his section is designated to cover various types of media, including print and broadcasting. We have also placed studies related to the Bible and scholarship (translations, manuscripts, etc) here because the Bible is media. For examplthe Aramaic translation called the Peshitta is media, and it is detailed here. This section also profiles media personalities (radio, tv, & print celebrities) who are not necessarily identified in a ministry category, or any of the other subsets found in this ProFiles section. Periodicals and other publications are included.

The topics and individuals below are media oriented, and they are influential enough to merit their inclusion on our website.

The Lord's Coming Herald

he Lord's Coming Herald is an Amillennial newsletter coming from the Wesleyan (Methodist) perspective, this letter produced by a small ministry with the unlikely name Rapture Revival Ministries, looks on its surface to be sound theologically. Edited by a man named Gary Cutler, this newsletter pointedly attacks the rapture doctrine.

The House Of Yahweh

he House Of Yahweh Newsletter is published by one of the many so-called "sacred name" cults. This one comes from a group of the same name run by one Yisrayl Hawkins, a leader that has unabashedly portrayed himself as a prophet. How curious then that he issues prophetic statements that don't line up with the scriptures!

George Lamsa & The Peshitta

The Peshitta is the term used to describe the body of Bible translations that were written in Aramaic. The ancient Aramaic translation traces to Syria, and its supporters claim it is the original New Testament. This flies in the face of mountains of scholarship pointing to the Greek as the original manuscripts for the New Testament.

FBI Releases Classified Memo Claimed As Proof Of ET At Roswell Crash UFO Enthusiasts Exhilarated That FBI Memo Released From "The Vault" Is Conclusive Proof Of Extraterrestrial Presence

ajor media is reporting the online release of a memo, previously classified by the FBI, that appears to prove that alien bodies were recovered in the famed Roswell New Mexico crash in 1947.

Part of a treasure trove of secretive documents, the FBI released thousands of files to a new online resource known as The Vault.

The Roswell memo in question, was addressed to Guy Hottel, a high ranking FBI official, and it is dated 1950 -- 3 years after the alleged crash.

Latest FBI Memo Release Claims UFO Connection To JFK Assassination Following UFO Roswell Memo Release Last Week, Old FBI Documents Point To JFK Probe Into UFO Secrets As Motive For Murder

new bombshell has emerged from what many view as a government propaganda vehicle designed to gradually release secret data on UFO's. Following up on the recent Roswell memo mentioning 9 "alien" bodies connected with the 1947 crash, another just released "memo" suggests that John F Kennedy had intended to take control of government/alien interactions, and was killed by entrenched black budget interests.

American Free Press Distorts The Truth In Essay On New Rapture Video


merican Free Press, the political newspaper that succeeded the now defunct paper known as The Spotlight, recently ran a feature essay that grossly distorted the issue of the so-called "rapture." Under the blaring headline, New Video 'Enrapturing' (complete with a picture of the cover of the video entitled "The Rapture : Biblical Fact - or Left Behind Fiction?"), the lengthy review completely concealed the video's false conclusion.

The Alex Jones Affair A Christian Patriot Family Betrayed

hen one remembers that messy business in Waco involving the Branch Davidians, it's not difficult to think that Texas seems to be particularly in the grip of the Antichrist spirit. At this writing, another family there is also under siege. John Joseph Gray and his wife and kids have been in a stand-off with the authorities since January, 2000. His daughter and grandchildren were being sought for a custody battle as well.