False Prophets

ne of the most misunderstood terms in the Bible. Jesus told us that we would be inundated in False Prophets in the days preceding His return. Christian Media Research considers the primary characteristics of False Prophets to be found in Deuteronomy chapter 13. There, the text tells us a False Prophet is one who is "a dreamer of dreams," or one who performs "a sign or a wonder" and then leads people to follow "other gods."

This is in sharp contrast to the mainline church perspective that a False Prophet is one who fails to achieve 100% accuracy in his (or her) predictions. That descriptive passage, found in Deuteronomy 18, actually provides the Messianic characteristics of the prophet that God promised would be like unto Himself. This grave error, in the most fundamental description of what constitutes a False Prophet, has critically hampered the organized Christian church from recognizing the Antichrist power in their midst.

Because the Babylonian "Christian" church has subtly shifted the truth of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet, the ProFiles carried in this section of the website frequently describe individuals the mainstream church has largely refused to acknowledge as False Prophets.

This section of Christian Media Research includes a lengthy treatment on the subject of the scriptural definition of a False Prophet.

Jim Staley – Passion For Truth Ministries

im Staley of Passion For Truth Ministries is deeply engaged in the Hebrew Roots movement. A former broadcaster on the GLC TV network (which does not tolerate anything but Jewish Supremacism), Staley is closely identified with Messianic and Torah Observant groups – thus, although the doctrine appears to be sound at first glance, a more thorough look clearly identifies it as Jewish Supremacism, also known as the "Jews are the chosen people" fraud which was demolished under the New Covenant.

David J Smith

avid is the leader of an incorporated ministry called the Church of God Evangelistic Association, Inc. Because COGEA utlilizes a non-profit status, it is evidently a government registered 501C3, IRS tax-exempt organization. Since both incorporation, as well as federal tax exemption requirements mandate a legally binding vow to submit the entity to the authority of the beast government, we have a serious problem with David J Smith before we even get out of the starting gate.

The Michael Rood Brand Of Ministry

n a mailing to his supporters in July 2008, Messianic Jewish apostate Michael Rood recently noted a significant milestone in his ministry. Writing in his newsletter entitled Prepare For A Rood Awakening, the colorful figure noted the one-year anniversary of the nasty break with his own ministry leadership - a conflict which resulted in the complete restructuring of Rood's fund raising organization.

The Masterful Graft Of Grant Jeffrey

author and TBN television host Grant Jeffrey has been utilizing the same methodology as Rapture Cult cohort Chuck Missler in his dishonest handling of the historical records concerning the development of the pretribulational rapture doctrine. Missler's deceitful practices are dealt with extensively in the book The Rapture Cult, where it is learned the many ancient sources Missler claimed taught the pretribulation rapture are documented as being post-tribulational.

Jack Hook

his essay is an open rebuke of Jewish Dispensationalist Jack Hook resulting from a recent email he sent out to many members of the Body of Christ, for it was an email that needs to be rebutted. In addition, as a member of the Remnant of Israel, a born-again believer in Jesus the Christ, and a student of end-times prophecies, I would like to point out an alarming trend; a growing expectation among deceived Christians who believe as Mr.

Jerry Falwell

erry Fallwell of the Liberty Baptist Church in Virginia has long been in the public eye. For many years, he has produced a national television broadcast - most recently on the Cornerstone TV satellite feed out of Pennsylvania.

The Intellectual Dishonesty of Stan & Holly Deyo

tan and Holly Deyo run a ministry called Millennium Ark, and both are popular figures in alternative media. Publicly associated with high profile media icons such as  Steve Quayle (Holly runs Steve's website), Art Bell, and other flashy figures in alternative media, the Deyos are what are usually called Stealth Dispensationalists – which is a nice word for those who have subtly infiltrated the Remnant Christian community with the Antichristdoctrine of the Rapture Cult.

The Deadly Medicine Of Dr Bill Deagle

r. Bill Deagle is a prophecy writer and speaker who burst upon the national prophecy scene last year with a series of high-profile speaking tours for the Prophecy Club 1. Deagle, who is also a medical doctor, has written a lengthy work entitled Clay and Iron - Answers To the Endtime Puzzle, in which he details his prophetic understanding. Additionally, he recently began publishing a newsletter under the banner of Clay and Iron Ministries.

The House That Herbert Built The Worldwide Church Of God

he Worldwide Church Of God is a church that was founded decades ago by the late Herbert W Armstrong. A unique blend of British-Israelism, Seventh Day Sabbatarianism, and a return to the observance of Old Testament holy days, the WCOG held a 'lesser deity' view of Jesus similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Pronounced a cult by the mainstream church, what some called Armstrongism flourished until the founder's demise. Among the most notable outreaches was the widely read magazine The Plain Truth.