What A Coincidence! The Counterfeit President Found The Counterfeit Terrorist Just In Time To Divert The Comatose Public's Attention From The Counterfeit Birth Certificate

s the American lemmings awoke from one sleep to
re-enter their waking state of slumber, they were greeted with the good news the
boogeyman du jour, Osama Bin Ladin, had been killed. It must be true,
because it's on every channel.

Jubilation has gripped the people, who are clearly
disinterested in the avalanche of computer forensic analysis just now erupting
on the Internet, which easily shows the  birth certificate of Barry
is a sloppily forged fraud.

An ancient political ploy for Presidents unpopular at
home has always been to re-emphasize the international arena, and by trotting
out the quintessential world villain just in time to slay the brute, Barack
has, once again, slithered away from the glaring spotlight of
inconvenient truth.

Those who know Obama is something even worse than a
consummate conman who is illegally residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue also
know that Bin Ladin has been dead for many years.

The fact that Bin Ladin has not been heard from since
2001 must be a huge coincidence, because it hasn't made a dent in the exuberance
at the news of his recent death. The fact is, in November 2001, a CIA agent who
had met personally with Osama stated he was in such poor health, he was not
expected to live for more than 2 years.

The fact that French intelligence agents tracked Bin
Ladin to Dubai in July 2001, where he was medically treated, and obtained
a portable dialysis machine which was shipped to Kandahar in Afghanistan
couldn't possible have any bearing on today's news.

The fact that in December of 2001, Pakistani media and
Fox News both reported Bin Ladin's health had deteriorated substantially
during his stay in the Tora Bora mountains. The same media received credible
reports that Bin Ladin had succumbed to long standing health problems, so the 30
Taliban associates who attended his funeral are not to be believed.

The fact that Benazir Bhutto, the former
Pakistan Prime Minister with a lengthy pedigree and unsurpassed political
connections, told the world 3 years ago that Bin Ladin was already long dead,
should not be taken seriously. After all, she was assassinated a few months
later for some other reason.

The fact that many world leaders, from George Bush to
Pakistan's General Musharraf have all acknowledged they believed Bin Ladin was
dead should not impact our faith in the recent victory over evil. Arab media in
London and Israeli intelligence have all stated the same belief, but what could
they possibly know.

Indeed, we're all convinced that Osama Bin Ladin,
while hiding in caves in Afghanistan, frail and weak as his photos and videos
attest, was able to order American military defenses to stand down just in time
for his henchmen to plow jets into American targets -- all on the same day.

The fact that we have a murderous criminal cabal, led
by a man whose credentials are so dubious that not one person can remember ever
seeing him for the many years he was supposedly in high profile positions is
just a coincidence. The fact that, at the time Bin Ladin got himself killed
yesterday, many credible people were shouting from the housetops that Mr.
Obama's birth certificate forgery proves there is a dangerous criminal in the
White House, is another huge coincidence.

We are just so fortunate that we finally got that Bin
Ladin guy. What a coincidence.

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