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Generation Of Vipers

or some years now, we have predicted the twin
timelines of parallel prophetic fulfillment will continue right down to
the last day. As the first tribulation occurred in Jerusalem in the
Roman siege of 66-70 AD, the second (and final) tribulation will parallel
that epic event.

UN Corrupton Continues Unchecked Under Kofi Annan

riday's announcement that another one of the myriad UN
investigation committees probing the Oil For Food disaster at the
UN found "gross mismanagement" and "possible corruption" in the
program, should be in primetime as a sitcom. Perhaps it could be
repackaged as a remake of the Keystone Cops, those bumbling
representatives of the law from yesteryear. Those following the
scandal already know that, this side of the Federal Reserve System,

UN Security Council Pushes For 10 Kings

he so-called Group of Four that was formed to
back each other's bids for permanent member seats in the UN Security
introduced their program to the general assembly on July 11 2005.
This catalyzed the opposition as competing plans were unveiled offering
several variations on a theme in terms of which nations (and how many)
will be included in the long anticipated new configuration of the Security