his section is designated to cover various types of media, including print and broadcasting. We have also placed studies related to the Bible and scholarship (translations, manuscripts, etc) here because the Bible is media. For examplthe Aramaic translation called the Peshitta is media, and it is detailed here. This section also profiles media personalities (radio, tv, & print celebrities) who are not necessarily identified in a ministry category, or any of the other subsets found in this ProFiles section. Periodicals and other publications are included.

The topics and individuals below are media oriented, and they are influential enough to merit their inclusion on our website.

Busybodies & Bulletin Boards

CHRISTIAN MEDIA - June 10, 2002

    The Internet has drawn Christians like ants to a picnic. Although many are concerned about this high tech window to the enormous archive of earthly knowledge that it distributes, the consensus seems to be that the medium’s benefits outweigh its shortcomings. However, that perceived benefit does not mean that every aspect of the net should be utilized.

Colonel Bo Gritz

olonel James "Bo" Gritz is a highly visible talk show host, Green Beret veteran, former Presidential candidate and Patriot leader. Gritz is a very controversial figure who has repeatedly attracted mainstream media attention. Bo became relatively well known to many Americans when he made several high profile trips to Southeast Asia looking for POW's in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Prophetic Echoes

n continuing to study the events of the end times, I’ve long observed a rather strange phenomenon, associated with parallel doctrines found in disparate groups. For many years, I had noticed the curious fact that false doctrine is frequently a distorted version of the truth — and this odd manifestation can actually help us to diagnose the errors in Christian doctrine in general, and Bible prophecy in particular.

The Avatar Of Truth

merican movie audiences are presently enthralled with an outstanding motion picture project entitled Avatar. Although the movie has yet to be seen by vast numbers of people, those who have seen the film are aware the project embodies several technical breakthroughs which provide the viewer of the movie with a sensory perception that is unprecedented. To put it bluntly, Avatar is nothing short of spectacular.

The Download Of Life

echnology has given many a glimpse into what Jesus called “the powers of the heavens,” in that we can see, by analogy, how the Triuniverse operates. This is particularly true in the idea of individual computers, and the larger, more powerful systems that comprise the networks of computer systems known as the Internet.

The Book


    The word "bible" translates, literally, to "book." So the Bible is "the Book." But is it just a book?


    The Holy Scriptures, comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament, is actually 66 separate "scriptures" (writings) from about 40 authors on several different continents. The manuscripts were written in three different languages over a 1,600-year period.

Syrian Upheaval Ignored By Mainstream Media admidst japan radiation, Libyan civil war, and soaring gas prices, the media is conspicuously ignoring the massive revolt in syria

s the world ignores the Arab revolt in Syria, and Oil Exporters are uniformly calling on Qadaffi of Libya to step down, Syrian dictator Bashir Assad continues to militarily butcher his civilian opposition.

Ripoffs Unlimited A Critical Examination Of Response Unlimited - A Christian Direct Mail Company

ver the years, Christian Media has had occasion to do investigative journalism on a variety of media sectors engaged in a multitude of Christian ministry activities. Some of our more recent readers are unaware of the fact that before our organization became so intensely involved in Bible Prophecy, we spent many years in commercial media work specializing in the Christian media - hence the actual name of our ministry.