The Return Of Planet X

There are numerous indicators that the mysterious body at the edge of
our solar system that has been sighted by scientists and astronomers
is the prophesied world that we refer to as Planet X. For about
30 years, astronomers have theorized the existence of another planet
in OUR solar system.

Back in 1972, for example, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore
Laboratory that were studying Halley's Comet said the
data suggested the comet's trajectory was being gravitationally
interfered with by a large unseen body. They went on to project the
theoretical planet would be beyond Pluto, our furthest known
planet, and would be at least 4-5 times the size of Earth. Their
measurements also postulated that because the planet was so distant,
it would have an approximate 1,800 year orbit around OUR sun.

Later in the 1980's, a couple of observatories publicly confirmed
they had actually sighted Planet X. Those
statements were later mysteriously withdrawn, and imaginative
explanations were offered. However, there are now so many anomalies in
the "official" story that it has been difficult, if not
impossible, to deny that something very large is headed our way.

For example, about a year ago a French observatory spotted what
appears to be Planet X, and before the political powers
could squash the story, staffers in the observatory confirmed the
sighting - and even released the coordinates in the sky. On
Wednesday, February 7th 2001, L'observatoire de chattel gave
initial indications they thought that Planet X might be
what astronomers call a "brown dwarf."

Two months later, an operator in the Lowell Observatory in
Arizona also indicated coordinates for the sighting of the mysterious
body. That report was also later denied. Some time later, the
government announced that our largest telescope studying distant
objects, the installation in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, will
be closed for three years for technical adjustments and maintenance.
Thus, the best earthbound telescope we have, and the one most likely
to provide the clearest data on the distant object, is being taken out
of service at a very "opportune" time. There is much more
technical information available pointing towards the existence and
soon emergence of Planet X - to say nothing of the
cover-up of the knowledge of its existence.

Because the Bible plainly teaches there is a great conspiracy
in the end times, it is difficult for us to consider these events
unrelated. I believe the return of Planet X (it
has been here before) is a critical component in the tribulational
events that are already beginning.

Over 6 years ago, writing in my prophecy periodical The
Apocalypse Chronicles
I wrote "Once Planet X is
authoritatively sighted, The Great Tribulation will be upon us. The
detailed description of the event is found in Revelation chapter 8" (AC
Vol 3 #4).

The seeds of this interstellar destruction are buried in the ancient
account of the NEPHILIM - the fallen angels of Genesis
6 that interacted with mankind at the time preceding the great
flood of Noah. While Bible teachers everywhere scoff at such things,
cosmologists and mystics like Zechariah Sitchin and Gordon
Michael Scallion are laying the groundwork for the deceptive
re-introduction of the Nephilim


and Planet X is at the center of
what the Bible calls the "strong delusion" (II Thessalonians 2:11)

The occultic version teaches that our "star brothers" were here
long ago, and they will return because they live on the soon to return
planet. Sitchin calls it Nebiru,
the Sumerian word for Planet Of The Crossing. He teaches
that the Annunaki (meaning those who from heaven to
earth came) are the Nephilim of ancient times,
but they are "Traveling on board a planet that was itself a kind of
spaceship" as they periodically arrive near the earth on an
extremely elongated planetary orbit.

While the blind guides in the organized Christian church categorically
reject such apostate knowledge, they are about to be completely BLINDSIDED
by the re-introduction of Planet X (see the new book
by that name by checking the more on the subject button below).
This is also prophesied to happen because of the great "falling away"
spoken of in II Thessalonians 2. Jesus Christ
obliquely referred to Planet X when he said that at the
conclusion of the tribulational events "the powers of the heavens
shall be shaken" (Matthew 24:29).

Prophets like Isaiah also referenced interstellar disruptions
of planetary orbits when he wrote "the earth shall reel to and fro
like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage." He also wrote
"the earth is moved exceedingly." (Isaiah 24:20, 19). The Apostle
tells us "the heavens and the earth...are kept in store,
reserved unto fire against the day of judgment...." (II Peter 3:7).

These events are referred to as "the day of the Lord" and the
scriptures subtly indicate that Planet X is the instrument
that God will use when "the heavens shall pass away with a great
noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat...." (II Peter
10). The false prophets in the corporate Christian church will
not see any of this because they are already ensnared in the great
deception that was scheduled to occur.

Because the church is on record as rejecting the Scriptural truth
concerning the Nephilim accounts, during the period called the "indignation"
of God, the tribulational world will largely ignore their explanations
of the return of Planet X. Worse yet, it is mostly the
occultists that are presently warning the world of what is to come.
You do reap what you sow, and credibility based on past prescience
will become a central aspect of the "strong delusion."

Because the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, I have been brought to this
position to be a witness of what will occur - and I
speak with the authority that God has given me. The planet that is
returning is not "Nebiru" as described by Dr.
Sitchin, and there is no extraterrestrial life on it. The NEPHILIM
will not arrive as alien inhabitants of the planet - but no-one
on the earth will have any way of knowing that

The Bible tells us the Nephilim (Annunaki in Sitchin's
apostate version) will be released from the bottomless pit
(outer space) where they have been bound since the time of Noah. These
are the fallen angels and they serve the "strange god"
(Lucifer the star goddess) of Daniel 11 that will finally be
publicly embraced by the Antichrist when he is
completely entrenched in power in Jerusalem.

This will fulfill the prophecy of Jesus Christ who
referenced their binding as having occurred "in the days of Noah."
The devastation will already have been unprecedented when they arrive,
for the NEPHILIM will return at the 5th trumpet of Revelation
- deep into the prophesied Apocalyptic events.

Most surviving "Christians" will be following the "Christian" False
Prophet at that point, for their foolish theology of escape will
have been demonstrated to be specious. Indeed, scripture says "their
folly shall be made manifest unto all men" (II Timothy 3:19). Know
therefore and understand that most individuals reading this
work will reject it - but this is the word of the
Lord. Eventually everyone, apostate believers and remnant
Christians alike, will be aware of Planet X.

The truth is, Planet X is the instrument of the Lord,
but the spirit in which this reality is interpreted will
make the difference between heaven and hell. The children of the light
are not in darkness that that day should overtake us as a thief, but
at the same time, the Lord knows how to reserve the unjust to the day
of judgment.

With the evidence mounting that the existence of Planet X
is now known to the controlling authorities, the cover-up is only
temporary. Soon, every person on the earth will be able to see it with
their own eyes. At that point, the trap will be snapped shut on most
of the earth-dwellers, but the overcomers will be sealed
in the victorious truth of Jesus Christ.

January 21, 2002 -- James Lloyd

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