrain, the political spin-meisters of the
Middle East are playing up the outrage in Iran.

The Bahraini monarch has been unable
to deal with the domestic discord from the beginning of the present Arab
uprising, and called in Saudi help very early in the domestic discord directed
against his throne. As the word slowly leaked out concerning how Bahrain
has now become a de facto state under the protection of the much larger house of
Saud, the Iranian expectations of a revolution which would bring Bahrain into
their orbit have been dashed.

As the details of the shift remain
murky, observers say the deal makes the tiny Bahraini principality the
equivalent of a new province of Saudi Arabia -- a nation presently
comprised of 13 provinces. Each of the Arabian provinces are ruled by a Saudi
prince from the royal house, but the Bahraini provincial protectorate will
remain under the leadership of King Hamas, who will reportedly be on a
par with the other princes of the kingdom.

The Iranian surrogate Hezbollah
has been implicated as provocateurs in Bahraini dissent, and with this move, the
much larger (and well armed Saudis) are moving closer to a confrontation with

Editor's Note: The background
of the coming collision is fascinating as we realize the Sunni minority,
headed by the al Khalifa royal family ruling in Bahrain, is opposed by the
uprising -- the same religious branch of Islam which rules in Iran.
The present Iraqi power structure is also Shiite, whereas Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,
and other Gulf Emirates are controlled by Sunnis.

It has long been established that
Riyadh is willing to cooperate with Israel in opposing Iran, which tells
the astute observer the Sunni power structures fear the Shias in Tehran more
than the Jews of Tel Aviv. The counter-moves being made in Bahrain may very well
portend a fiery collision which will pit Arabia against Iran -- and it is
more than evident which side Israel and the US will take.

While Barry and the usurpers in the White House
will try to hold a meeting and dialogue on the subject when open war breaks out
between Sunni and Shiite states, Israel will undoubtedly be far more decisive.

For more on the alignment of nations in the coming
conflagration with Iran, see the video on


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