The Bible Predicted America's War On Terrorism


George Bush
told the United Nations that the September 11
terrorist attacks on the United States were "acts of war." The
attacks were, in fact, not just acts of war, but acts of the Islamic

means "holy war," and it is a foundation of the fundamentalist
belief of the religion of one-fourth of the world's
population - Islam. The bible of the Islamic religion, the Qur'an,
has more than 100 verses that advocate violence in support of Islam.
For example, in the chapter titled Surah, we read, "Take not the
Jews and Christians as friends. Slay the idolaters wherever ye find
them...." Even the most moderate Islamic states have outlawed
Christianity and Judaism. In fact, the now deceased Islamic ruler of
Iran Ayatollah Khomeini once said that, "The purest joy in
Islam is to kill and be killed for Allah." Islam is militaristic,
terroristic and hateful toward non-Muslims.

terrorist nature of Islam can be traced directly to the founder of
modern Islam, Muhammad. History documents that this so-called
prophet of God used terrorist attacks to fund his religious views
beginning in the autumn of 623 AD. The violent nature of the founder
of modern Islam is documented in the Hadiths, the religious
writings of Muhammad's Islamic successors. The Hadiths are
considered to be nearly as important to Islam as the Qur'an
itself. These writings document that Muhammad committed murder (even
murdering women), condoned the beating of wives, practiced slavery
(and condoned beating slaves), and even condoned the rape of slaves.
The violence of Muhammad's Islam is evident in it's founder.

United States has declared war on terrorism, but the war is actually
against the fundamentalist, terrorist religion of Islam. America is
currently attacking the Taliban, the fundamentalist Islamic
leadership of Afghanistan. But the Taliban was supported and
empowered by the fundamentalist state of Saudi Arabia. By attacking
the Taliban, are we not also indirectly attacking the Saudis?
By attacking the fundamentalist, terrorist Taliban, are we also
indirectly attacking the entire Islamic religion?


the Public Broadcasting System, produced a video several years
ago titled, "Jihad in America." The one-hour video reported that
there were "networks of Islamic extremists" inside the U.S. These
networks are the source of the September 11 terrorist attacks that
originated from within the U.S. Osama Bin Ladin has stated that his
terrorist organization has chemical/biological weapons as well as
nuclear weapons. Do these Islamic terrorists have any of the 84
missing SADAM (small atomic demolition munitions) nukes reported
missing by high-level Soviet intelligence operatives? Each one of
these nukes is capable of vaporizing a major American city.

review: Islam has always been a violent, terrorist oriented religion,
Islam is the source of the September "acts of war," and Islamic
fundamentalist "cells" exist inside America and may have
chemical/biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

facts open the door to an understanding of the biblical magnitude of
"America's New War" - it is the opening salvo of World War
III, the biblical battle foretold 2,600 years ago in the book of Ezekiel
which involves "Gog and Magog."

prophecy author James Lloyd has declared the "fourth horseman
of the Apocalypse" riding the pale horse to be militant Islam, whose
green crescent flag is referred to by the Greek word chloros,
the biblical word interpreted as pale, but more clearly
referring to "green." Mr. Lloyd's new 48 page booklet titled The
Lion, The Bear and the Leopard
explains in detail that the
first three horseman of the Apocalypse have already ridden, and the
fourth horseman, militant Islam, is mounted and about to
gallop! The tribulation is dawning upon planet Earth.

Holy Scriptures tell us of the fourth horseman that, "power was
given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword,
and with hunger, and with death." The followers of Islam are now a
fourth part of the earth, and Islam's militant followers are
prepared and in position to kill with sword (war), hunger (famine),
and death (pestilence).

November 19, 2001 -- Doug Hudson

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