False Prophets

ne of the most misunderstood terms in the Bible. Jesus told us that we would be inundated in False Prophets in the days preceding His return. Christian Media Research considers the primary characteristics of False Prophets to be found in Deuteronomy chapter 13. There, the text tells us a False Prophet is one who is "a dreamer of dreams," or one who performs "a sign or a wonder" and then leads people to follow "other gods."

This is in sharp contrast to the mainline church perspective that a False Prophet is one who fails to achieve 100% accuracy in his (or her) predictions. That descriptive passage, found in Deuteronomy 18, actually provides the Messianic characteristics of the prophet that God promised would be like unto Himself. This grave error, in the most fundamental description of what constitutes a False Prophet, has critically hampered the organized Christian church from recognizing the Antichrist power in their midst.

Because the Babylonian "Christian" church has subtly shifted the truth of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet, the ProFiles carried in this section of the website frequently describe individuals the mainstream church has largely refused to acknowledge as False Prophets.

This section of Christian Media Research includes a lengthy treatment on the subject of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet.

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. McHyde

hen it comes to prophecy writer Tim McHyde, a close examination of his prophetic output shows us he is the proverbial double minded man detailed in the New Testament. Like the fictional character Dr. Jekyll who is regularly transformed into the hideous Mr. Hyde, author Tim McHyde deftly moves back and forth from reason to complete lunacy -- and he apparently does it all without drinking any special potions.

Changing The Truth To Suit His Needs: Joseph Chambers & Paw Creek Ministries

he Reverend Joseph Chambers is the senior pastor of Paw Creek Ministries based out of Charlotte North Carolina. Chambers, 66, has been a minister since 1957, and since 1972 has hosted a weekly radio call in program that is heard nation wide and on the Internet entitled Open Bible Dialogue. The ministry also publishes a prophecy newspaper called End Times Newsletter.

David Wolfe

Pastor David Wolfe is a rapture cult pastor that has broadcast over Shortwave and satellite for many years. Originally on the Amerinet Network with Jeff Baker,Wolfe has been caught on air intentionally lying on a repeated basis. 

His ministry organization, The Fountain of Truth, controls a radio station in Rochester New York. Wolfe also has interests in insurance, in addition to his pastorate in New York. During his Amerinet Broadcasting days, on numerous radio programs, David Wolfe demonstrated that he is indeed, a very slippery character. 

Ellen G. White Seventh Day Adventism

he 7th Day Adventist (SDA) denomination is a sectarian group that developed in the wake of the Millerite movement in 1844. For a thorough understanding of the SDA, it is necessary to be versed in the events associated with what came to be called The Great Disappointment - when Christ did not return on the date (October 22 1844) predicted by Pastor William Miller.

David Wegener

avid Wegener is a Christian prophecy figure that has established himself with a series of speaking engagements. He initially made a name for himself through a relatively high profile tour with the Prophecy Club.