Mexican Drug And Murder Gangs Armed By Obama Recent Revelation Of Project Gunrunner Supports 6 year Old Christian Media Prediction Indicating Globalists Have Granted Power To Mexican Gangs For Post-Apocalyptic Revenue Stream

he only thing surprising about
the news that the ATF has been implicated in running guns to Mexican
outlaws is the sheer audacity of the effort. For those unaware of this huge
story (it's already seeped into even the brain dead mainstream media), amidst
Obamanista claims that American gun dealers were knowingly causing weapons to
come into the hands of criminal elements in Mexico, it turns out there has been
a formal plan, known as Project Gunrunner, which was brought to fruition
by the ATF itself (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), to intentionally
feed guns to Mexican drug, murder, and extortion gangs.

The guns purchased by Mexican
killers through Obama's criminal federal crew have now been linked to at least 2
deaths of government employees, including the recent high profile murder of a
much beloved US border agent. The scandal has been growing to the degree that
even our moronic Democratic Congressional leaders are asking questions of the
criminal cabal in DC.

After Project Gunrunner
was exposed, in January a Republican Senator probed the matter, with no results.
Now, Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on
Oversight and Government Reform has issued subpeonas to the ATF -- and
incredibly, the ATF has ignored the subpeona. Now Issa has threatened acting ATF
Director Kenneth Melson with Contempt of Congress. It's self evident Melson has
friends in low places, so we have no expectations of justice.

The trail of approval of the
felonious plan has led through the ATF to officials at the Justice Department,
and the Assistant to Attorney General Eric Holder (a rabid anti gun rights
advocate), and it is implausible the President was unaware of this criminal
conspiracy.  Some speculate the plan was designed to hype the threat of
citizen gun ownership, to increase gun registration demands from the beleaguered
public. Others think it was to justify more funding for the ATF, at a time when
their budget is threatened.

All of the above are true, but Christian Media
has already exposed the long term goal. Writing in July 2005 in the
Christian Media Daily News
, we predicted the Mexican drug gangs are
being equipped to continue the financial conduit of criminal activity once
America moves into the inevitable Apocalyptic disruption of commerce. The column
stated as follows:

"In the wake of last month's failed effort by Iraqi
agents to enter the US through Mexico, and the Salvadoran criminal gang Mara
Salvaturcha's (MS 13) apparent trade in smuggling anything & anybody into the US
(can you spell suitcase nukes?), it is clear the Latin American criminal mafias
are being positioned to function as warlords in post-Apocalyptic America."

"While the American media vilifies patriots like the
minutemen, US trained mercenary groups like the Zetas are ultra violent Mexican
paramilitary commandos that are now operating in US states with minimal
mainstream scrutiny. With American military assets overwhelmingly committed to
faraway places, when the horrifying devastation known in the book of Revelation
as the "deadly wound" strikes American, these murderous cartels will be largely
unchallenged on the surviving streets of America. This ensures that even in the
chaotic conditions that are guarantted to occur after the US has received the
now obvious nuclear terrorist strike that Al Quaida is known to be preparing,
drug sale proceeds will still flow into the predatory pockets of the cryptocracy
that has control of the world" (James Lloyd, July 2005)

We would now suggest
that, in the wake of the exposure of the secret government plan to route weapons
to the aforementioned druglords, the days in which such dreadful events will
occur are at hand.

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