The True State Of The Union

On Tuesday, January 29, the 43rd President of the United States gave
his annual "State of the Union" address to the U.S. Congress and
Senate. The speech allows the president to explain the condition of
the United States.

"43" (the Secret Service code name for President Bush) spoke
mostly on "The War on Terrorism" and the Economy. But if we look
deeper than the military state of the U.S., and the Dow Jones / NASDAQ
forecast, we find many important things that 43 did not
divulge in his "national pep talk."

The spiritual state of the Union, (the United States of
America) is a sad, pathetic picture. Everyday in the U.S. some 4,000+
small helpless citizens are murdered - and this is done in
compliance with national law. Abortion, as this horrid practice is
called, is legal because the unborn child is the property
of the mother. The Roe versus Wade ruling which allows this
insanity is similar to the 1857 U.S. Supreme Court
ruling that stated that black slaves were the "property"
of their owners. History also shows the NAZI opinion of the
legal standing of the Jews viewed them from a similar perspective.

We heard little from "43" about the fact that our nation was
founded on FREEDOM AND LIBERTY through limited and restrained
government. Consistently moving in the opposite direction, Herr
Bush did propose many new ideas involving ever-more government. In
fact, the truth is, 43 is moving us rapidly into fascist
. Predictably, many of Bush's bigger
government plans received standing ovations from the biggest sows that
feed at the federal trough - The
United States Congress and Senate.

Plans to "stimulate the economy" call for printing more paper
money and increasing deficit spending. Where is the godly and
constitutional Gold and Silver coin money intended for America? It is
long forgotten. And if printing some and spending it is good,
why not print and focus the funds in a way that would benefit every
man, woman and child that is a citizen of the United
States? That would certainly stimulate the economy.

"Stimulating the economy" usually means trying to find new and
more treacherous ways to distribute the financial output of our nation
to the rest of the world. The truth is, the economic manipulations
being orchestrated by Washington in conjunction with the
international white collar criminals in the Federal Reserve
system are only designed to stave off collapse until the hidden power
brokers have finished their private gutting of the once great nation
of America. When they are ready, the hidden power will throw what's
left of this nation in the trash - after
they've sought to move their assets elsewhere.

Good ol' 43 promised to make the U. S. military ready
for action "anywhere" in the world. What happened to steering
clear of all foreign entanglements as President George
directed future generations? The timeless and wise
advice given future generations by those that truly loved our nation
are being carefully revised - if
not removed altogether from the important repositories of academia.

In fact, even as 43 was moving America deeper into the New
World Order announced by 41, his father George
Herbert Walker Bush, America's history books were being altered
to excise the history of what we could call 1 - the
founder of our nation George Washington. Incredibly, as
reported by the Washington Times a week ago, "George
Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin
n are not included in the revised version of the
New Jersey Department of Education history

In what may turn out to be the final irony for this once great nation,
we may be seeing a strange variation on "the first and the last."
The wisdom and prescience of George Washington, the wise
first, is being carefully removed from the historical record
under the reign of George W Bush, the foolish last.

Fans of the founding father of our political system shouldn't
feel singled out though - because as the Washington Times
article noted, "The Pilgrims and the Mayflower also
are excluded, as well as the word "war," which has been replaced
with "conflict" in lessons about the early settlers, colonization
and expansion."

Other subjects that 43 chose not to mention in
his rose colored state of the union "pep talk" were teenage
suicide, rampant drug use by all ages, the growing prevalence of AIDS,
the 2 million Americans in prison, and the never to be paid
back trillions in national debt - to
say nothing of the collapse of the family unit.

America's Christian churches were a foundation in the formation of
our great nation. "Fire and Brimstone" speeches to the colonial
citizens commanded them to serve God, and not mammon. That was
the "Spirit of �76" - Godly people submitting to the God of
the Bible and following His Ten Commandments. But 43
did not mention that the 501(c)(3) corporate churches in
America today have submitted themselves to the government of Mammon,
and not to YHWH - the
God of the Bible. The proof of their apostasy is in the papers of
incorporation. "You [and your church] cannot serve God and

These 501(c)(3) churches do not balk at divorce, turn their back on
fornication, and refuse to confront liars and thieves in their midst.
In fact, the "born again" Christian churches should be embarrassed
to recognize that statistically they have a slightly higher
divorce rate (a little more than 50%), than the "unsaved" heathen
pressing in all around them. These government licensed corporate "facilitators
of religious expression" promote the spirit of government
submission rather than the truly American "Spirit of �76."
President George Bush, Ol' 43, forgot to
mention this great "falling away" mentioned in Bible prophecy,
which is occurring under his watch.

The truth is, when we realistically look at the "state of the union,"
we see the writing is on the wall for America - for America
is Babylon
, and Babylon is scheduled to fall.

February 4, 2002 -- Doug Hudson & James Lloyd

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