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Remnant's Hope & Pastor Tim Butler

Tim Butler is a former member of the Brother Stair commune in South Carolina. He claims he gave Stair significant amounts of money before breaking with the aged radio figure (for more on Stair, see the ProFile under False Prophets). As I had been monitoring the burgeoning scandal alleging Stair's sexual contact with underage girls, I was interested in Butler's then independent Shortwave broadcast entitled Remnant's Hope, where he exposed Brother Stair's illicit activities.


Prophecynewswatch is one of hundreds, if not thousands of prophecy oriented "Christian" websites. Like so many others, this web presence is false on so many levels it's difficult to know where to start. One gets a clue on the front page as they advertise the latest book from Rapture Cultist Chuck Missler.

The Prophecy Club A Critical Examination Of That Bunch In Topeka Kansas With The Registered Trademark

he Prophecy Club®, a national touring and Christian speakers bureau, is currently embroiled in a controversy involving charges of financial irregularities, misrepresentation, and abusive practices involving Christian prophecy authors and other ministry figures inside and outside of the company.

The Cutting Edge - aka David Bay

The Cutting Edge is another Rapture Cult website that is making substantial inroads into Remnant circles. In what could be dubbed the Second Wave, this site represents a rather dangerous form of Rapturism in that such "ministries" have adapted themselves so that they appear more like the true Remnant ministries that have had some success in the last few years in drawing people out of the Whore of Babylon. 

Wave Of TV Personalities With On-Air Aphasia

bizarre wave of television personalities have recently experienced sudden bouts of on-air confusion, and spontaneously spouted gibberish, causing some to suspect a black budget technology may be involved.

In no less than  four high-profile cases, the latest involving the popular daytime TV figure known as Judge Judy, the on camera talent started out with their planned program, but suddenly fell into an apparently unexpected babbling dialogue.

The Media Demon

    About 35 years ago, as I began studying the power of media in our society, I began to realize how all pervasive the Spirit of Antichrist has actually become in America culture. As I researched the subject, I became convinced that every form of media was deeply indwelled with the Spirit of the Age.

The Corrupt Tree Called The NIV

    Many have already heard about the controversy surrounding modern Bible translations; however, many Christians are still unaware of the battle that is raging behind the lines over the WORD of God. Another literary artillery round has just been fired by the liars that put out the NIV - what Christian Media refers to as the Never Inspired Version.

Sidewinder Seeking Salvation

f the world survives long enough, we might yet see a personals ad similar to the above headline. Obviously, such an ad would be completely insane, but as the flood that flows out of the mouth of the dragon continues to splash over and around the remnant saints, and the religionists described as tares in the New Testament continue to deteriorate in their thinking, just about any depth of depravity may still be possible.

The Secular Bible Study Hour

he so-called Secular Bible Study Hour is a weekly shortwave radio broadcast that claims the Bible is thoroughly untrustworthy, and not to be believed. Hosted by a complete reprobate named Dr. Elliott Lesser, the program claims there are "thousand" of errors in the scriptures. Dr. Lesser mails out, and promotes subscriptions to, The Bibles Review Newsletter, a newsletter published by people who apparently live to criticize the Bible.

Internet Eblasters Present Potpourri Of Opinions Unprecedented Variety Of Worldviews Carry No Disclaimers -- Let The Buyer Beware

s a media oriented, alternative ministry regularly posting news and commentary on many Internet websites, GEO is in the position of reviewing a large volume of net posts from widely diverse sources. In addition to the multitude of forums, announcement boards, and bulk email lists, we receive many postings from energetic individuals, who are driven by their own belief structure.

U.S. taxpayers to fund $20m remake of Sesame Street...for Pakistan

he United States is funding a Pakistani remake of the popular TV children's show Sesame Street.

In a new effort to win hearts and minds in Pakistan, USAID – the development arm of the US government – is donating $20m (£12m) to the country to create a local Urdu version of the show.

The project aims to boost education in Pakistan, where many children have no access to regular schooling.

The show is to be filmed in Lahore and aired later in the year.

Glen Beck Leading Mormons Into Two House Union With Israel Millionaire Media Figure will address Christians For Israel Event In DC

s if on cue, conservative Fox broadcaster Glen Beck has announced he will discontinue his hugely popular series on the Fox Network, even as the politically powerful Judaeo-Christian group Christians United For Israel (CUFI) announced Beck will be the keynote speaker at the group's crucial Washington DC event in July 2011.

