False Prophets

ne of the most misunderstood terms in the Bible. Jesus told us that we would be inundated in False Prophets in the days preceding His return. Christian Media Research considers the primary characteristics of False Prophets to be found in Deuteronomy chapter 13. There, the text tells us a False Prophet is one who is "a dreamer of dreams," or one who performs "a sign or a wonder" and then leads people to follow "other gods."

This is in sharp contrast to the mainline church perspective that a False Prophet is one who fails to achieve 100% accuracy in his (or her) predictions. That descriptive passage, found in Deuteronomy 18, actually provides the Messianic characteristics of the prophet that God promised would be like unto Himself. This grave error, in the most fundamental description of what constitutes a False Prophet, has critically hampered the organized Christian church from recognizing the Antichrist power in their midst.

Because the Babylonian "Christian" church has subtly shifted the truth of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet, the ProFiles carried in this section of the website frequently describe individuals the mainstream church has largely refused to acknowledge as False Prophets.

This section of Christian Media Research includes a lengthy treatment on the subject of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet.

The Perkins Circus: Don Perkins, False Prophet

on Perkins is a Rapture Cult leader, who is firmly committed to the false doctrine of Dispensationalism. Based in Southern California, Perkin’s website according2prophecy.org, aggressively promotes the false doctrine of the Rapture, as Perkins continues to draw unwary believers into his web of theological deceit. Very active as a speaker on the Cult church circuit, Don Perkins moves easily within evangelical circles, and is readily accepted at prophecy conferences across the nation.

The Harbinger

An Analysis

he Harbinger is a unique fictional book, dealing with prophecy and the end times, which has become a significant best-seller. Written by a Rabbinical mystic named Jonathan Cahn, the book is so extraordinary that it has become the source of controversy among Christian leaders, as the Internet has been buzzing for many months with theological critiques, counter-accusations, and quite a bit of petty back-biting in the church. 

The Birds Of Babylon

n Christ’s parable of the Sower and the Seed, the LORD used the analogy of devilish birds who steal away the seed of truth, which bounced off those in the tale who heard the Word, and did not understand it. This imagery evokes a comparison of the latest strain of the Apostasia, as clusters of these unclean birds of a feather are being hailed as prophecy “experts,” even as they are warmly received in the whited sepulchers of the Rapture Cult.

The Shearer Of The Sheep

The False Doctrine Of Douglas Shearer

ouglas Ray Shearer is the retired founder, and former Senior Pastor of a large religious organization in Sacramento California known as New Hope Christian Fellowship. The “Church” was incorporated in 1982, the same year Pastor Shearer’s bio states he founded New Hope, so it is self evident Shearer is fully aware of government requirements for an incorporated “Church.” The current pastor of the church (a large real estate developer) is listed as the president of the corporation – and he is also the “registered agent” of the corporation – a role previously occupied by Shearer.

Nathan Leal – Another Nearsighted Watchman

athan Leal is an independent prophecy figure with a ministry called Watchman’s Cry. Based in Idaho, his newsletters offer Christian encouragement and doctrine, with an emphasis on prophecy. Repeatedly representing his ministry as a part of what he calls “the remnant church,” Leal is another teacher in enormous error who has ignored and, as we shall see, lashed out at those who have sought to reprove his false doctrine.

Descent Into Darkness: The Madness Of Michael Taube

ichael Taube was at one time associated with the Christian Media Network and and Internet ministry. An Eastern family man who was like-minded with Christian Media, Michael had run a health food store when his understanding of alternative health issues caught our eye. He was originally interviewed on the CMN health show Sound Body, and subsequently guest hosted for Susan Lenox on that program.