Glen Beck Leading Mormons Into Two House Union With Israel Millionaire Media Figure will address Christians For Israel Event In DC

s if on cue, conservative Fox
broadcaster Glen Beck has announced he will discontinue his hugely
popular series on the Fox Network, even as the politically powerful
Judaeo-Christian group Christians United For Israel (CUFI)
announced Beck will be the keynote speaker at the group's crucial Washington DC
event in July 2011.

Beck is a breakthrough media figure,
with the ability to build bridges between the large sect known as the Latter
Day Saints, and other conservative sectors in the American political
landscape. With this move, the supposedly evangelical leadership of CUFI, the
brainchild of Rapture Cultist John Hagee, has shed any pretext of
Biblical Christianity, for the sake of political expediency.

CUFI is run by the decidedly Jewish
David Brog
, a conservative with a history of power politics, including a
stint as Chief of Staff for the Republicrat whore Arlen Specter, most
notably remembered for his whitewash of the JFK murder on the Warren
Commission. Specter performed so well for his wicked masters that that he was
brought back for a lying reprise with the 911 commission. David Brog. the
director of CUFI, ran Specter's show for 7 years.

With the hideous liar John Hagee
completely prostituting the Gospel for the 6 pointed star god Moloch,
whose insignia flies on the flag of the Little Horn state of Israel (see
Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43 for details), CUFI is positioned to come to a
greater degree of global prominence once the Little Horn uproots its 3
belligerent neighbors in the forthcoming clash with Islam (Daniel 7:9),
and the post-Apocalyptic world order of America is resurrected in
Jerusalem (Revelation 13:3).

Now, the Mormon's are being lured in to
the family, through Israel-Firster Glen Beck's unabashed version of the chosen
people fraud. Although the subtleties of sectarian doctrine eludes many, the
ticking time bomb of the World Antichrist Religion Beast (read the WAR
Beast) is the explosively seductive "two house" system. This identifies the
Christians as the Northern tribes of Israel, and the Jews as the Southern house
of Judah -- prophesied to be reconciled under King Jesus at His first coming.

By pushing the fulfillment back to the
end times, Two Housers seek to wed Christianity with Judaism, and now the
supposed lost "sons of Joseph" (Ephraim and Manasseh) are being characterized as
the "sons" of Joseph Smith -- aka the Mormons. Thus, the WAR
Beast seeks to join all European and American Christians, including disparate
sects such as the Mormons, with the Jews in a new global confederation, which
will rise out of the ashes of the holocaust just around the corner. We now see
Glen Beck is an important part of that plan (keep an eye on the 2012 GOP
frontrunner, Mormon Mitt Romney as well).

The present trend was predicted last
year on radio and TV, and in print, in the prophecy periodical The
Apocalypse Chronicles.
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