Busybodies & Bulletin Boards

CHRISTIAN MEDIA - June 10, 2002

    The Internet has drawn Christians like ants to a picnic. Although many are concerned about this high tech window to the enormous archive of earthly knowledge that it distributes, the consensus seems to be that the medium’s benefits outweigh its shortcomings. However, that perceived benefit does not mean that every aspect of the net should be utilized.

Colonel Bo Gritz

olonel James "Bo" Gritz is a highly visible talk show host, Green Beret veteran, former Presidential candidate and Patriot leader. Gritz is a very controversial figure who has repeatedly attracted mainstream media attention. Bo became relatively well known to many Americans when he made several high profile trips to Southeast Asia looking for POW's in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Prophetic Echoes

n continuing to study the events of the end times, I’ve long observed a rather strange phenomenon, associated with parallel doctrines found in disparate groups. For many years, I had noticed the curious fact that false doctrine is frequently a distorted version of the truth — and this odd manifestation can actually help us to diagnose the errors in Christian doctrine in general, and Bible prophecy in particular.

The Avatar Of Truth

merican movie audiences are presently enthralled with an outstanding motion picture project entitled Avatar. Although the movie has yet to be seen by vast numbers of people, those who have seen the film are aware the project embodies several technical breakthroughs which provide the viewer of the movie with a sensory perception that is unprecedented. To put it bluntly, Avatar is nothing short of spectacular.

The Download Of Life

echnology has given many a glimpse into what Jesus called “the powers of the heavens,” in that we can see, by analogy, how the Triuniverse operates. This is particularly true in the idea of individual computers, and the larger, more powerful systems that comprise the networks of computer systems known as the Internet.

The Book


    The word "bible" translates, literally, to "book." So the Bible is "the Book." But is it just a book?


    The Holy Scriptures, comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament, is actually 66 separate "scriptures" (writings) from about 40 authors on several different continents. The manuscripts were written in three different languages over a 1,600-year period.

Ripoffs Unlimited A Critical Examination Of Response Unlimited - A Christian Direct Mail Company

ver the years, Christian Media has had occasion to do investigative journalism on a variety of media sectors engaged in a multitude of Christian ministry activities. Some of our more recent readers are unaware of the fact that before our organization became so intensely involved in Bible Prophecy, we spent many years in commercial media work specializing in the Christian media - hence the actual name of our ministry.

The Lord's Coming Herald

he Lord's Coming Herald is an Amillennial newsletter coming from the Wesleyan (Methodist) perspective, this letter produced by a small ministry with the unlikely name Rapture Revival Ministries, looks on its surface to be sound theologically. Edited by a man named Gary Cutler, this newsletter pointedly attacks the rapture doctrine.

The House Of Yahweh

he House Of Yahweh Newsletter is published by one of the many so-called "sacred name" cults. This one comes from a group of the same name run by one Yisrayl Hawkins, a leader that has unabashedly portrayed himself as a prophet. How curious then that he issues prophetic statements that don't line up with the scriptures!

George Lamsa & The Peshitta

The Peshitta is the term used to describe the body of Bible translations that were written in Aramaic. The ancient Aramaic translation traces to Syria, and its supporters claim it is the original New Testament. This flies in the face of mountains of scholarship pointing to the Greek as the original manuscripts for the New Testament.

FBI Releases Classified Memo Claimed As Proof Of ET At Roswell Crash UFO Enthusiasts Exhilarated That FBI Memo Released From "The Vault" Is Conclusive Proof Of Extraterrestrial Presence

ajor media is reporting the online release of a memo, previously classified by the FBI, that appears to prove that alien bodies were recovered in the famed Roswell New Mexico crash in 1947.

Part of a treasure trove of secretive documents, the FBI released thousands of files to a new online resource known as The Vault.

The Roswell memo in question, was addressed to Guy Hottel, a high ranking FBI official, and it is dated 1950 -- 3 years after the alleged crash.

Latest FBI Memo Release Claims UFO Connection To JFK Assassination Following UFO Roswell Memo Release Last Week, Old FBI Documents Point To JFK Probe Into UFO Secrets As Motive For Murder

new bombshell has emerged from what many view as a government propaganda vehicle designed to gradually release secret data on UFO's. Following up on the recent Roswell memo mentioning 9 "alien" bodies connected with the 1947 crash, another just released "memo" suggests that John F Kennedy had intended to take control of government/alien interactions, and was killed by entrenched black budget interests.

