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Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?

aving studied the allegorical layers of Bible Prophecy for some years now, I find I always get a Spiritual charge when stumbling upon a Scriptural text which obviously has a literal, as well as a larger, metaphoric layer to it. The above question, taken from the Gospels where the angels query those who were looking for Jesus in the empty tomb, is just such a Scripture.

Calamity At The Cross

n the process of studying the person and descendants of Edom in the Scriptures, certain passages in the Old Testament recently confirmed something the LORD has now shown me hundreds of times – but one in particular nearly jumped off the page at me.  The verse in question is found in the Old Testament book of Obadiah, and right there in the middle of my probe into the Spiritual identity of the mysterious name of Edom, I found a literal reference to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Tri-Dimensional Truth Part III

n the present series dealing with the multi-dimensional layers of prophecy, I've sought to show how this physical realm is impacted by the earthly attempts of men to fulfill what they perceive to be their Spiritual destiny. In the last installment, we showed how Solomon, thinking the prophecy concerning the Son of David who would build a "house" for the LORD, applied the prophecy to himself.

Tri-Dimensional Truth Part II

ne of the great ironies in Bible prophecy is found when men and nations believe they are in the process of fulfilling the LORD's will and, in what appears to be an important move towards the LORD, they instead end up in direct opposition to God's amazing plan. Perhaps the classic example is found in the person of Solomon who, as we all know, starts out in perfect accord with God but concludes his existence in great dishonor and apostasy.

Tri-Dimensional Truth

n the national TV news this very morning, I was struck by two items – and both were very significant prophetically. However, one of them illustrated the progression of prophecy, within an allegorical strata, even as the other supported events in the realm of the physical, or literal plane of this world.

Serpents Slay And Scorpions Sting

n our ongoing study of the Spiritual identities found in prophetic metaphor, one of the more striking facts is found in the attributes of the two factions described throughout the Scriptures. These characteristics have to do with the twin towers of evil, imaged as the two beasts of Revelation, which are revealed to be Serpents and Scorpions.

Charles Nelson Reilly?

or many years, we've repeatedly lamented the appalling ignorance that is publicly promulgated concerning the history and origin of the pre-tribulation Rapture doctrine. Rapturists are broadly guilty of blindly accepting the doctrine put forth in vast numbers of churches, and uncritically accepting outrageously false statements made in defense of the doctrine.

Israel Is The Antichrist, The Church Is The False Prophet

ithout a doubt, the previous headline will inflame sensibilities in just about every corner – once again evoking the formulaic Dialectical response, in which Facts collide with Feelings, and the collision produces a flawed Philosophy. The bottom line in this profound equation is, regardless of the mystical flood of emotionally tainted iniquity that now permeates human thought processes, the statement is true.

Christian Media CURRENTS Show Examines The Mingling

How The People Of God Seek To Mingle With The Seed Of Men

 new installment of the Christian Media CURRENTS program, a radio series running on the alternative radio network, CMN, will air another program on Remnant Prophecy, and this week's episode explains the Spiritual reality which is anticipated in the book of Daniel, where the Seed of God – the true Remnant of Israel – seeks to mingle themselves with what the text calls "the seed of men" (Daniel 2:43).

The Provocation

any students of Bible prophecy have long recognized the concept of dual fulfillment. Perhaps the most obvious example is found in Jesus Christ’s Olivet Discourse, where He describes the Tribulational events which would occur at the Roman siege of Jerusalem, even as those same descriptions forecast events at the end of the age.

Cut `Em Off At The Cross Part IV

ut `Em Off At The Cross is a series of writings, based on the prophetic texts found in Obadiah, wherein the LORD reproaches the identity seen in the Old Testament as Edom. This is the mysterious name which stands in the way of those who were escaping the wrath of God, by moving through the "crossway" – and it was the wicked Spiritual entity identified asEdom, which sought to stop those seeking salvation at Calvary:

Cut `Em Off At The Cross

aving seen just about every great Western film ever made, I've learned the phrase "cut `em off at the pass" usually refers to a posse in hot pursuit of some desperados, who are attempting to escape the legendary long arm of the law. Imagine my surprise when I found essentially the same phrase in the Scriptures!

Maddening Wine

o many Biblical prophetic texts are thought to be simple figures of speech, but the years of studying the Scriptures are now indicating something far deeper is found in such verses. The title phrase, Maddening Wine, is just such a text.

Spoken by the prophet Jeremiah, the "Maddening Wine" was the "fruit" of the wicked ways of yet another metaphor – the nation, people, and religion of Babylon:

Power Over The Fourth Part

aving spent well over 15 years seeking to counter the fraudulent "Revived Roman Empire" doctrine through the dissemination of the true identity of the fabled four horsemen of the Apocalypse, I am still regularly confronted with false prophets teaching the "Jewish Fables" (Titus 1:14), which characterize our age.

A Gigantic Lie About John Gill

he present work is a continuation of Christian Media's ongoing refutation of the liars who continue to claim the pretribulation rapture doctrine has been taught throughout the Christian era – with the apostasy reaching the point where media manipulators routinely name specific individuals from earlier times, claiming they taught pretrib.

Spiritual Sustenance

aving survived the end of the age as predicted by the heathen false prophets of the human-sacrificing Mayan culture, we still face the "Christianized" finale of the season of Baal – that hideous annual event wherein a singular member of the ancient groves was sacrificed to Tammuz. I am, of course, referencing theSpiritual Sustenance annually derived through imbibing in the Spirit associated with "things offered to idols" (Acts 21:25).

