GEO Television Network Launches Weeknight Net TV Second TV Network From Christian Media Launches Underground/Alternative Programming

he GEO TV Network
launches 4 hours of nightly programming on Monday June 6th 2011 at 4 PM Pacific
(7 PM Eastern). The launch continues the pattern of unorthodox programming 
and ministry practices most have come to expect from the Christian Media
ministry, the organization behind GEO.

Christian Media launched
the nations first 24/7 Patriot/Alternative Television Network,,
four years ago. An outgrowth of Patriot Radio (a rapidly growing alternative
media format best known for programmers that publicly expose the
unconstitutional activities of the criminals in government), CMRI was the
first to field a global TV Network with an Alternative Christian message. Now,
GEO is following with more revolutionary underground programming.

The explosive interest in the
Supernatural, with regular coverage of things such as the Nephilim, and
UFO's, is examined from a Biblical worldview every night with Echoes Of Enoch,
featuring Jim Wilhelmsen. The 30 minute Echoes Of Enoch show airs
twice nightly at 4 PM Pacific (7 PM Eastern), and again at 7 PM Pacific (10 PM

Dr. Nick Begich will be
seen with his Earth Rising program at 4:30 Pacific (7:30 Eastern)
with a repeat at 7:30 Pacific (10:30 Eastern). Begich, as the author of the
highly acclaimed book Angels Don't Play This HAARP, is well versed in the
burgeoning HAARP system, and related Tesla technologies. Earth
deals with the exotic and unusual applications of this science,
with coverage of black budget weaponry, and Mind Control

At 5 PM Pacific we have the 30
minute TV version of the Christian Media Weekly News covering the stories
mainstream media ignores. This week will see coverage of the 17 unexcavated
pyramids just discovered via Satellite, and the truth about the march to
World War III in the Middle East.

at 5:30 PM Pacific, we have
Sound Body
with Susan Lenox addressing the ongoing medical
conspiracy where the criminals in Big Pharma tell government how to legislate
you into their unclean clutches. Susan offers natural solutions to the medical
monstrosity that is strangling us all.

At 6 PM Pacific we have The
Apocalypse Chronicles
with James Lloyd and an alternative view of
end time's Prophecy, and at 6:30 is Streamwars, an eclectic show with an
analysis of the week's events. This week Streamwars looks at the building
that was discovered less than a week ago on the surface of the planet Mars,
and Streamwars will show actual footage of this stunning find! At 7 and
7:30 Pacific we repeat Echoes Of Enoch and Earth Rising.

The new GEO Network is
revolutionary in technology as well as content, for the network runs using the
Flash Streaming technology. This means that just about anyone who has
ever downloaded and watched video on the Internet can watch GEO, but
remember, GEO is not a bunch of archived shows that are
downloaded, it is a broadcast network airing shows at the times just mentioned,
so you'll need to tune in then to watch. 

To access the GEO Network,
simply go to and click on the Player link. Be
sure to turn up your speakers!

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