American Free Press Distorts The Truth In Essay On New Rapture Video


merican Free Press, the political newspaper that succeeded the now defunct paper known as The Spotlight, recently ran a feature essay that grossly distorted the issue of the so-called "rapture." Under the blaring headline, New Video 'Enrapturing' (complete with a picture of the cover of the video entitled "The Rapture : Biblical Fact - or Left Behind Fiction?"), the lengthy review completely concealed the video's false conclusion.

The Alex Jones Affair A Christian Patriot Family Betrayed

hen one remembers that messy business in Waco involving the Branch Davidians, it's not difficult to think that Texas seems to be particularly in the grip of the Antichrist spirit. At this writing, another family there is also under siege. John Joseph Gray and his wife and kids have been in a stand-off with the authorities since January, 2000. His daughter and grandchildren were being sought for a custody battle as well.

Descent Into Darkness: The Madness Of Michael Taube

ichael Taube was at one time associated with the Christian Media Network and and Internet ministry. An Eastern family man who was like-minded with Christian Media, Michael had run a health food store when his understanding of alternative health issues caught our eye. He was originally interviewed on the CMN health show Sound Body, and subsequently guest hosted for Susan Lenox on that program.

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. McHyde

hen it comes to prophecy writer Tim McHyde, a close examination of his prophetic output shows us he is the proverbial double minded man detailed in the New Testament. Like the fictional character Dr. Jekyll who is regularly transformed into the hideous Mr. Hyde, author Tim McHyde deftly moves back and forth from reason to complete lunacy -- and he apparently does it all without drinking any special potions.

Changing The Truth To Suit His Needs: Joseph Chambers & Paw Creek Ministries

he Reverend Joseph Chambers is the senior pastor of Paw Creek Ministries based out of Charlotte North Carolina. Chambers, 66, has been a minister since 1957, and since 1972 has hosted a weekly radio call in program that is heard nation wide and on the Internet entitled Open Bible Dialogue. The ministry also publishes a prophecy newspaper called End Times Newsletter.

David Wolfe

Pastor David Wolfe is a rapture cult pastor that has broadcast over Shortwave and satellite for many years. Originally on the Amerinet Network with Jeff Baker,Wolfe has been caught on air intentionally lying on a repeated basis. 

His ministry organization, The Fountain of Truth, controls a radio station in Rochester New York. Wolfe also has interests in insurance, in addition to his pastorate in New York. During his Amerinet Broadcasting days, on numerous radio programs, David Wolfe demonstrated that he is indeed, a very slippery character. 

Ellen G. White Seventh Day Adventism

he 7th Day Adventist (SDA) denomination is a sectarian group that developed in the wake of the Millerite movement in 1844. For a thorough understanding of the SDA, it is necessary to be versed in the events associated with what came to be called The Great Disappointment - when Christ did not return on the date (October 22 1844) predicted by Pastor William Miller.

David Wegener

avid Wegener is a Christian prophecy figure that has established himself with a series of speaking engagements. He initially made a name for himself through a relatively high profile tour with the Prophecy Club.

Jim Staley – Passion For Truth Ministries

im Staley of Passion For Truth Ministries is deeply engaged in the Hebrew Roots movement. A former broadcaster on the GLC TV network (which does not tolerate anything but Jewish Supremacism), Staley is closely identified with Messianic and Torah Observant groups – thus, although the doctrine appears to be sound at first glance, a more thorough look clearly identifies it as Jewish Supremacism, also known as the "Jews are the chosen people" fraud which was demolished under the New Covenant.

David J Smith

avid is the leader of an incorporated ministry called the Church of God Evangelistic Association, Inc. Because COGEA utlilizes a non-profit status, it is evidently a government registered 501C3, IRS tax-exempt organization. Since both incorporation, as well as federal tax exemption requirements mandate a legally binding vow to submit the entity to the authority of the beast government, we have a serious problem with David J Smith before we even get out of the starting gate.

The Michael Rood Brand Of Ministry

n a mailing to his supporters in July 2008, Messianic Jewish apostate Michael Rood recently noted a significant milestone in his ministry. Writing in his newsletter entitled Prepare For A Rood Awakening, the colorful figure noted the one-year anniversary of the nasty break with his own ministry leadership - a conflict which resulted in the complete restructuring of Rood's fund raising organization.

The Masterful Graft Of Grant Jeffrey

author and TBN television host Grant Jeffrey has been utilizing the same methodology as Rapture Cult cohort Chuck Missler in his dishonest handling of the historical records concerning the development of the pretribulational rapture doctrine. Missler's deceitful practices are dealt with extensively in the book The Rapture Cult, where it is learned the many ancient sources Missler claimed taught the pretribulation rapture are documented as being post-tribulational.