Internet Eblasters Present Potpourri Of Opinions Unprecedented Variety Of Worldviews Carry No Disclaimers -- Let The Buyer Beware

s a media oriented, alternative ministry
regularly posting news and commentary on many Internet websites, GEO is
in the position of reviewing a large volume of net posts from widely diverse
sources. In addition to the multitude of forums, announcement boards, and bulk
email lists, we receive many postings from energetic individuals, who are driven
by their own belief structure.

Unfortunately, many groups and individuals
aggressively working the net are peddling a perspective that can have very
undesirable consequences.

Although most netizens view the diversity
of opinions being dispersed as relatively innocuous, the fact that such things
actually are opinions, as opposed to the concept of absolute truth,
can have everlasting consequences. Furthermore, the fact that most of these
sources are sincere, well meaning labours of love, will mean absolutely nothing
in the final analysis.

For instance, one cluster of writers will
constantly push the innate evil found in liberal government, highlighting the
current crop of leftist politicos who are destroying the American way of life in
our time. Although much of these posts are true, they avoid the central issue of
evil -- and those versed in the insidious process known as the
Dialectic are aware that sidestepping an issue, or dialoging on a particular
aspect of a component found in the Dialectical paradigm, is actually a
that contributes to the basic problem of our collective refusal to
deal with the absolute truth.

In fact, by emphasizing the "conservative"
perspective, such writers frequently contribute to the Dialectical manifestation
of this process, through stirring the stew of the liberal versus conservative
political argument. Another example is in sectarian religion, for several
patriot radio networks (the GEOgram is published by a patriot
net) will emphasize the evils of say, Roman Catholicism as a single
source scapegoat, when the Protestant perspective is just as diabolical.
Add the Jewish versus Islamist brawl, free market versus central control,
capitalist/communist conflict, and you haven't even scratched the surface of the

We run into many independent eblasters
who, in the process of pushing what they think is the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, are so woefully ignorant of their own Scriptures, they are
indirectly promoting the Antichrist mindset. Indeed, one of the great
ironies of our time is the multitude or "Christian" net ministries, who
frequently warn people about a prophesied end time's phenomena called the
"strong delusion" --  and in their misstatements of the facts, it is self
evident they themselves are caught in the very thing they're trying to

On the last day, benign stupidity won't
work as a valid excuse, so this is definitely a serious subject. The short
answer to the problem of finding the absolute and objective truth, is to
seek the truth, and be willing to conform your mind, body, and soul to that
truth -- no matter how disruptive it is. The Bible speaks of this
collective Babel of confusion, which we are seeing in our time:

"For this cause God shall send them Strong
that they should believe a lie...because they received not
the love of the truth that they might be saved
." (II Thessalonians

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