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Omegashock - also called the Shock Letter (the name used on his Prophecy E-Letter). Just another Jewish Supremacist false prophet. Boringly similar to the ever growing ranks of Post-Tribulationist Rapture Cultists, author John Little routinely points his readers to the usual False prophets of Post-Trib -- Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, etc. Little peddles the usual drivel seeking to raise opposition to Islam, decrying the US departure from Biblical sanity, and more -- yet he continues to preach the Other Gospel of Stealth Dispensationalism where Flesh and Blood (read the Jewish folks) does inherit the kingdom of God. 

Orion - The constellation mentioned in the book of Job. Orion was a Grecian name for a heathen deity the Arabs believed was a giant. His myth has him bound in the sky for his offense against another deity. See Saturn And The Star Seed for more on the enduring mythic variations which are all related to the fall of Lucifer.


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