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The Process

hose who read the present commentary on a consistent basis know that we regularly return to the subject of the Dialectic. This is not because it's this writer's favorite subject, it's because what some call THE PROCESS is so ubiquitous that we are confronted with it every single day. On any given workday, I begin my chores by checking the newswires on the net, usually with some form of TV news on a separate screen at my desk.   

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread And...


he other day as I perused the news trying to decide what to write about for the regular commentary you're reading, the thought occurred to me a reference to debt is found in the classic text known as The Lord's Prayer. This is hardly revolutionary, except I hadn't really thought about the idea that Jesus wasn't actually saying that we should petition God to help us get out from under our debts, He was saying we should ask the Father to forgive us for incurring debt in the first place -- because it's a sin.   

Christ And Qaddaffi

And The Multitude That Murders

s I watched the footage of Moammar Qaddaffi being mauled by the frenzied Libyan militia on network television, my thoughts couldn't help but wander to Jesus, and the ancient crowd of Roman soldiers who buffeted Him. In similar fashion, like a pack of wild jackals ripping and tearing as they close in on their prey, neither bloodthirsty crowd would show any mercy.   

Surrogates Part VII

The Prophetic Piñata Of The Antichrist

n the ongoing series of political and prophetic commentaries entitled Surrogates, we've explored the subject of concealed identity. As we've previously noted, political powers have usedsurrogacy for millennia, to gain tactical advantage over their rivals. The practice continues today, with classic examples found via the agency of Hamas (which is Iran disguised as Palestinians), Hezbollah (which is also Iran disguised as Lebanese), and Al Qaida (sometimes spelled Al CIAda -- as a pun on the hidden hand behind that important group). There are many more examples.   

Palestinians Disappointed In Israeli-Hamas Prisoner Swap?

Israel Agrees To Release Over 1,000 Jailed Palestinians In Exchange For ONE Long Held Private

 Lebanese press report says that some Palestinians are voicing disappointment over the prisoner swap just agreed to -- a deal which was so overwhelmingly in favor of the Palestinians that it raised eyebrows among even disinterested bystanders. The wildly imbalanced prisoner exchange of over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners -- many of whom were being held on charges of violence and terrorism -- in exchange for one esteemed private named Gilad Shalit, underscores the reality of the difficult relations between the Jews and the Palestinians in their midst.

Mainstream Media Preparing The Masses For Iran War

he present media blitz with the story of Mexican criminals allegedly recruited to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador while on American turf is not only troubling on its face, it embodies the classical mind massage which presages what is certain to be an unpopular military conflict. To put it another way, mainstream media has been proven to be more than a willing participant in public policy, for they are active change agents in the justification of the conflagration which is dead ahead.

The Debt Bomb

lmost 19 years ago, I remember reading the cover story of a rather apocalyptically titled issue of Time Magazine, in which the cover story was called The Debt Bomb. At the time, I remember thinking what an interesting imagery that conveyed for, although I knew that governments, and other institutions were heavily debt laden, the picture of having it "explode" really hit home. I immediately sat down and read the piece.

Turning The World Upside Down

egular readers of Christian Media know the Word of God is positively overflowing with indicators of supernatural engineering, which are seen in the various prophetic threads running from the Old Testament where it is concealed, and crossing into the New Testament, where it is revealed. With the ominous phrase where the LORD promises to “turn the world upside down,” we find yet another example of just how God communicates to those who have ears to hear.

Nathan Leal – Another Nearsighted Watchman

athan Leal is an independent prophecy figure with a ministry called Watchman’s Cry. Based in Idaho, his newsletters offer Christian encouragement and doctrine, with an emphasis on prophecy. Repeatedly representing his ministry as a part of what he calls “the remnant church,” Leal is another teacher in enormous error who has ignored and, as we shall see, lashed out at those who have sought to reprove his false doctrine.


n odd thing happened the other day. I noticed, for the first time, that on my radio and TV shows, for several years now, I had been publicly pronouncing the IranianMahmoud Ahmahdinejad's name syllabically so you could hear the word Mahdiin his name, even though virtually all mainstream media places the emphasis on the 3rd syllable, and pronounces his name Ama -- Dihna -- Jad.

