Criminal Complaint Filled With FBI Charging Conspiracy Over Obama Birth Certificate Amidst The Mocking, The Truth That Continues To Plague The Pretender

ith the left sighing in
disdain, and even conservatives wondering just why a handful of activists
continue to press forward on what they view to be a dead issue, the Obama Birth
Certificate scandal continues to resurface time and time again. In the latest
salvo, a document imaging expert named Doug Vogt claims he has absolute
proof that the Hawaii Department of Health, various Obama associates, and
an unknown graphic artist conspired in a multi-state conspiracy to create a
fraudulent long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama.

The 22 page complaint was
accompanied by data which conclusively demonstrates the birth certificate is a

Although many have clearly
wearied of the issue, many more have concluded the multitude of legal challenges
are moot as the Islamic/Socialist cabal headed by Barack Obama obviously has no
qualms about breaking the laws of the land to stay in office; and they will likely commit just about any crime
imaginable in order to retain power. History has proven when evil reigns,
those tasked with "justice" are wolves in sheep's clothing. Thus, with the Obama
administration's "top cop" Eric Holder seeking to disarm Americans citizens,
while simultaneously running guns to Mexican drug gangs in "project gunrunner,"
a significant number of Patriots have concluded a revolt is inevitable.

However, hoping to avoid the
chaotic conditions seen in recent times in the violent uprisings occurring in
foreign locales, the so-called "Birthers" hope to topple the usurper in a
civilized fashion, in a court of law. The problem is, the conservative right is also in the grip of the globalist power structure that runs both parties. The ironies in all of
this are abundant, but at the very least, every thinking American should at
least try to analyze
just what is occurring, for it is illustrative of the core problem we all face.
In short, the real story is not the political battle, it is what is occurring
behind the veil of this physical arena.  

For instance, the dogged
determination that Barack Obama has repeatedly broken the law with his
ongoing fraud is constructed around a basic fact. It is not built around
a relationship to the President, nor is it dependent on a consensus
of opinion. Those who have evaluated the circumstances, who have a relationship
with Obama and the ideals he represents, have concluded that consensus is
what constitutes the truth. This process is called the Dialogue To Consensus.

However, absolute truth
does not depend on how many people subscribe to it. The fact is, the Obama birth
certificate is a fraud. It is a fact, and facts can sever
relationships with people, places, and things that are not constructed on absolute
truth. This is the fundamental difference between the rule of law (a republic),
and the rule of consensus (a democracy). A steadfast reliance on absolute truth
is the only answer that can combat the transformational Marxism that has
infected America -- conservatives and liberals alike.

It is a fact the present regime has
repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land. Thus, even though the Birthers
have been repeatedly rebuffed, once you establish the absolute truth, and cling
to that truth, there is only one course of action available to those who refuse

to be seduced by the relationships those facts damage. The praxis (practice) of
the Dialectic, a process called Diaprax, wherein opposites dialogue to consensus
and then claim that consensus is the truth, is one of the greatest
threats America has ever faced. It is a key component of Marxist thought, but it emanates
not only out of the White House, the Republicans have the same disease. And
so does the Patriot movement.

Thus, everything has now become a
question of degrees of adherence to the absolute truth. Because of this,
the outlook for salvation through any political process is non-existent. The
fact is, the criminal clique which preceded the Obamanista crowd was also
-- it was just a different flavor than the bitter fruit now poisoning
the USA. America earnestly desired a change -- but the change we received was
worse than the problem it failed to solve. Worse yet, even those who are
sincerely trying to identify the real puppet master behind the curtain of this

are also infected with the malady.

Now, Punch and Judy
(the Republicrats and the Democans) are seeking to continue the process with the
next election cycle, and those who can clearly see the truth of just what is
occurring already know the entire world is destined to deteriorate to an all
time low -- and at this point in time, we're not even close to the bottom of the
Babylonian barrel which we entered so long ago.

For more on the intellectual
witchcraft which is the Dialectic process, see the short video on


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