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Yahwehbenyahweh - Cult leader working primarily within black community in US, and in foreign countries. Strange mixture of sacred name tenets with racist overtones. Also called YBY, a more detailed look at his theology is found at Yahwehbenyahweh.

YATI - Your Arms To Israel - Two House Sacred Name group. Publishes "The Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition" Bible. For more on the Sacred Name movement, see the file in the ProFiles section under Doctrines

YHWH - Hebrew name for the LORD as seen in the manuscripts. Variously pronounced Yahway, Jehovah , YahoVehHu, etc. the ancient scribes routinely substituted The Lord in deference to God's proper name. Numourous groups have used the historical transliteration of the name as a vehicle to draw people to their particular version of how God should be addressed. See the ProFile on the subject, or for a detailed look at the name and the aberrational history of the doctrine, see the book Speaking The Sacred Name by James Lloyd in the catalog at, or the 2 hour audio tape commentary also in the online catalog.

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