Waxing Worse

he recent events in the nation, wherein multiple mass shootings occurred with a tragic loss of life, have many people stunned by the seemingly senseless nature of such carnage. From the deranged gunman who shot 19 (including Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords) and killed 6 at an Arizona political rally, to the so called "Batman" shooter who killed 12 and wounded 58 people at a film premiere, the violence continues to escalate.

The Pharaoh Who Knows Not Jesus

ith the knowledge that prophetic themes continue to recycle through the temporal timelines of human history, I've been struck by the eerie similarities between Barack Obama and the Pharaoh of the Passover/Exodus account. After generations of Egypt (read America) being blessed as a direct consequence of the nation's positive interaction with the Israelites (read the Christians), the Scriptures tell us a Pharaoh came to power who "knew not" the honoured figure of Joseph (read Jesus):

Circe And The Sirens

n Greek mythology, Circe was a female enchantress, who lured men to her island abode. She was known for her sensuality, her mastery of magic and potions, and a notorious legend in which she turned men into swine. Similarly, the Sirens were irresistible women, infamous for mesmerizing sailors who, once hearing their intoxicating song, were helplessly drawn to their deaths on the rocks of the island where they lived.

Infected With Iniquity

ike so many other written expositions on prophecy which I've been blessed to present, the idea of being Infected With Iniquitystarted out with the discovery of yet another Scripture communicating what the nature of The Triuniverse. Thus, the concept of equating sin as something which can "infect" a person is not only a Spiritually shallow observation, it's not the point at all – at least not in the account of Elisha healing a leper in the second book of the Kings.

The Signs Of Heaven

n an almost forgotten phrase found attached to another, frequently quoted portion of Scripture, we find the sentence used in the title of this writing. Most who are aware of Jeremiah's 10th chapter know the passage plainly tells the people of the LORD not to emulate the ways of the heathen, and the description of those "ways" we are to avoid, is focused on what is obviously the practice of obtaining and adorning what is now called a Christmas tree:

To Slay The Third Part Of Men

n the book of Revelation, at the 6th, and most destructive of the trumpet judgments, we see a Scripture describing four powerful angels who are released to deliver a dreadful judgment on a Christ rejecting world. Like so many other of the mysterious texts in the book of Revelation, I erroneously spent years reading this verse in a straight line, linear fashion.

Sodomocracy And The City

s America is immersed in the politically intense period known as an election, we regularly hear about the choices before us as citizens of the United States. The so-called "democratic process" is a phrase uttered frequently, yet very voters actually understand the distinction between a Democracy and aRepublic.

Posthumous Perversions

The Rapture Cult Revisionism Of Joseph Mede

oseph Mede is yet another name which frequently appears in the various and sundry lists published by the Cult that Kidnapped Christianity, in their ubiquitous attempts to rehabilitate the discredited doctrine of the pretribulation rapture.

Notes Before The Fire

he Good Cop Bad Cop: Choreographing Antichrist analysis in the new issue of the Christian Media newspaper, suggests thatBarack Obama has been functioning as "Bad Cop" for the Israel First worldview, aka the World Antichrist Religion Beast system (the WAR Beast), and is a powerful indicator Americans are being Spiritually manipulated to accept the Masonic/Mormon leadership of Mitt Romney, who would run the country, via a Jewish Supremacist cab

The Creator's Star?

lthough I am now rarely amazed at the degree of apostasy which continues to rise within the "Christian" church -- even I was surprised when one of our friends sent in a Christian school text book with a picture and a favorable mention of the hexagram -- the well known image of the six pointed star.

The Harbinger

An Analysis

he Harbinger is a unique fictional book, dealing with prophecy and the end times, which has become a significant best-seller. Written by a Rabbinical mystic named Jonathan Cahn, the book is so extraordinary that it has become the source of controversy among Christian leaders, as the Internet has been buzzing for many months with theological critiques, counter-accusations, and quite a bit of petty back-biting in the church. 

None Other Name – Part II

The Singularity Of Salvation

n part one of the present work, I sought to produce an exposition on how the LORD Jesus Christ is validated as the exclusive mediator between God and man, in a way which is related to the triune alignment of two parts cut off, and one part redeemed, as detailed by the prophet Zechariah:

The HIjacking Of Pierre Jurieu

The 17th Century Author Who Was Not A Pretribulationist

he Bible tells us that proclaiming the truth, in spite of the fact that we know most of the so called "church" isn't even remotely interested in it, is never a useless pursuit. Thus, with laptop firmly planted in position, I set out to record the truth of yet another historical figure, who is now helpless to resist the lies being written about him, as he has long since moved on to his final reckoning.

None Other Name

n one of my previous books entitled The Shining, I sought to describe a thread of Spiritual thought which showed how the LORD begins His work with a single individual, who sparks a move of the Spirit. A classic example of this is Moses, who encounters the glory of the LORD on an up close, and personal, basis.

The Obamacare Scare

Requiring A Mark Of The Beast RFID Chip Implant?

n another example of why we should have the death penalty for Internet hoaxers, another fraud is again bringing the Christian underground into disrepute. Rumours have continued to swirl that the Obama engineered health care law, colloquially known as Obamacare, requires an RFID chip implant early in 2013. This is untrue.

Now Is Not The Time

s America continues her descent into ever escalating cycles of the judgment of God, it is not considered "kosher" to point out the obvious – especially when people across the land are grieving the loss of life, homes, and livelihood. However, the Scriptures tell us the truth of the Gospel is to be preached "out of season" (II Timothy 4:2) as well as when it appears to be most appropriate.