his section is designated to cover various types of media, including print and broadcasting. We have also placed studies related to the Bible and scholarship (translations, manuscripts, etc) here because the Bible is media. For examplthe Aramaic translation called the Peshitta is media, and it is detailed here. This section also profiles media personalities (radio, tv, & print celebrities) who are not necessarily identified in a ministry category, or any of the other subsets found in this ProFiles section. Periodicals and other publications are included.

The topics and individuals below are media oriented, and they are influential enough to merit their inclusion on our website.

Wave Of TV Personalities With On-Air Aphasia

bizarre wave of television personalities have recently experienced sudden bouts of on-air confusion, and spontaneously spouted gibberish, causing some to suspect a black budget technology may be involved.

In no less than  four high-profile cases, the latest involving the popular daytime TV figure known as Judge Judy, the on camera talent started out with their planned program, but suddenly fell into an apparently unexpected babbling dialogue.

The Media Demon

    About 35 years ago, as I began studying the power of media in our society, I began to realize how all pervasive the Spirit of Antichrist has actually become in America culture. As I researched the subject, I became convinced that every form of media was deeply indwelled with the Spirit of the Age.

The Corrupt Tree Called The NIV

    Many have already heard about the controversy surrounding modern Bible translations; however, many Christians are still unaware of the battle that is raging behind the lines over the WORD of God. Another literary artillery round has just been fired by the liars that put out the NIV - what Christian Media refers to as the Never Inspired Version.

Sidewinder Seeking Salvation

f the world survives long enough, we might yet see a personals ad similar to the above headline. Obviously, such an ad would be completely insane, but as the flood that flows out of the mouth of the dragon continues to splash over and around the remnant saints, and the religionists described as tares in the New Testament continue to deteriorate in their thinking, just about any depth of depravity may still be possible.

The Secular Bible Study Hour

he so-called Secular Bible Study Hour is a weekly shortwave radio broadcast that claims the Bible is thoroughly untrustworthy, and not to be believed. Hosted by a complete reprobate named Dr. Elliott Lesser, the program claims there are "thousand" of errors in the scriptures. Dr. Lesser mails out, and promotes subscriptions to, The Bibles Review Newsletter, a newsletter published by people who apparently live to criticize the Bible.

Internet Eblasters Present Potpourri Of Opinions Unprecedented Variety Of Worldviews Carry No Disclaimers -- Let The Buyer Beware

s a media oriented, alternative ministry regularly posting news and commentary on many Internet websites, GEO is in the position of reviewing a large volume of net posts from widely diverse sources. In addition to the multitude of forums, announcement boards, and bulk email lists, we receive many postings from energetic individuals, who are driven by their own belief structure.

U.S. taxpayers to fund $20m remake of Sesame Street...for Pakistan

he United States is funding a Pakistani remake of the popular TV children's show Sesame Street.

In a new effort to win hearts and minds in Pakistan, USAID – the development arm of the US government – is donating $20m (£12m) to the country to create a local Urdu version of the show.

The project aims to boost education in Pakistan, where many children have no access to regular schooling.

The show is to be filmed in Lahore and aired later in the year.

Glen Beck Leading Mormons Into Two House Union With Israel Millionaire Media Figure will address Christians For Israel Event In DC

s if on cue, conservative Fox broadcaster Glen Beck has announced he will discontinue his hugely popular series on the Fox Network, even as the politically powerful Judaeo-Christian group Christians United For Israel (CUFI) announced Beck will be the keynote speaker at the group's crucial Washington DC event in July 2011.