Does Not Equal The Truth

ecades ago, when I got my first computer, I also bought a book on databases. I had a list of media contacts I wanted to stay in touch with, and a relative had convinced me that computers were going to be a big thing. The first thing I learned was something they called Boolean Logic, and I never forgot it. For those of you like me who flunked algebra, or are bereft of silicon skills, the logic is applied to a sort of reverse request.


any people know about the instinctive process found in human beings which is typically dubbed Fight Or Flight. This is said to be associated with some form of primal nature in which people, when confronted by a powerful force (such as a physical predator), have a split second decision whether they will fight, or flee -- hence the widely used concept of Fight Or Flight.


Things Which They Know Not

recently found an interesting play on the word “know,” which is frequently found in the Scriptures, and the way these verses correlate to each other allowed me to glimpse into the eternal fate of those whom the text says, “know not God.”


The signature phrase from which I derived the title of the present work is found in the little book of Jude:


The Deadly Wound

hristians who have read the Bible are certainly aware the book of Revelation mentions something called a "deadly wound," which strikes the Beast described in that profound writing. Like all prophecy, because there are so many voices with contradictory "interpretations" being offered concerning this strange "wound," there are hundreds of versions explaining the opinions of men, which describe the this "deadly wound." 

The Spirit Who Speaks Of His Own

n the Gospels, we find a revealing interaction that helps us to understand just how the Spirit of the LORD functions. This same Scriptural example also helps us to diagnose the Spirit of Antichrist. The idea in the present exposition is to recognize the supernatural character traits, which are revealed in the interaction between the Spirit of the LORD, and the Spirit of Antichrist, in an effort to apply that knowledge to our own lives.


The Sealing Of The Saints

he 7th chapter of Revelation speaks of a mysterious group, which is commonly called the 144,000. While various theological teachers and leaders contend with each other concerning the true identity of this body of people, the fact that they are to be sealed in anticipation of an impending destruction is frequently overlooked. It is that “sealing” which I wish to address.


Snapshots - U

Uptegrove, Ken – Arkansas based (ArkHaven Ministries) Post Tribulationist author associated with Tribulation Network, a double minded Stealth Dispensationalist group. A recent article by Uptegrove illustrates his inconsistency, as he decried the Pre-Trib position, he cited favorably from a researcher from Pre-Trib liar Chuck Missler’s Koinonia House.

Snapshots - G

G8 - The Group of 8 Northern industrialized nations. Formerly the G7 + Russia, the G8 is seen in prophecy when the King Of The North faces off against the King Of The South, to force a synthesis of globalism in Jerusalem.  other writer's work.

Chris & Sharon Blodgett

his essay is an examination of Chris and Sharon Blodgett, a "Christian" couple that was associated with the Christian Media ministry until February of 2001. Over the last 2½ years, in the fashion of agent provocateurs, they have repeatedly slandered, lied, and manipulated certain facts about the Christian Media ministry in general, and my wife Susan and myself in particular.

A Criminal Bill Of Indictment: Broadcaster Bill Brumbaugh Exposed As A Liar, A Thief & A Fraud

ill Brumbaugh is a radio host, presently the host of an internet radio program. His program, the ProActive News, is heard daily. Brumbaugh has been closely associated with veteran "patriot" broadcaster Steve Quayle - when both were broadcasting on a daily basis with the Genesis Network, one of the networks that Mr. Brumbaugh was previously associated with. Extensive evidence has been available for over 7 years that conclusively demonstrates Bill Brumbaugh is a pathological liar.

Ripoffs Unlimited A Critical Examination Of Response Unlimited - A Christian Direct Mail Company

ver the years, Christian Media has had occasion to do investigative journalism on a variety of media sectors engaged in a multitude of Christian ministry activities. Some of our more recent readers are unaware of the fact that before our organization became so intensely involved in Bible Prophecy, we spent many years in commercial media work specializing in the Christian media - hence the actual name of our ministry.


Similar to Gay Marriage, Planned Parenthood, The Federal Reserve, and Christian Scientists, Yahwehbenyahweh is just another oxymoron (emphasis on the moron) from the pit. The self-proclaimed "son of god" is the spiritual founder of the P.E.E.S.S Foundation (pronounced "peace"), which is an acronym for Politically Economically Educationally Socially Spiritually.

God's Wrath On Lisa Ruby

isa Ruby is the author of a book refuting the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine entitled God's Wrath On Left Behind. Married to Mr. Lisa Ruby, a man named Gary, Lisa has executed an end run around the Biblical imperative regarding the disallowance of women taking the pastoral leadership in teaching.