Obama Dad Born In A Country That Did Not Exist? Someone Noticed Birth Certificate Lists Father As Born In Kenya 2 Years Before The Nation Existed

lthough most are weary of the
Obama birth certificate issue as it's self evident the District of Criminals
leader could apparently mass murder women and children onstage on Saturday Night
Live without a public rebuke, those who continue to believe the truth is
important are finding new details on the now notorious forged birth certificate.

In addition to the multitude of
technical flaws which have already generated criminal complaints of forgery, it
turns out that Obama's father, who is listed on the document, states he was born
in Kenya. The problem is, the nation of Kenya came into existence in 1963, after
70 years of British colonial rule. Since the birth certificate was supposedly
created to document the birth of Barack Obama in 1961, it's highly
unlikely his father would have named Kenya as his birthplace 2 full years before
the nation came into being.

Although it might be argued the
generic name for the area of Kenya preceded the nation's formation as an
independent country, because Obama's birth father was a native born African, he
would have used the indigenous people's name for the country of his birth, which
was Kerenyaga. The name Kenya actually came into usage from the
British, who had difficulty pronouncing the historic tribal name of

Furthermore, because a birth
certificate is a legal document, and the British held the nation as a colonial
possession, legal documents would have used the name the Brits established over
the decades of their rule, which was The British East Africa Protectorate.

There are even more details now
surfacing which continue to indicate the birth certificate is a forgery. For
instance, the Hawaiian hospital which is listed on the certificate as Obama's
birthplace is stated to be an institution that did not receive that name until
1978 -- 17 years after the birth certificate was supposedly
created! Thus, the sloppy effort to retroactively forge an Obama birth
certificate continues to be plagued with data an adept forger should have

In the case of the previously
noted hospital in which the forgers are trying to claim Obama was born, there
were two medical centers which merged in 1978 -- and the resulting
name of the single merged institution is the one on the birth certificate. This
is an absolute impossibility unless the document was created after 1978,
for the name of the merged institution is decidedly different from the two
earlier hospital names.

Many Americans have come to feel
powerless in the face of wholesale criminality in the nation, as Senators,
Governors, Congressional leaders, and Presidents have shown themselves to be of
the lowest character imaginable in recent times. With multiple criminal
convictions of politicians from Obama's "home" state of Illinois convicted of
felonies (former governor Rod "Blago" Blagojevich the most recent egregious
example), and the last 4 Presidents of the nation implicated in criminality, war
crimes, or politically reprehensible behaviour, the republic has already
received a deadly wound.

When Obama is gone, and what is
posed as a reformation of our desolate nation is supposedly underway, we can
anticipate the fraud to simply escalate in the name of conservatism and piety.
This is the pattern of prophecy, and in its final stage, the power that reigns
will be represented as godly, when it will, in fact, be the most vile and
pernicious stage before the inevitable judgment day that awaits us all. 

For more on the final stages of
Barack Obama's deadly reign, see the online video concerning


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